Who’d a thunk it?






 Now that it’s all conjecture as to who will win the game,lets see what other people think about,

 The Gnome King and the

The Silent Majority

silent majority that are riding his coat tails.

From: Sharesz
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I think that the “Final 3″ will definitely be Russell, Natalie and Mick…  

Frankly, my personal opinion is that Mick will get NO VOTES because he has NOT done anything to deserve it!

And Natalie will get the bitchy women votes from Kelly, Laura and Monica because they like her and just to spite Russell.

Women like Kelly, Laura and Monica can be vindictive, bitter and resentful that they were “outsmarted” and “outplayed” by the most intelligent, strategic player (my personal opinion) in Survivor history.

Again, I think they’ll vote for Natalie just to spite Russell and because they happen to like her.

Also, don’t forget Monica’s bitchy comment to Russell, “I can make or break you on the jury and I’m going to vote on “need” because I know you made $2 million last year and you don’t need it” (paraphrasing here)…

That statement shows what an idiot Monica is!

I think the men respect “game play”.

My feeling is that Shambo and Jaison will be sitting on the jury. They both know the truth and what really “went down” as far as Russell “calling the shots” and making all of the major decisions.

So, I think they will both vote for Russell.

I think that all the other men will also vote for Russell. As even Dave stated when he was “voted out”, Russell was “born to play this game”.

Every time, there was a “blindside” (Kelly, Laura, etc.), Dave was flabbergasted and awestruck by Russell’s brilliant and strategic “game play”.

Also, the fact that Russell made 1.7 million last year shouldn’t be a determining factor because after all, Mick can move to Beverly Hills and become an anesthesiologist with a plastic surgeon and make a lot of $$$.

I could be wrong as to who will vote for whom. The bottom line is that I think Russell not only DESERVES to win, I think he WILL win!


From: AvidRealityWatcher
Posted on RealityTvWorld
“So it would be your opinion then…”
That the 2 safest people for anyone to take to the final TC would be natalie and shambo. Well shambo is a given. Brett would win against anyone, so that takes 2 out of the equation.
keep: Shambo
vote out: Brett. he has that boyish charm that cant be ignored. he doesnt offend anyone, and has been neutral most of the game. By not alienating himself, all he has to do is make it to the final 3, and he is a millionaire.
vote out: Jaison too, not because he has what it takes to win this, but if he kept the right 2 he would have a shot. He doesnt have the killer instinct to win this, but his resolve to be able to stay in the game without a vote for him to leave since the merge says alot to a jury.
vote out: Mick for sure. If he went to the final, he could win even against Russel. The reasons would be he was voted a leader and people dont forget that. Most leaders are voted out because of incompetance. He has shown no incompetance. He has shown loyalty and works hard to make life at camp better.
vote out: Russel if they were smart, because he would have the same defence as Riohard Hatch. He was the puppet master, and when they all realize it, that gives him respectability. Sure he lied and manipulated, but wasnt that Richards game too.
undecided about natalie: With the right 2 at her side she could defend herself, but would it be enough? Did she play a good enough social game and use the right people to get to the end, or will the jury see through all that, and award the one that best deserves it?
rightfully so, I do believe that it would be a wrong move on anyones part to vote out Shambo, not because she deserves the money, but because Nobody would vote for her.
Your opinion is a very good one. I think if Russel is to win the money, he would have to keep Natalie, and Shambo. But by doing so, he also takes a risk that Natalie will win. Against anyone else, Russel has lower odds of winning especially against Brett.


Well, theres 2 opinions on how it may go. The only factoring anyone control at this point is to win Indivdual Immunity so that they are safe at Tribal Council! Good luck to all!

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  1. This seems like the best year for Survivor. I look forward to Thursday night. Of course Big Brother this year was also outstanding. What a year for the reality shows. now how will they top this next year?

    Merry Christmas all.

  2. If Russell and Shambo were the final 2,I say he could get all the votes, nobody really respects Shambo, The girls especially dislike her, I cant see why he would not keep her.Good morning, Fran and Phillip. See ya

  3. Just testing cuz my post from last night didnt make it.
    It is so exiting, cant want for Thursday and Sunday.

  4. OMG Xmas is in a week… got major shopping to do… did I tell you guys someone broke into my apt and stole my laptop, my sons PS3 and some of the kids Xmas presents?

  5. Russell should win, he deserves to win. He’s no Rupert, but Russell is a great player and people will remember him even if it is to talk bad about him.

  6. Liz….sorry to hear about the break-in. People can be so
    ignorant. They need to get out and find a real job instead
    of stealing from others. I realize the economy is bad right
    now… but now you have to rush out and replace the items
    that were taken from you. Take care Liz….you still have your
    blog family and no one can take that from you. Hang in there!!!

