Whose on the Control Panel?

After taking Jedi Knight lessons from Yoda, Russell seems to have mastered mind control really well. Just look into their eyes and tell them what to do. No matter what all the talk around camp centers on it always ends up being what Russell wants to happen.

Shambo and Brett are the obvious two in trouble this Thursday. If one wins Immunity then look for the other one to be voted out. The FF4 with a common sense vote should keep taking out the former Galu tribemates.

Russell can only use his HII until the F4.  If this was a Nascar race, Russell would have running on Super Fuel. Despite his pit crew being eliminated from the pits, he has managed to stay in the race until he had a opening that would let him cut to the lead. Now in the lead he only has to keep his pit crew working their magic. The Checkered Flag is in site. The main competion will be gone soon and it then turns into a sprint for the finish.

Can Mick, Jaison or Natalie stage a coup and send King Richard to the pits so that an Earnhardt or Johnson can take the lead?

All eyes will be on Russell this Thursday to see him try to control everyone and get himself to the F2.

562 thoughts on “Whose on the Control Panel?”

  1. Oops new post… I’ll carry it over: Dexter… funny thing its filmed in my neighborhood… Dexter and CSI Miami (yup filmed in long beach, Cali far from Miami, lol)… so the scene when Trinity gets his car then you see him driving down the street with buildings around him.. after he passes my babysitters building (lol) on Ocean blvd he approaches a big tall building… this is it: http://longbeachforsale.com/VillaRiviera/ …i’ve seen a lot of the filming of CSI (as close as the LBPD let you get anyways) and saw Horatio one time but usually can only catch a view of the Crew and extras! Kinda boring but the crew is really nice… i rather see the crew on any set then the cast anyways… pretty funny guys!

    Survivor: So true Russell does have Mind Control down to a Science… just like when everyone was worried that Shambo would be mad they voted John out… well in the first 30 seconds of the next show he managed to convince her it was for her own good LOL!

  2. My prediction: Jeff flies Aggie to Samoa so she can look down at Russell and do what should have been done weeks ago and sais, “Russell, you are too short and in no way sexylicious so pack your bags you’re out of here.”

  3. Phillip, your bad, im talking about Russell Kairouz never Russell H, Did you guys check out BB 12 blog site ,their is a picture of michele noonan from BB11 she looks beautiful..

  4. The pic is there Liz its BB 12 Blog, its aglamour shot she must of had a make over.Phillip, no not everyone irish is beautiful, nice that you think so though.

  5. Russell is not exactly coverguy ready, Aggie. Not that I am either, but it is all subjective in the long run. I am happt that I am 6’1″ though.

  6. I agree about BB Russell, he was so hott to me. Maybe Michelles husband is divorcing her after what he saw on BB. She was a very nice liar.

  7. Okay, now I gotta go to BB12, thanks everyone!! PK, everyone knows that Italians are the MOST beautiful people, DUH!

  8. I’m good, how bout you Ms Aggie?? What is everyone talking about? I went to BB and didn’t see a pic of Michelle??

  9. Hey aggie…..I got it but it is blocked here at work. I will have
    to check it when I get home. Must be naughty

  10. Alright, can’t find the pic and now give up! If anybody wants to post a link that would be great since I not only have a broken leg but clearly my brain isn’t working either!

  11. Hello everybody… Got your mail Aggie… Nothing like the naked truth I always say…

    Holly… We love Aggie but we all know that God really did invent liquor to make sure the Irish would never rule the world.. :lol:

  12. PK, how true! I swore to always hate all things Irish after that little Kermit looking dude broke my heart but because of Aggie I will have to stop the hate!

  13. Well, I see you guys haven’t waited till Survivor was over to turn this into a BBBlog. So stop drooling over Russell K girls and let’s talk about Russell H. TGO stated “I have to blindside everybody, thats my game”!
    So Far So Good! But, since our fearless leader has cleverly chosen to reference NASCAR… Let’s just say that as Russell is sprinting for the finish, Natalie takes the air off of him and surges past to the win!!!

  14. Ted, the Shamfro was better! Sal, I still don’t see the f@#$ pictures! I’m done looking! Wanted to see Michelle but not bad enough to drive myself any crazier than I already am!

