Your camping trip could end at Tribal Council!

Tribal Council is the one place cast-a-ways do not want to attend while on Survivor. One persons game always ends on those dark TC nights. Your torch is snuffed out and you are asked to leave, game over.

Monica believes her past will help her in the game!

 Foa Foa in my mind is going to starve because they got rid of Ben. He was the only person in the camp who was suppling food and fire. Yes, he was an asshole, but they should have kept him a little longer. I believe that the upcoming monsoons are going to take their toll if the tribes can’t keep a fire going. I think more medical evictions will occur. Damp, wet conditions don’t take long to destroy ones health plus the fact that neither tribe is eating very well spells disaster in my book.

Would you bet on these guys to win a challenge?
Would you bet on these people to win a challenge?



Current team status:

Foa Foa (yellow tribe):
Russell Hantz
Elizabeth Kim
Jaison Robinson
Ashley Trainer
Mick Trimming
Natalie White

Galu (purple tribe):
Dave Ball
Erik Cardona
Brett Clouser
John Fincher
Yasmin Giles
Laura Morett
Monica Padilla
Kelly Sharbaugh
Russell Swan
Shannon Waters

Kicked Off:
17th: Ben Browning (6-1) – Foa Foa
18th: Betsy Bolan (7-1) – Foa Foa
19th: Mike Borassi (health reasons) – Foa Foa
20th: Marisa Calihan (7-3) – Foa Foa


  Early predicitions for  SS20

Okay,  tired of sitting on this info lol so I am releasing the ‘list’ of people I was told were asked, said yes and have the best shots of getting on… 1. Tom Westman, 2. Johnny Fairplay, 3. Big Tom (Buchanan), 4. Shane (Powers), 5. Rupert (Boneham), 6. Randy (Bailey), 7. Ozzy (Lusth), 8. Coach (Wade), 9. James (Clement), 10. Ace (Gordon), 11. Jean-Robert (Bellande); 12. Cirie (Fields), 13. Parvarti (Shallow), 14. Sierra (Reed), 15. Tina (Wesson), 16. Twila (Tanner), 17. Amanda (Kimmel), 18. Jerri (Manthey), 19. Jenna (Morasca), 20. Sandra (Diaz-Twine), 21. Stephenie (LaGrossa), 22. Natalie (Bolton), 23. Sugar (Kiper).

41 thoughts on “Your camping trip could end at Tribal Council!”

  1. nice to see some really good players, are going to be on allstars, as far as the foa foa tribe, possibly Russell h will be the only one left because, they were stupid toget rid of Ben ,and he said that when he left, because he was good at doing things around camp, hes the only one that can make a fire for one, I thought it was funny when he called them a bunch of pansies. ANd now it looks like next time JAison, is whining about being cold and starving ,HE should of thought about that before he played the race card ,by getting rid of Ben he didnt want to admit that he needed him but he did.

  2. ANyone have any predictions ,who will be dumped from DAncing with the stars ,I say either Melissa and MARk or TOM and Cheryl Possibly Tom might get Some sympathy votes, it could be Melissa and Mark tonight. also Donny Osmond was pretty funny last night his humor could get him much farther in the game.

  3. I’m hoping Tom goes for his own sake!! Bilateral stress fractures sound terribly painful. That would also give Melissa a chance to get it together.

  4. Biggest Loser is on tonight. Looking forward to seeing it. I like it because you get two hour of reality.

  5. Sorry Snakebit he was in trouble.

    The Tom DeLay campaign finance investigation led by Texas Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle led to the indictment of Tom DeLay in 2005 on criminal charges of conspiracy to violate election laws in 2002 by a Travis County, Texas grand jury. In accordance with Republican Caucus rules, DeLay temporarily resigned from his position as House Majority Leader, and on January 7, 2006, after pressure from fellow Republicans, announced that he would not seek to return.

    DeLay publicly denied the charges, saying that the actions of Earle, a Democrat, have partisan motivations. After DeLay moved to dismiss all charges, trial judge Pat Priest dismissed one count of the indictment, which alleged conspiracy to violate election law. However, Judge Priest denied DeLay’s motion to dismiss the more serious charges of money laundering and conspiracy to engage in money laundering, and the prosecution is proceeding on those charges.

  6. kinogirl….I will be watching Biggest Loser tonight too. I want
    Tracey to leave because of the crap she pulled last week. Give
    someone a little power and they go crazy. She has a giant target
    on her back. All she has to do is fall below the yellow line and she
    will be history.

    DWTS….I think Tom will be gone. He did tough it out but just not
    enough. Mya is doing great. She SHOULD make it far, depending on
    fan votes. Some things don’t seem fair. You can be one of the best,
    but if more people vote for the more popular stars, they go on and it
    doesn’t matter how well they’re doing. AGGIE…you may be right though, Tom may get sympathy votes. BOO!!!

    Princess….Days of Our Lives is getting good. Carly is back and Vivian
    will be back soon. You need to give it another chance to see if gets
    any better for you. Also, the baby switch secret is about to be
    revealed. Nicole will finally get what she deserves.

  7. Despite stress fractures in both feet, Tom DeLay danced the samba and shook his ass while wearing a shirt emblazoned with a glittery Republican elephant during Dancing with the Stars 9. He got a 6, 4, and 5 from the judges (the 4 was from crankypants Len Goodman, who’d apparently misplaced his 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 paddles all night). “I’m insane or stupid…I can’t figure out which,” he told Tom Bergeron before dancing..