  7. Oh Liz that sucks about your break in!! Why are people such butt holes right before Christmas??!

    Sarge, I can tell you how next year will beat this year, JEFF and JORDAN on the amazing race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Frannie are you going anywhere on vacation?

    I know, I asked at the beginning what your name was and you said I could call you anything but Laura! I chose Liz cause I like that name, should I go to Jane so as not to confuse you?

    Hi, PK

  9. Hey Holly… Nothing but anticipation here on the blog awaiting the Survival climax this week…

    So let me see if I get this right, Liz is only Liz in here but her real first name is Jane although she really prefers to be called Laura.

  10. I think we can all agree that everybody enjoys a good climax!
    Becareful with our Liz, PK……………..I heard she bites!

  11. I’m a woman and I want Natalie to win and I’d still feel that way even if she had a pee-ni$.

    my pc is possessed by SATAN so this will be short.

    back to baking and i want Cmas to be over and it be next summer. oh, after Jake the pilot in Jan.

    I’m so sorry Liz…I’ve had my car broken into and the anger was ‘..well it’s good it’s not the old west, ya know? so i can’t imagine my fury at the invasion of my own home.

    don’t work too hard Frannie :)
    Holly hope you’re feeling good/better at least—can i have a pain pill? (kidding they make me sick) but i sure need something.
    I will remember Russell too…just like i remember this big zit i had on my hiney once…man it hurt to sit down.

    hugs y’all (i really never say y’all) i’m just so bloody tired and fed up with my pc.

    signing off with cake dough alover my shirt.
    hugs, t

  12. Aw thanks Tendr!

    PK I’m gonna kick your butt… don’t call me Laura… gross! The names Jane Elizabeth… I go by either name.. don’t mind nicknames but am mostly called Jane. They called me Betty while I was growing up.. hated it!

    Survivor oooooooh can’t wait so its Thursday and then Finale this Sunday right?

  13. Pk in case your wondering how a black girl has the name Jane Elizabeth my mothers 3 midwives were nuns, Jane, Elizabeth, and Ann. Ann is my middle name to but didn’t wanna confuse you even further, LOL….

    Now back to Survivor….. Go Natalie & Russell!!!

  14. Uh oh Liz, You just gave PK another name to torment you with! I thought you would have known better than that!!

    Tendr, so sorry it hasn’t been good for you, maybe you need to concentrate harder, LOL!

    Pk, I warned you, now be nice!

    Hi whoever else is out there but if you don’t start talking Aggie is gonna say how lame this site is again!

  15. Pk in case your wondering how a black girl has the name Jane Elizabeth my mothers 3 midwives were nuns, Jane, Elizabeth, and Ann.

    janelizann… My family is from Utah, where my ancestors had a first wife, a last wife and who knows how many midwives in between.

    Surprised that a black girl has a name like Jane Elizabeth with Ann wedged in there somewhere? No more surprised than I was when I saw the first movie with a white guy named Tyrone Power.

  16. I know Aggie, I’m trying to get the troops talking but I guess everybody is all talked out! Going to check my mail!!

  17. Sooooo, I guess I’ll stick with calling Jane “Liz”? Til I hear otherwise anyway. It is better than the first draft on here of “ET”. Besides sounding like an 80s alien, it could get confusing when BB12 starts and “EET” comes back. We could use first and last initials….. JT. No, wait…. that’s me! We could throw the middle initial of “A” in there….. No, that’s still me! (and no, my middle initial of “A” does not stand for “A-hole”….. at least not usually).

    It’s settled for me. Liz it is. Unless Jane tells me otherwise. At least I know not to call Jane Liz Ann “Betty” or “Laura”.

    Now that I have confused myself, yet again, I think I’ll see if there is anything on tv to watch.

    I know I’ll be watching SURVIVOR tomorrow.

  18. My Mediacom is on and then mostly off this afternoon and evening… Too frustrating… Tomorrow guys, hopefully.

  19. Liz, send it to me, I don’t have Frannie’s e-mail and she doesn’t have mine, we will after you send it, though!

    JT stick with Liz! NEVER Betty or Laura!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. AC I TOLD YOU, I TOLD YOU, I TOLD YOU, I TOLD YOU!!! LMFAO!!! I’m so glad he won!!! But yours was in second place. I waslosing it when it came down to those two. I could just hear you saying I TOLD YOU SO!!! BUT I TOLD YOU SO!! :mrgreen:

  21. sytycd….it’s four a.m. here. wish i was asleep.
    i liked ryan so much and elenore. but russell was great too and it made me tear up when he won.

    i’m gonna puke. will i die cuz i ate alot of cake doe (yes i know it’s mispelled)
    with eggs init? ya know, i thot today was tues. freaked out when i found out it was wed. so now it’s thurs and i’ve yet to go to bed.
    i’m concentrating Holly………………..you brat. i’m visual. i guess i’m not seeing what i need to see…….blah.
    my little chi humps my leg tho and he doesn’t even have his buddies.
    i wanna know why?
    i’ll ponder that as i fall asleep.
    nite all

  22. Liz…I think tendr is on a sugar high.

    tendr….I wanted either Jakob or Russell to win SYTYCD
    so I was fine with Russell winning. Maybe it’s in the name
    and Russell H will win SS…. hmmmm, that would be ok.