    Go Russell or Natalie

  15. Well I went to the BB blog and didn’t see any pics and now I’m mad that everybody else saw them! Oh well, why is she divorcing her husband? She said they were best friends?

  16. Just my taste, she never has looked good above or below the neck… BB11 Laura come back, just leave your head at the airport…

  17. That’s what I’m screaming, I never thought she was pretty! So, as far as Laura goes, if her boobs just arrived in a box for you to play with, would that suffice?

  18. OMG Liz, I know Dexter was CRAZY!!! Did not see that one coming!! Holy Hell!!!

    Can’t see the stupid pics either and I finally gave up too!

  19. K quick Dexter talk… I don’t think Trinity killed him because he didn’t have time to figure Dexters past out. I think it was his son because remember T told his son that he had something he needed him to “take care of” I think his son has probably helped him in the past unwillingly. That would explain why his son seems to be the only one in the family that knows more about his dark side! Also I think Deb is gonna think Dexter did it, now that she knows who he is! I also think if T’s son didn’t do it The cop (debs partner who dated T’s daughter) might have something to do with it (he’s gotten kinda creepy lately). I think next season Rita’s kids are gonna live with there grandpa and we will see more of Deb, T’s son, weirdo cop, and Dexter trying to adjust to parenting and keeping his dark side at bay (which won’t work for long!). I see a Nanny or a babysitter stepping in somewhere!


  20. Well My curiosity got the better of me… Could not see Michelle on BB12 Blog, or anything else either… guess you have to be a member. You can not possibly mean Michelle from BB11… There is nothing remotely beautiful or even cute about her… the cutest woman was Natalie.

    Do wish that Survivor did a After Dark or behind the scenes or deleted scenes on Showtime or some CBS affiliated outlet for a few more hrs. a week. But the time for that was 9 years ago I’m afraid.

  21. You tell him Liz and Ted you do NOT know what kind of crap you’re starting calling Natalie cute!! I agree with Liz, threw up a little in my mouth!

  22. Well, I couldn’t see her whole figure, but I’m sure she’s very sexy. She looks like the smartest of the bunch too.

  23. And if you two expect to get a link from Aggie… well, good luck with that. Although, she has mastered the forward of a dirty joke.

    Morning PK…

  24. Spoiler… Ted said Gnat from BB11 was cute.

    1, Ted is in serious need of glasses.
    2, Ted’s pre-frontal lobotomy didn’t take.
    3. Ted is bebitched.

  25. Knottylbc, I was thinking the same thing that Trinity didnt kill Rita because he didnt have time. Or Maybe Rita is not dead but Dexter is just dreaming or something.

  26. OMG I agree with PK!!! I actually agree with PK!!!!

    DonnaP… i thought that at first but the only thing about the dream idea is its pretty corny, and Dexter is anything but that, and I don’t even think Michael Hall would be down for that, ecspecially coming off Six Feet Under (one of my favorite shows)… 6ft under is the only show where I felt closure at a Season Finale… of course Dexter still has many episodes under his belt!

  27. We all agree we can live without Rita but seriously, who dunnit? They better not make it a dream, that would not be right. I don’t think they will though. If Trinity didn’t do it, I’m rooting for the son and he is now a serial killer……….
    chip off the old block!

  28. Holly was it you I was talking about United States of Tara? If so they are going to start replaying season one on showtime this week… you gotta watch it… awesome!

  29. Holly, I dont think it is Trinity’s son who did it..It has to be someone who knew about Dexters past because Rita’s death is identical to Dexters mother. just a thought

  30. Yes Liz, I love the United States of Tara, can’t wait for that and Nurse Jackie, both start back in March! We must be twisted because those are some twisted sisters that we like!

  31. Donna P, it was the same in the aspect that the baby was left in the puddle of blood but it was like Trinity’s other bathtub kills………………. who DUNNIT!!!

  32. Well, I have checked out the official cast photo for BB11 and have a few comments… Best looking guy is definitely Jeff. And is this Russell, that has everyone frothing at the mouth to see naked, really the bald guy??? Jordan is very wholesome looking. But for the absolute cutest and sexiest, I’m sticking with Natalie, with Lydia as second. Laura needs a breast reduction big time, way to fake for me. Jessie looks as big a muscle head as his arms.

  33. Ted you are too funny. Natalie is the most hated BB house guest ever ..she looks like a boy. And yes Russell is the bald dark complexion guy.

