You can call me anything, Just don’t call me out @ Tribal Council.

Monica just had to play it so cocky that she forgot it was going to cost her $1,000,000.

The competitions were simple ones. First up was “Survivor Coconut Bowling. They played it as an elimination style head to head matches.

First round:  Shambo beat Natalie 9 – 6       Russell beat Brett  4 – 0      Jaison beat Monica  8 – 0 &  Dave beat Mick  10 – 0 Second round:  Shambo beat Russell  5 – 4  &    Jaison beat Dave  7 – 0                                                                                                  Final round:  Jaison beat Shambo  2 – 0  to win Individual Immunity

We didn’t get to see much talk about who to evict back at camp before Tribal Council.  Shambo wanted to get Dave at the last TC, so most talked centered on getting Dave. Monica tried some BS with Russell to put the kibosh on Shambo for the next victim. Dave also told Russell he thought Sham needed to go to save him for another day.   At Tribal Council the vote was in: Dave was out 

Dave’s Final Words

Dave the Day after    This man has such a big ego. He actually thought he could win the game. The dude is a wimp. He should have put Shambo in her place over the chicken!

Dave at Ponderosa – Pt.1

Dave at Ponderosa – Pt.2

Back at camp it seems everyone is paranoid over what Russell is going to do! Monica started a bash Russell campaign. Russell needs to go, etc,etc…….   Talk, Talk, Talk but we know who leads this tribe! Bretts name was the leading vote getter. After some quick editing on all thecharacter bashing they were off to the next challenge.

They called it “Walk on Water”  because they didn’t have to swim out to the bags that were needed to complete this challenge.  After some back and forth lead changes, Brett won the challenge and Individual Immunity. Looks like a life saver for Brett at tribal council!

Again back at camp Monica keeps her bad talk about Russell and that he needs to be evicted. Russell has a different idea.  Monica  is being ignored by FF, too bad Monica!  After more edited conversations, we again go to Tribal Council.

Russell pulls one of the boldest moves ever at a Tribal Council. He pulls out his HII and puts it on. Jeff is amazed at what Russell just did.  So much for talk, on to the vote!

Russell still has the HII and evevryone knows it. Will someone step up and make him play it or are they going to play it Russell’s way? We shall see!@!

192 thoughts on “You can call me anything, Just don’t call me out @ Tribal Council.”

  1. Thanks for the heads-up Frannie… You still haven’t told me what you thought of TGO’s stellar play!

    Listen you transplanted Southern Hick… maybe you had better check out the members on that page. You might find one of your supposed BFFs her true BFF.

  2. Damn… I have to go to work… Looks like Sal has outdone himself with the recap… can’t wait to watch… looking forward to Ponderosa!

  3. Frannie strays from the flock sometimes in haste, but she will see the error of her ways and come home to her BFF or plead with me to rush to her side in that new uncharted Blogland for guidance and protection from at least one well documented lone wolf.

  4. Hey everyone, the daughter and g-baby finally left! Could have done with a little less of her “help” anyway back to survivior!

    Ted, I seriously thought TGO was gonna put that on his neck to scare them and then not use it and get voted out. I should have known none of those followers would have the balls to think on their own and take a chance.

    I am now rooting for TGO to win it all and for Natalie to take second. I really like her and think she is super tough but he has really played this game like no one I’ve ever seen!

    That’s my story and I’m stickin to it!

  5. Listen you transplanted Southern Hick

    Not me, but Bubba, Billy Joe, Earnest T and Pokey are already transplantin’ in your direction so your can say that straight to their face.