  23. I think I have what Tendr is on, I’ve just learned to stay away from the computer when I’m feeling that way!

  24. Good Morning Holly and Frannie, and Betty if she’s still around… hope all’s well. Big night tonight!!! Can not wait to see what happens. I was happy with the results of SYTYCD… Unlike Survivor, I would have been happy with anyone of the six finalists. Ashleigh was my favorite from the start, and Jakob was my favorite guy. I think they were the two best dancers. I think at the end people thought Ryan and Ashleigh were to pro. Russell deserved to win, as he showed not only a great dancing and learning ability, but an honest enthusiasm that was not matched. Your eyes were drawn to him in all the dances like Nigel said.

  25. I don’t think there will be two TCs tonight. I think 1 will get voted off… Brett if he does not win the IN, if he does then Shambo. On Sunday 1 more will go and then the F4 will go on that sentimental journey before a challenge, then a vote to decided the F3. How does that sound? Would like to hear PK’s take on it and yours too. And I’m sure word will come down from high by either Snakebit Sal or one of the other bogus identities he is so fond of using.

  26. Betty… if that is truly the case with Knottyibc’s avatar, then I would consider Jane to be back in the fold… to have my heart wounded so early in the morning is hard for an old man to take.

  27. So when i was young i went to an all white school and they use to sing that song Black Betty, by Ram Jam to me in the halls… remember “bam oh lam oh black betty” and I hated it…. but its kinda funny now that I’m older.. but at the time and in the environment…. them was fightin’ words!

    I think Brett and Shambo will go first, i don’t know what order because of the IC.

  28. Hey… I just noticed that none of our avatars are on. And if you look at the box at the top I only see Sal Dog and that bogus Strawberry Hill!

  29. Ok, then he’s forgiven :)
    I’m getting ready for a pain pill, the leg is much better but all the wheeling around and crutching isn’t helping my rheumitoid hands/wrists.

  30. Sorry Ted, but she asked you nicely not to call her that and you’re right I’m in a little pain, sorry didn’t mean to take it out on you!

  31. So janelizann, if you think Ted should adopt the name Richard or Dick, may I suggest a more appropriate last name for him to go with Dick?

  32. Holly… See we do think alike. I was going to be more subtle though providing only clues:

    Famous Hollywood Costume Designer, Edith _ _ _ _
    Quaint community noreast of Boston, Marble _ _ _ _
    Ayn Rand’s The Fountain _ _ _ _

  33. I’m here Jane… What is going to happen tonight? What do you think of my earlier scenario… seems like a no brainer to me, but then that’ why we like Survivor, as it does not always go the way we think.

    Where is our Fearless Leader today?

  34. Your right if Brett doesn’t win IC he is gone!! If he does Shambo… I think we’ve always agreed all FF4 will stay before any Galu. I wonder what the challenge will be tonight? Will we finally see Russell win one? Maybe they were gonna turn on him and then he gets immunity and reels em all back in?

  35. Do you think Russell has been holding back on these challenges? I found it hard to believe that little Natalie was stronger then him!

    Pk, I’m a south sider and nobody ever accused us of being subtle!

  36. I definitely think he’s holding back…. remember one of the first challanges when he had to carry something? what was it… logs or something, anyways it was really heavy.. it was after Jaison kicked butt swimming…. Russell is strong. But I do thing Nat is a lil Firecracker.

  37. Nobody believes Russell would throw a challange but it makes perfect sense to me…. who are looked at as the biggest threats right away…. Challenge Winners. He is very smart at the game and I’m sure not winning challenges was part of his strategy. Thus he made sure to find idols… to secure his spot.

  38. Holly… I used to spend time in the summer on Nahant before going even farther north to an island onn the coast of Rockland, ME.

    No Filenes basement here in Mobile

  39. Sal, love the Gnome. Sending it to my cousin in PA.

    You guys are in top form today.

    I’m running around like a crazy person and can’t wait to watch tonight! Happy Holidays you all!!! :)

  40. Well, let’s see what Russell has up his sleeve, or rather those very stylish Bermuda Shorts tonight… See anyone still up in about 5 hr.

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