  34. Okay Ted, don’t make me sorry I friended you!! Natalie was referred to as Nasty Nat for the duration of the show. I hope you prefer your woman clean and if that’s the case, Nasty is not for you, unshowered, greasy hair and an even worse personality. YUK!!

    I think Jeff was the best looking guy too! Jordan was too cute with a personality to match, love her!

    Lydia was too tatted up for me but if you’re into that….


    You must watch next summer!!!!!

  35. Well, I didn’t see the show, so just judging by the photo… Natalie looks very sweet. I can not imagine she would be the most hated player, but then that would be a + for me liking her even more. (and PK and tendr, you don’t have to weigh in with your moral quotes here) Agree that Lydia is a bit too tatted up for sure. I think I like a bit more of the exotic look in my women… like Laura of Samoa. Brandon looks like probably the nicest guy, and I can’t imagine Casey lasted too long. He certainly can’t carry off wearing a hat like TGO and I can. And taking another look at Chima… will have to do more research there for sure. I would have voted off Michelle and Ronnie first.

  36. Now it is official, Ted is a roller derby chasing, Harley hog (not the Bike) fantasizing recluse from la la land. Please Lord, show Ted the way off the island and back to the land of 20/20 vision

  37. Ted, I have a feeling you would be a huge fan of gnat from BB11 you tend to like most people alot of people hate, Michele from BB 11 does look real good now, i can see why she is divorcing the dweeb she is married too, because she can do much better than that.Oh by the way Ac loved Natalie in a bikini, he used to have her as his avatar alot.

  38. Aggie and Liz, I totally agree about Lydia. You almost could like her except for the whole Jessie thing. By the way, aren’t men supposed to spell it Jesse??? I thought Jessie was the girl spelling?

  39. I HATE to admit this, but that usually doesn’t stop me.

    I hadn’t seen cast photos or anything before July 9th when BB11 started. I saw Gnat for the first time on that episode. My first impression was that she was sort of cute… looked like a nice person.

    Then she opened her mouth and the words started spilling out. It was all downhill from there. We all make initial judgements on a person’s looks. Then they either get better or worse looking as we get to know them. Gnat’s ugly inside oozed to the surface.

    I don’t think Ted would have liked her. Ted likes winners, strategists, and people who play the game hard. Nat was a coat-tail rider that hid behind bigger targets… til there were no more targets to hide behind and Jordan kicked her a$$.

    I could be wrong.

  40. Now for a little Dexter chat…

    Trinity killed Rita… no conspiracy. I was inspired to go to a Dexter blog last night to see what everybody thought. I was amazed at the theories. Some said Deb did it!! WTF! Others said Dex himself did it! again… WTF! Some thought it might have been the neighbor. Anything other than Trinity would not work for me. Trinity’s son hated him. He would have killed Trinity before anybody. Quin is a bit out there and not exactly a clean cop. No way did he do it though. Wasn’t a dream either… if for no other reason than two words (1 name)….. Bobby Ewing!! No way would the writers for Dexter dig up that lame trick. They would be run out of town.

    There is only one answer that works… Trinity killed Rita.

  41. Thank you JT! Nothing else even crossed my mind until I came on today and saw all the other theories about who did it!? Then of course you have to consider……………….but nothing except Trinity makes any sense.

  42. Holly, it was pretty funny last night. After the finale of Dexter, Michael C Hall and John Lithgow had a one on one conversation about the ending. They showed about 5 minutes of it and the rest is on Showtime .com ….They TOLD us Trinity did it! I read one guy’s comment that said (paraphrase), “I don’t care what they said… season 5 hasn’t been written yet”.

    Gotta give him credit for the part about season 5 not being written yet… but they have locked themselves into the fact that it was Trinity. I’m ok with that… anything else would be major “shark jumping”.

  43. Yes Liz, I saw it. I had read some similar stuff last night. At least you’re not trying to pin it on Deb or Dex! LOL.

    Trinity not knowing about Dexter’s past didn’t matter. Trinity did a bathtub killing like he had been doing all along.

    Now, the writers did take some artistic liberties by putting Harrison in a pool of blood. I believe that was done for impact of the scene…. and also to bring up “like Father, like Son”. It worked on me!! HUGE IMPACT!!