  6. HOLLY….to quote you because it’s exactly what i yelled at the tv and thought they should have done “Ted, I seriously thought TGO was gonna put that on his neck to scare them and then not use it and get voted out. I should have known none of those followers would have the balls to think on their own and take a chance.”
    Monica may have opened her mouth but it did take guts you have to admit. Too many men say they need to make a bold move but they’re so scared someone will tell Russ so they freeze. If they’d get their poo together and work at the same time and not run to Russ and think maybe if they tell him what’s going on the Lord of Toads won’t do his magic and scare everyone into obeying him. I still don’t like him. I still think he’s a child…look at the temper tantrum he threw when Monica stood up to him and how he ripped into Nat (he could have talked to her and asked her if she was talking about him but instead he runs up to her with a threat) he’s a jerk.
    so if Russ wins then the rest are to blame for not getting together as one and voting him out. they should have told him they were going for monica and then when he brought out his toy, told him he had nothing to fear and then voted him out.
    I want Nat to win, of course but if she doesn’t I just don’t want Russ to win. I know i’m probably the only one here who doesn’t want Russ to win but i’m not one to back down from what i really feel. He’s a good player but not a good person.
    I’ve seen other shows where i was happy about who won.
    I used to think Shambo should be kept around but actually monica made some sense about Sham’s work ethic and she should have been voted out first and then Russ. But too many deer staring in the headlights of Russie’s temper.

    Everyone have a great wk end. Mine’s going to be one of rush and lots of advil.

  7. Ted….I did post about the Russell move. It was priceless….
    something only Russell could have pulled off.

  8. Liz… Dave actually washed his hair before coming to tribal council as a jury member. Question is was he uglier with ridiculous balding dirty hair or with ridiculous balding clean hair? You decide…

  9. Tendr, I hear what you’re saying about Russell being a bad person and everything but I’m going by what Sal said and that is that Russell is actually nice. If he really is in fact a “nice guy”, then all this other stuff is gameplay, and that to me anyway, means he deserves to win. That is just my opinion though, I’m sure there are many who would differ.

  10. Yeah PK it was kinda the same to me lol…

    Holly & Tendr I love Russell… and if John isn’t being selfish re: pie (gameplay) than how is Russell a bad person (gameplay).

  11. I didn’t think Joh was selfish once I found out he wouldn’t be able to have any if he “shared”, which really isn’t “sharing”, if you think about it. Liz, I’m glad that you can admit that you just like to talk about pie!

    Dave’s hair (or lack thereof)……………….there really isn’t anyting nice to say so…………

  12. Liz… The confusion about the pie only continues on because Jeff in his blog and even Debbie in her comments yesterday continue to say John had the option to “share” his pie. Hungry John going without so that four other hungry tribe mates could eat one piece each is not sharing by any stretch of the meaning of the word sharing. It is doing without…

  13. no pie fight… just make it perfectly clear Jeff and Debbie that John would get NO pie if he chose to give the 4 pieces of pie to other tribe mates. Many believe that John would also get pie to eat since he was only sharing.

  14. Didn’t matter what John did… he was a goner. I would have liked to have seen the others presented with the same dilemma. I doubt there would have been any “sharing”….. especially with that chicken!

  15. Haven’t watched those yet… I was just looking for the google chat comment section… is that gone now?

  16. Ok??? …that was probably 20 minutes more than I needed to see of “Danger” Dave… LOL.

    Nice dance there Dave and PLEASE put a shirt over those bones!!

  17. BBBLOGGER—–I”M SOOOOOOOOOOO IN LOVE WITH YOU TODAY!!! :lol: First time I’ve been able to see the blog in days. You’re the man!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! :lol: Oh hush people—I’m HAPPY I can SEE again!! LMAO Problem is–I’ve been awake since 8:30 Thursday morning. SO as brief as this is—I WILL BE BACK!!! LOVE YOU GUYS & MISSED YOU TOO!!!
    Goodnight Sweet Bloggers. :mrgreen:

    The Happiest bitch on the planet at this moment!! Well–you know what I mean. LMAO Nite nite

  18. It was a BLIND man that taught me how to see!!!! :lol: Just had to say that. Go Steven Tyler!! Go BBBLOGGER!! See you all tomorrow for real. I’ve got tons of stuff to say!! Stored uo for days!!! UH OH!!!! :lol:

    GOODNIGHT FOR REAL!! I’m Outtie!!

  19. Hey Cyn, glad you could join us. I would love to hear somebody explain to me how some of those added gadgets affected so many people from getting on here…. oh well, I just dabbled in the google chat thing.. don’t think I would have gone there much anyway. As far as the rest of it, I’m with Aggie, this is all I need right here.