  8. frannie, WHO is Carly? i saw the blurb but i don’t remember her. could you prod my memory, please? after watching for 15 years or so, i took a hiatus and then got hooked again 4 years ago. i CANT WAIT for the baby switch to come out!! Nicole is DEAD. but, will Sami and EJ get back together again? i think EJ NEVER stopped loving her, no matter what he said to Nicole. (she’s pregnant in RL and they are not writing it into the story line, so she may be gone for a while, she’s already really showing in RL, esp. in her face. congrats to Ari Zucker!!)

    as far as BL, i hope Tracey goes away. this will be the equivelant of her infamous 2 weeks and she is NOT a team player. this might be the week they get her out. Jillian will not be unhappy to see her go!!!

  9. FRANNIE, Most likely I think they will get Rid of Melissa and Mark, even though it should be TOm and CHeryl, TOM does have fractures in both feet because of that they shouldnt have allowed him to dance last night. It was a funny show though, DOnny was awesome.

  10. SHELLY… I tried that too and got spanked by some of the above… so, I’ve just made some friends and talk about Survivor or A R now.

    My DeLay should be doing some prison time and not dancing on T V.

    SS20… Interesting list Snake… I bet we don’t see Tina, Jenna, Parvarti, Tom, Rupert or Fairplay. And you forgot the best player of all time… Russell H.

    58 and cloudy @ 4:15 in Friday Harbor

  11. Hey guys what do you think about the DAVID LETTERMAN scandel? IT seems like his wife isnt taking it to well he could very well end up divorced.

  12. Love survivor ! Do these people get paid anything for just being there? Or is it just “room and board”, LOL And a stay at the Ponderosa? Speaking of the Ponderosa, wasn’t it nasty Russell that said earlier they had all met there before the show? That’s dumb !!

    Enjoying a beautiful Fall day in Northern California. . .

  13. ETHAN ZOHN… one of the better guys to ever play Survivor needs your vote… Check out the link below and cast a vote for him. It would mean a lot to him I think.

    The Gentlemen’s Fund
    GQ asked readers to nominate an agent of change striving for the betterment of society through charitable work, volunteerism, and/or community involvement—someone who is working hard to make this a better world. …

  14. TED, loved Ethan i thought he was a really good guy, He certainly is one who should be on there, i would be surprised if he wasnt.

  15. Tom DeLay Dancing with the Stars Injury-withdrawing from competition! Full Details at

  16. That was a surprise that DEBI and MAX, were eliminated from dancing with the stars, I really thought it would be Melissa and Mark shes not very interesting at all ,and DEbi was the better dancer.You never really know with that show, they have eliminated some really good people in the past.

  17. aggie, i think with Ethan battling cancer he’s definately not going to be there. he’s had a recent relapse.

  18. Hey Karnac/Sal..I remember Johnny!! No one has ever been able to even come CLOSE to him either!! What do these KIDS know…lol

    Princess and Frannie….I sort of watch Days. It’s on late nite between general Hospital and Ryans I kinda got stuck watching it if I was still awake! Does look like the poop is about to hit the fan, babywise!!! I always liked the actress who plays Samantha…have seen her alot on interviews. I kind of know what is going on with most of the characters but don;t always know their names.
    princess..was going to ask if you liked watching Soaps…while drinking wine and burning candles…:) glad to know you DO!! good time to do a tarot reading too…..;)

    Aggie..I agree about Debi….i thought Micheal Irvin would be next!! but about Letterman…saw a thing on Extra tonite. The GIRL was Stephanie something. And if you ever watched his show over the last few years, she was a page…that got promoted to his personal office and then was in front of the cam every nite..then SUDDENLY disappeared! She was fresh out of least 30 years younger than Dave. AND he met his now wife on the show too..she was a production manager. He really needs to get out more,…lol Anyway, the guy trying to extort money from Letterman is/was her current BF! And he found the story in her diary!! NEVER write shit like that down!! So WEIRD that it was her. I always thought there was something between those two.

    And Shelly or whoever complained earlier…we are all friends here so we talk like friends…..and there is no WAY there is enough survivor to blog about for a WEEK! Sorry sweetie. Move along….or stay and chat.:)
    Not sure anyone even reads these this are all such early birds!! But….love ya anyway!!

    Peace,light and love,

  19. What??? Who??? “TED LIKED GETTING SPANKED?” LMFAO For a second there I thought I had stumbled onto the wrong site.>8-}

  20. OOPS! Sorry Cynthia..still here but was watching my SOAP!!!lol Too bad this doesnt have a DING on it like an IM!!!
    If you are gone, sweet dreams! If not, I’ll check back in a couple.;)


  21. sorry Cynthia ,I keep missing you i am also on the reality chat site I noticed that you SAl and phillip have joined also as far as the chat rooms goes their a little fast for me everyone was nice but it can get a little hectic sometimes. have you ever been in the chat room.

  22. Star, It really surprised me about letterman ,this woman was pretty young at the time,maybethats why his first marriage ended.once a cheater always a cheater, His wife should take Half his money and run

  23. CYNTHIA, Ted was complaining once that we werent talking about survivor ,and we said something to him aboutit. I probably shouldnt have, he obviously is still kind of soreabout it. because he made that comment about being spanked.

  24. what bugs me about SHELLEY, the woman who complained ,she is one of those people who isnt a regular ,who just stops in here once in a blue moon,and then she complains, obviously she didnt care much about this sight to begin with.

  25. Oh Aggie, how could I ever stay sore at you… I was just trying to explain to Shelly what this site is really about. Hope you voted for Ethan… I think today’s the last day to do so on the GQ thing.

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