  44. Oh… and if you don’t believe that it was Trinity because he didn’t know enough about Dexter’s past… then you have to also rule out Trinity’s son. He knew less about Dexter than Trinity did.

  45. I’m talking about the baby in blood… not the bathtub… hmmm intresting take on the son not knowing about Dex’s past… omg i read the FB Dexter page… the theories people were coming up were ridiculous!! Totally agree!!

    Hey do you watch Californication… that was awesome!

  46. I did watch most of Californication last night. I was too stunned to change the channel! LOL I don’t really watch that show though… I tried early on but never got into it.

  47. Frannie… Thanks for handling my deposit so well today… Was a true relief to know i was in such good hands…

  48. JT I luv Californication such a true viewing of LA!
    Aggie I don’t like Duchoveny either but he’s good on that show!
    Bye everybody, kids up from his nap, son home from school… mommytime… dang these kids are needy, LOL!

  49. What I saw of the show last night looked pretty good. Maybe I’ll give it another shot. I just hate being so far behind though.

  50. HEY everyone—-just my take on Dexter—which I’m watching AGAIN tonight, :lol: It had to be Trinity that killed Rita!! Dex sure wouldn’t do it, Quin is too into his own world to do it, Deb would die first & T’s son wanted to escape before T came home again so I doubt it was him. T’s daughter had already offed herself, & the neighbor just wanted to sleep with Rita not kill her, so that only leaves Trinity. He was doing his second killing of his rituals. And he chose Rita because of Dex. Now the baby in the blood tripped me out too. But if you think about how they tied everything together there—it just blows your mind. The baby found in blood just like Dex was found in blood, Trinity killing Rita as part of his ritual. WOW!! I think I said that too many times last night but dammit man—it was awesome!! Next season should be bang up great. It MIGHT get a little tricky for Dex though. Because—it’s too convenient that The Ice Truck Killer went after Deb & Trinity went after Rita. Common thread—DEX!! So I can’t wait to see how that gets explained. Two serial killers going after members of the same family?? SOMEBODY has to stop & say, “WTF is up with this family??” But Deb will NEVER turn on Dex!! I just refuse to believe that!! :lol: I think Dex will have to kill Quin next season because Quin is too nosey & he might figure it out.

    It’s good to see that Liz, Holly & DonnaP watch Dexter too, besides me & JT!! AT least we are not alone in liking the world’s sweetest serial killer. LMAO

    OK enough Dexter talk—-sorry Ted. :lol: Ummmm—–SURVIVOR!! Can’t wait for Thursday!!!

  51. Aggie, it will be tough to get much out of the 4th season finale if you haven’t watched since season 1.

  52. Hey Cyn! I see you enjoyed the show. I was thinking to myself last night, “Cyn is gonna go ape$hit when she sees this”. :lol:

  53. Hey kathleen Turner was at her hottest in Body Heat, anybody remember that? At the time it was a pretty steamy movie, wonder how it would compare now?

  54. You should at least watch from the start of season 4. Each season is pretty much it’s own story… kind of like 24. That way you’ll get more out of it even though you’ve read about the finale. They only have 12 episodes and all should be available to watch on Showtime.

  55. Sorry Aggie—you willl love it though. :lol:

    And yes JT I DID go ape$hit!!! That was sooooooo wild. I watched it three times last night & have it programmed for tonight too!! LMAO

  56. Come on Aggie… I know you can squeeze Dexter into your schedule. You don’t have to stop watching True Blood to watch another show.

  57. Ok guys & gals—I have to go now. The day tomorrow is looking not so good. SO must be prepared. Just wanted to do a fly by & say hey!!

    PEACE!! Have fun!! Later!!

  58. It better not be a dream!! That would just suck for them to be that cheap. I don’t think it was a dream though. Not the way they tied everything together. I’m just saying…. :lol:

    Now I’m really going. :mrgreen: Later!!

  59. Cancelled netflix about 3 years ago. I always get mail that they want me back! LOL Maybe I’ll re-join at the cheap price, watch True Blood, and cancel again! :lol:

    I know what you mean about watching from the beginning. I say the same about other shows (hint hint… Dex).

  60. I cancelled because after I had watched everything that I wanted to see, I started watching a bunch of crap just to get my money’s worth. :lol: I could get it again now, there are more things I want to see.