  20. LOL Liz. It was tough to watch… looked like he was trippin’ on acid! and let me repeat… Put a damn shirt over them bones!

    I watched a lot of the other videos too. Some good stuff that CBS doesn’t have time for.

    I was in shock this morning when I turned on Sports Center. I thought that the sure cure for the Steelers was a date in Cleveland. I know I’ll be part of Steeler Nation next week… beat them Packers!!

  21. I think TGO made a big mistake that will cost him the game. Telling blabber mouth Mick about his millions will cost him the jury it doesn’t matter who is up against in the finals he will lose.

  22. Glad, You have everything straigtened out Cynthia, it really bugged me when i could not get on at times, BBBlogger you have to much stuff going on here ,I miss the good old days no facebook ,no google chat, This really sucks.Hi JT, and Liz, sorry but i do have to be somewhere tonight, see ya soon.

  23. The jury system is flawed on these shows. People voting “based on need” (Monica) and others voting on grudges often ruin the show.

    Like him or not, Russell has proven himself to be the clear winner of this GAME. If he makes it to the end and gets screwed by a bitter jury, it’ll make me reconsider watching all-stars.

    It happens in BB too, but I am in way too deep to ever give up that show!

  24. Good point Donna P, I forgot about all that. Nobody wants the rich to get richer. Maybe he will make it to the finals and they will give it to someone else for that reason alone. I can see whoever goes against him using that as an agruement for him not to win.

    Now Pk, I’m not saying that would be the right thing to do, I’m just saying I could see someone doing that!

  25. I’m with you Liz! I want either of them to win. Russell has worked harder but Nat is so much tougher than she looks!

  26. Just a thought. Could it work in Russell’s favor to tell people he has money? Hear me out… just playin’ devil’s advocate..

    Russell knows he has played a far superior game than anybody else there. He must also know that they all know this. So… Russell thinks he is already target #1 down the stretch. After all, nobody can beat him in votes at the end based on gameplay.

    What can take the target off his back and help him make it to the finals? ….make himself an attractive option to be sitting next to in the end.

    How can he do that? Tell everybody that he doesn’t need the money and therefore won’t get the votes. Now everybody sees him as beatable in the end. It may cost him… it may help him get there in the first place. You have to be in the finals to have a chance to win.

    Too far-fetched? Maybe… just throwing around ideas. I’m sure Ted will run with this idea and give even more credit to TGO. :lol:

  27. JT, interesting theory………………you might be right, that would be a good selling point for Russell to use to stay

  28. Glad to be back… Damn, work is getting in the way!

    JT… I think the reason he told Mick was to brag, since Mick was a doctor and he wanted to let him know he was as good as Mick. So, I don’t think that was part of his strategy at the start. He may think that might help now, since the cat’s out of the bag. The way he went off on everyone the way he did kind of showed a chink in the armor of his character. Some will vote for need, but I think many more will vote for the best player… and some will vote from Hate. The best example was Sue Hawk’s famous Rat/Snake speech!

  29. Some good comments today, some thoughts:

    What… the Pie Fight is back!!! Don’t you remember what happened last time? Let me put it to rest once and for all…PHILLIP IS RIGHT! John would not get any, so, no share but Gift.

    Looks like AGGIE has a date… awaiting report.

    Same reaction JT when I opened the USA Today… ‘Lowly Browns chill Steeler’s playoff hopes’. Condolences to our Fearless Leader!

    JT… DonnaP is right… Some will vote for need… but that’s part of the game, maybe not fair… just like life! But I will guarantee you will Love the Free For All in store for up on All Stars. I am stoked! Almost as stoked as Natalie was in the shower for Pie.

  30. Where are you guys? Another thought… Now that Sal has correctly predicted, not just one, but a double elimination he has to rub it into our faces… and look… now he is predicting that Bret will win the immunity challenge and Shambo will go. I say No. Will divulge my choice soon.

