Survivor 18 starts off with a twist…

…and how many of you HONESTLY thought they would go all that way to the Brazilian highlands just to be eliminated in 5 minutes? 

I knew they would not be cast off right away….but I find it interesting that they got to go straight to the camps.  Kind of like Survivor’s version of a “Go To Jail” card in Monopoly.  You know…”Go Directly To Jail.  Do not Pass Go, Do not hike for hours to camp through Brazil.”  or something like that.  Very interesting twist to kick off the season.  Looks like they tried to see if the game about getting along with people would be effected by such a twist.

The tribe, Jalapao, made the “old lady” an early target.  Sandy was a little excited (ok…upset) about being sterotypically pointed out as the weakest link and “voted out”.  At the imunity challenge she showed that she may be a little older but she is a strong woman and a huge competitor.

The other tribe, Timbira, targeted the skinny weak looking blonde girl.  It probably did not help that she was feeling sick but Sierra was the first of her tribe to be voted out.  She looked upset but to me a little relived.  However, she just got a quick ride to camp.   I thought she was SMART to build the shelter at camp.  She is a keeper and there is more there than it seems.  I look forward to her getting better as the season goes on.

The immunity challenge was a run far, get wood, get wet, get back, build steps and solve a puzzle to raise your flag.    Another variation of an old theme.  Timbira won in a come back.

Tribal….it looked like the tribe would vote the same way making the first Survivor voted out Sandy the bus driver…but then there was Carolina. 

Carolina is hot.  She has huge breasts and well has an even bigger mouth.  She opened it, annoyed everyone and she is now history.  (sorry fellas)  She was the weakest link and may not have caused the loss but she did not help and as Jeff Probst always lets people know….you have to learn to get along.  She though Sandy was a goner for sure….but instead it was bye bye sweet Carolina!

So what did you think?  Was it worth watching?  Are you excited to watch the rest of the season?  Who looks strong?  Who looks like they will go home shortly!

Glad your here…..I will post weekly….maybe 2 times….depending on how much time I can find.

Peace, Jeff Probst   (legal disclaimer….I am not really Jeff Probst!)

Peace,  BBBlogger of  :)



(edited the tribes in the post because I had them mixed up!  Thanks for the heads up Sara!  I so love my commentors on my blog!)

8 thoughts on “Survivor 18 starts off with a twist…”

  1. yo if you’re not jeff probst then don’t write stuff like “she has really big breasts”. it spoils jeff’s reputation dude.

  2. Shain….mearly stating a fact. My guess is she paid very good money for those. I found it very distracting when she was doing the immunity challenge and so I blogged about them. Not meaning to offend…just stating fact.

    I know what your saying and using his name as a pen name is probably not smart. However, for the record, I have never said I am him and my opinions are my own. If you or anyone actually think that my blog is assocaited with Jeff Probst or CBS in anyway I would question how long you have been on the internet. I sign most of my posts as Jeff Probst aka BBBlogger. Feel free to look back and check.

    I believe Jeff’s real blog is a part of That is where the official survivor site is. He has a forum you can ask him questions. This site is a fan site. So if your a fan….stick around.

    Relax. Smile. Life is too short.

    Thanks for the comments!

    (Not the real) Jeff Probst
    (The Real) BBBlogger

  3. The tribe that won the challenge was Timbira (black), not Jalapao (red). It seems like you have the two mixed up.

    I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. It seems like the tribe members are more interesting and memorable.

  4. Carolina made the classic mistake – she forgot the first rule of Survivor: STFU
    The first person voted off is only the weakest member if no one else steps up to draw down bad attention. Like little miss bossy boobs. I didn’t miss the way she sashayed back to camp in only her underwear and boob sling, wearing her dress on her head. She counted too much on her boobs. In 100+ degree weather, where you have to work hard every day and the littlest thing can get on your nerves, boobs aren’t enough to get by if you’re blowing it with a sharp mouth.

    And Sandy may have appeared weak, but she showed her young tribe that old does not mean weak. She had a chance to show what she could do. Lucky for her it didn’t require brains because someone who doesn’t know what a pace or a palm tree is ain’t gonna go far in this game.

  5. Hey, J P… enjoy your blog… Agree completely, big boobs and big mouth = X. However, the size of the boobs does not equate with the size of the sexiness. Like this cast a lot. I have Sydney and Stephen in our Survivor Pool so it would be nice if one of them would win… don’t think so. Kind of like Sierra, reminds me of Jessica K. and Courtney a little. Thought she was a Pill at first, but I’m coming around.

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