  61. I’m pretty picky aggie. I wish I wasn’t… but I gotta have good acting, writing, and directing. Otherwise, I just don’t care to see it.

  62. Hmmmm… good question. I enjoyed Taken Had to suspend belief a bit… but I can do that. Gran Torino was good.

  63. Haven’t seen it yet.. but it is #1 on my list based on your recommendation. Besides, it sounds like something I’d like. I’ll prolly watch it some time this week.

  64. Aggie… I know… That would be the last thing frannie and I need all things considered. Did she tell you that I really spruced up and cropped her pic for her… She really is pretty

  65. Yeah aggie, I usually don’t like dumb humor, but some of those movies did get me. I should have HATED Dumb and Dumber…. but I was laughing.

  66. Don’t feel bad PK… I mostly use the “hunt and peck” method myself. I am working on it though. :lol:

  67. Ok.. couldn’t remember. I have liked most of Kevin Smith’s movies. I thought Chasing Amy was pretty good.

  68. LOL, I hear ya Pk. I am really trying to concentrate on using more than my right pointer finger to type. I’m getting faster all the time… this blog has really helped! :lol:

  69. I like Johnny Depp… nothing to do with looks.. the guy can act circles around a lot of the younger actors.

  70. Not based on looks, but based on acting… I’d say Sandra Bullock has been good in most things I have seen her in. Jodi Foster always gives a good performance. Meryl Streep is still good.

  71. I think the first movie I saw Viggo in was Young Guns (2?). I have only seen about 6 movies that he was in.

  72. Not really into Texas Chainsaw type of movies… I like horror.. but more of The Ring and The Omen type of movies.

  73. I don’t know… I guess what ever role Sandra has played has been believable to me. I thought she was great in that movie where she was in rehab…. I forget the name….. 12 steps… 28 steps? Something like that. Swank is good too… I thought Million Dollar Baby was a bit over-rated though.

  74. It’s hard for me to keep movie names straight…. 28 Steps, 28 Days, 28 Days Later, 30 Days of Night…. 101 Dalmatians… 99 Red Balloons.. I get confused! :lol:

  75. We do have to give Ted some credit. Early on, rather than throwing his hands up in disgust, he joined us….. for the most part.

  76. Ted in his klondike skinned husky hat was as close to viewing the real Ted as we will probably ever get

  77. I like Ted’s dry sense of humor too. Maybe he isn’t always joking, but I always take it that way… and am laughing.

  78. Nope… no cave. It wasn’t nearly that cold where Ted lives. I think it was almost 30 degrees warmer that day.

  79. My birthday got mentioned. BBBlogger’s 39th birthday was a couple days later. I mentioned it a couple days before my birthday…. not 6 months ahead like PK. (just teasin PK)

  80. Yeah, I don’t know either. I get an idea from what they write. Doesn’t matter to me… I thought AC was older than me til BB11 ended! :lol:

  81. All four of my Grandparents were great. I only have one sister (no bros) and we would always talk about how lucky we were to still have all 4. All 4 died in the 90s within about a 7 year span.

  82. Yeah, that was true of most people that my sister and I knew.. that’s why we considered ourselves lucky. And it’s not like they were young Grandparents. My Grandfather (Mom’s side) was 65 when I was born. (He was born in 1900). He died in 1990 and the rest were gone by 1997.

  83. Yes, and since I don’t have any Grandchildren yet… I spoil my Sister’s Grandson. (Tyler, 17 months old)

  84. I’ll celebrate your birthday like Frannie PK…. by watching the season premiere of 24. THE POWER OF BAUER IS BACK!!

  85. That was another show that I got into late (I do that a lot). I rented Season 1 while I was recording season 2. I’ve done that with Lost, Prison Break, Heroes, Dexter, Sopranos….. I just have a hard time getting in at the beginning.

  86. He’s from the tv show “Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer”. From the Island of Misfit Toys….. a childhood classic. It’s from 1965 like me!!

  87. WTF!!!… I leave you guys alone and the unmentionable happens… Not one word about Survivor since I left… I scrolled through the BS to check. So let’s get back on track tomorrow… Only 1 week left.