  31. I think she just likes to stir things up with PK. How are you doing? Feeling a little better today I hope… heard you had lots of help. Does your husband like Survivor… you need to join facebook, if only to be in our group… a perfect extension of this blog. Lots of photos. You don’t have to put your’s on… but that’s the fun of it.

  32. Some Other Musings… Best Line of the Day, in addition to mine, is from tendrBut too many deer staring in the headlights of Russie’s temper.

    FRANNIE… don’t listen to that plate of Southern Corn Pone! You know the best advice comes from the West!

  33. I’m on the side of those who favor Dave’s Dirty Scraggly Hair over his Clean Styled Hair! Going up top to watch Ponderosa… will check back later.

    Aggie we are waiting…

  34. Ted…you always seem to be talking to yourself.

    I’m interested in finding out who you think will win immunity
    and who will go home. Please tell

  35. My time zone is not always in sync with my friends to the East.

    I’m not rushing to judgement on my prediction. In time will tell all.

  36. How do you like the fb site? Liz and Sal are putting up some good things. We will try to make it interesting… hopefully tomorrow I will be able to spend some time there… I got a big job right after being Shanghaied into the page and haven’t been able to help much. I did do one thing… can you guess?

  37. How is your grandson’s arm? Does he like Survivor? My granddaughter likes Brett. Duh… she’s 14. My daughter and I like Russell and Natalie… one of which will win!

  38. I haven’t really looked at it Ted. I wouldn’t even want to guess which is yours. I will have to check out some spoilers.
    Talk to ya later Ted….going to check out some stuff and
    head to bed. Busy day today

  39. There are many spoiler sites out there where you can find out who goes and when. My only question is this…. what’s the point? If you like Survivor, then you want to watch without anybody giving stuff away. If you don’t like Survivor, you’re prolly not going to bother looking up who made it to the end. I remember Sal saying early on that he found tons of info about all-stars while looking for stuff to post here. I think he said he knew the first 4 voted off…. I may be wrong on that though.

    Ted, I do plan on watching all-stars… I was just venting my frustration with juries. I do remember Sue’s rat/snake speech. That was the last time I watched Survivor before now… LOL. I thought it was funny that she was from Wisconsin.

  40. On the subject of spoilers…..

    Ted, you are going to have to learn to pick and choose when to be on here (there) during BB12. The blog will be loaded with spoilers. Shows are on Sun, Tue, and Thur (usually). We will know days in advance of the CBS broadcast who won HOH or Veto or who was nominated.

  41. Holly… looks like you can click on the “F” icon at the top of the page.. I was just checking it out myself.

  42. My bad… there are 2 “F” icons… click on the one under the casts pictures that says “Follow us on” before it. There is also a Twitter icon to the right.

  43. LOL AC, I was thinking the same… and I haven’t found a way to FF thru them yet. I just hit mute and stare at the ceiling for a bit. :lol:

  44. I watched Monica at the Ponderosa on the facebook page. 94 pounds!! Wow!! She did not like who she saw in the mirror. I also thought it was funny that she dipped her apple in a jar of peanut butter!

  45. I was over at the BB site again and saw the link to a blog for AI. I checked it out a bit and saw that our old pal Bloggergal1 is in charge there. She hasn’t posted anything since July, but that should change after Christmas. I guess that may have to be my new hangout when we are done here.

  46. Let me guess AC…. you wouldn’t care if she stunk or not. She definitely needs those 16 pounds back.

  47. Isn’t Dave supposed to have the highest IQ?

    Monica: Guess how much weight I’ve lost.
    Dave: 30Lbs?
    Monica: No
    Dave: 14Lbs?
    Monica: More
    Dave: 12Lbs?
    Monica: I said more :lol:

  48. Hey AC, what the hell happened to Heroes? I got into it a bit late but caught up with On Demand. Where did it go?

  49. Well WTF? Heroes was not on last Monday and I see it is not on this Monday either. I was really getting into it too… with the whole Syler thing going on and the guy from Prison Break.

  50. Ok… I was looking too and see I haven’t missed anything yet. AR is over. SS is over in a week. CYE is over. Mad Men is over. Dexter ends Sunday…… I have nothing to watch!!! :roll:

  51. I knew better than to click on that link!! I already fell for it once. You know me too well AC.. you know I am too curious to not look. It’s still funny the 2nd time around!

  52. Yeah, I saw that one… then Nathan became Sylar and got up and ran away… that was at the end of November.. wasn’t on last Monday (Dec 7th).

  53. Speaking of hovering over stuff.. I’ve noticed that when I hover over emoticons, it no longer gives the code. Is that the same for you? Or is it something I may have changed in my computer settings?

  54. Hmmm, I must have inadvertently changed something. I’ll look into it… hope I don’t f something else up trying to fix it.

  55. That’s good they didn’t get a chance to see Russell in action. He would have been first gone for sure.

  56. My view of russ started from the very beginning of the show. from day one he was calling the girls dumb bitches…..and hasn’t stopped. so i don’t call that game play. eating pie cuz you’re starving and others had a chance to bid was something i don’t blame john for tho i’m not crazy about him. he ate pie. he gave up a shower. i’d eat too. he didn’t call anyone names, he ate pie. he would have been voted off. i don’t like russ. i don’t like this bitch bitch bitch that he calls women. he puts women down..says how dumb they are and i am sorry i don’t like ANY guy who does that.

  57. Dave needs to accept he has the longest comb over I’ve ever seen and look in the mirror and buzz cut it a quarter inch.
    YOU ARE BALD’s no crime.

    I have more hair on my legs.

  58. um Tendr why are you sorry? you’ve said that about Russell before…. just like i’ve said Russell Rocks!! I was giving PK a hard time about the pie because i knew he’d read it… i wasn’t talking to you. Yes that comb over is nasty….

    Hi Aggie!

  59. Liz… You were on my Facebook last time I checked? Did you leave to go get a pie to share with me?

  60. Liz… I just checked my Facebook and you are not there… I thought you were there and I know I did not remove you. Maybe something happened when I tossed darts at your pic a week ago?

  61. I accepted your Facebook request but I checked the “on probation” box just in case you choose not to share the pie… LOL

  62. Hey JT and all Heroes fans…I heard that the guy that plays
    Nathan has been fired from the show. So we may never
    get to see him after the last episode. And I love teabag
    from Prison Break, but I liked him better on that. Another
    good show they cancelled on us. Looking forward to
    Jan. 17th for 24.

    and I really don’t want to know what happens on Survivor…I
    was just curious. I’m just saying.

    Hello aggie….I sent you an e-mail. Let me know what you think.

    Peace out

  63. For my birthday I will be making a very special Maryland Crab Cake at Frannie’s request. Be patient, Frannie, it is not that far off….

  64. Mick is like everybody else on the dumb and dumber tribe who’s only strategy is “Whew! it’s not me this week.” It reminds me of dodge ball, you can never win just dodging the ball, you have to throw the ball at the opposition too and hit them before they eventually hit you. A concept yet to be grasped by Aiga sans Russell who has controlled the ball throughout the game.

  65. Mick should have started to worry long ago when Russell H appointed himself Foa Foa Leader and pushed Mick to the side where he has been ever since then.

  66. There is really just one strategy remaining to oust Russell before the F4 and it can’t be effective until the winner of the next IC is determined. Whoever wins obviously cannot be the target for leaving at the next tribal council, but whoever Russell wants to go, go with his choice with the same “Whew! it’s not me this week” response. Then Mick, Jaison, Brett and Shambo, the latter two being Russell’s most likely targets, all write down Russell’s name at the TC and only Russell ans Natalie’s votes would be for Russell’s intended target. I Russell stays cocky and holds his HII dangling from his neck as the votes are tallied, he is gone to shower at the Ponderosa. If he does play the idol, the target would be leaving anyway had the plot against Russell never been hatched in the first place.