  88. I saw Dalton’s interview with Dave Ball… assisted by Jenna M. who was looking mighty fine. Dave doesn’t hold back or play any games. He calls himself out when deserved… unlike others who try to portray themselves as great gamesters. Good reference to NASCAR today, and since Danica Patrick is now in stock cars, our Natalie has a chance to cross the finish line and claim the checkered flag and the 1 Mil.

  89. Aggie… I am always serious… And you and this picture thing is BS… so give it up. How was your date the other night? You didn’t tell me where you went. Have you ever been to the Lizard Lounge, I think around Division and North?

    Hi JT… Can not wait for 24… last season was excellent, I think the best. Guess who is coming back? One of the best bad guys ever. lost starts Feb 2.

  90. I will send you a pic Aggie… not only because I know how to do it, but to satisfy your curiosity. I meant that Natalie will win.

    I know Danica will be in Nationwide and, I think, still do Indy. Don’t know how that will work. But, she will instill some interest in NASCAR that is needed and hopefully open some doors to get some women in… which they have been to do… well some of them.

  91. Aggie… you are going to enjoy BB12 so much more this time, because I will be there to guide you and temper your ill comments towards those poor girls.

  92. Don’t worry JT… I know who to look to for the real deal… On 24… The President… I was trying to look up his name for you… I can’t remember his president name, or the actors name. I think he won an emmy for the part. It was 3 shows ago, I think. I really think that last year was great… kept moving and characters came in and out. Loved the interaction with Clhoe and Jeanne Garofalo’s character.

  93. Yeah Aggie… Kev11 lives in Vegas but is from Chicago. I can’t quite remember…. but I think he moved out there about 15 years ago. He is 49 yrs old.

  94. PGA is a good guy. He and I have the same gameplay views.. so since he came along, it saved me a bunch of typing trying to get the truth out there. :lol: :roll: :lol:

  95. Aggie, you and I disagreed too a few times…. but we did so civilly. I respected your opinion and you respected mine. Nothing wrong with that.

  96. Ted, you have to stay and guide the conversation…. you can’t yell at us if you are the one driving.

  97. HaHaHa… good on JT. Hahahaha I can’t stop laughing about that onel

    Wasn’ Powers Booth a Veep that became Pres? No I mean the real weaselly gut… he was great.. he made the deal with the terrorists to take out the Russian Pres and his own wife in the limo.

  98. Oh Man, I’m typing and posting so fast I’m making mistakes…

    Don’t forget Holly lives in Chi-Town. I am starting to wonder about you Aggie… do you really live in Chicago?

    Well, I made some Survivor comments and nothing happened.

  99. I left the Houston area because my parents left. I was 14 yrs old. My Dad is from there and my Mom is from here….. Mom won.

  100. I think his name is Jeffery Itskin or something like that… his wife was played by Jean oh hell I can’t think of her last name. I really hope that Jeanne is back to do battle with Clhoe. I don’t think that’s right either.

  101. 24 is kind of like Dexter in that the only character that is safe is Jack. I like a show that isn’t afraid to kill off main characters…. keeps you guessing.

  102. Gregory Itzin played President Charles Logan and it was Jean Smart who played his wife.

    Night Aggie… Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!!! Check your mail.

  103. Nite aggie! There has to be a little Survivor talk in those 541 comments.

    Oh well, one week and it will all be over. Maybe I’ll get on the AI blog so I can contribute. Or find myself a 24 blog. I wish I had looked for a Dexter blog….. BEFORE the show was over! :lol:

  104. That’s one of the things I really liked about the last show… the villains kept coming and coming. Think they can resurrect Tony? President Taylor and I hope her daughter, she was a babe, although I’m sure Frannie and Aggie wouldn’t like her.

    Feb will be a good month… 24, Lost, and SS20! Does PK watch 24?

  105. I know Frannie watches 24… not sure about the rest. They brought Tony back before… they can do it again. I liked the gal that Tony married.

  106. SS20 starts in Feb? I thought someone said it starts in the Spring… maybe that was AR they were talking about.

    I’ve almost had enough of Lost. I’m kind of glad this is the end. LOVED the first 2 seasons though.

  107. Almost midnight here Ted. I gotta get my 5 hours of sleep. Good to chat with you and keep that dry wit sharp. Always funny to me!

  108. Sorry to leave you hanging JT… went out again. I’m guessing Feb for Survivor… Haven’t really heard! See ya’all tomorrow!

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