  67. Now since I’m confident that Russell will not be voted out and will play the idol at F4 needed or not and will be in the F3. I see the F3 as Russell, Natalie and probably Jaison since even Russell is of the ill founded opinion that Shambo would get jury votes so he does not want her in the F3. That is when Natalie wins the final IC and bids farewell to Russell and say hello to one million bucks no matter who the other person in the F2 happens to be once Russell is gone… Go Natalie!!!

  68. Good Morning!!! That’s a good scenario assuming they could actually get together and think of that plan. I don’t think Shambo would go against Russell. Look what he did with her after John’s tribal… brilliant, again. I do think that Russell will play the Idol. But as PK says, it all hinges on who wins the IC. And it certainly looks like it won’t be TGO… ‘always a bridesmaid, never a bride”.

  69. Didn’t see your last theory Phill… That looks good. I’m coming around to the idea that Brett and Shambo will go, and ff4 will be Foa… united till the end. I would think Nat would want to go up against Russell, unless she feared his forked tongue might work a miracle with the jury.

  70. Ted… Aggie actually had her sister fax the pic to me in color so that I could make a .Jpg pic file for her. She plans to be very very selective about who she sends the .jpg pic file to now, she told me. Her attempt to send the file to Frannie failed so it may be a computer thing after all, who knows? I have her lovely pic so it is really a moot issue now…

  71. Would not think otherwise about those girls, Phillip. Hope all’s well with everyone… some of our SSB family have a bad run lately.

    Cute baby, Tendr. Much better than BaconBits Bob’s. The only regret or criticism I have had about the game play of TGO, other than orchestrating the ouster of Marisa, is his calling the women dumb-assed blonds. I know he wanted to establish himself as a villain, but it only showed his trailer-trash roots.

    I have yet to go to Ponderosa… will do so now, as Laura is calling… and I can’t wait to see Dave’s reaction to joining the group . Unless PK has left another brilliant ‘pearl of wisdom’ to comment on.

  72. Thoughts after watching… ‘Dave the day after’… Dave Ball is a legend in his own mind. I did like his last sentence. Also, the way they put him behind that rock made it look like he was sitting there naked, which I am sure has excited the ladies on this blog.

  73. Just watched ‘Dave Ball… last words’, filmed right after ouster before he got his scone. Very interesting remarks about TGO… and shows he would vote for Russell (unless it is Brett he is against).

  74. Holly I added you! Thanks!
    Tendr your g-baby is precious!
    Ted… until i saw the videos i didn’t realize his last name was actually ball.. i thought it wa some kinda one testi nickname! And your right, after seeing that I think he’d definitely vote for Russell!

  75. I am getting so sick of that Spring guy… I liked JT’s remark last night…’I just hit mute and stare at the ceiling for 30 secs.’ I have never watched the whole ‘Final Words’ until now… just the edited version shown after Survivor. This was interesting to see the whole thing. Dave was pretty cool about it which was how I thought he would be… in contrast to the next day and his interview on the beach. I must say he was not too articulate.

  76. Funny Liz… I knew what you meant because I saw Holly too, but it does look that way…

    I meant Sprint Guy…

    Don’t think I would like a wig by Dave. That looked like Alka Seltzer in that glass at dinner. I’ll bet that first swig of bottled water on the ride to Ponderosa tastes great! They must just go on and on and on about what they coulda, shoulda, etc. at Ponderosa… I know I would be doing that for awhile…

  77. hahahaha! Too bad Kelly couldn’t give Dave the haircut he really needs. Cool shot of Ponderosa from the air. Dave Ball should not drink alcohol and dance. Dave Ball should not dance at all!

  78. Thanks Liz and I think Ted?
    anyway I do the same thing with the sprint guy and the divorceing couple, mute and play the jeopardy song in my head!

  79. IDK why some do that… my dad held onto a lil patch for 5 years or so until one day he got a clue.. thank god! And its not like we didn’t tell him! We are blunt and merciless in our family!

  80. Liz, then your family raised you right. All families should be blunt and merciless! If you can’t count on your family to tell you your wack, who can you count on!!

  81. Let me see if I understand this correctly:

    As to the Apple Pie, Liz and I are awarded joint custody? But what if we don’t want to share Judge?

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