A Moment of Silence for Coach

Seriously…now that coach is gone (37 out of 39 days) my guess is the final 4 will have MUCH MORE SILENCE since Coach has been eliminated.


I have to admit….in a few ways I am going to miss him. I mean come on….no one gives us lines like “Hit me with your Best Shot Pat Benetar” everyday! (dang I loved that one)

Overall the moment I had waited for the entire season now has come and gone. I am left feeling a little empty but overall very happy to know that coach will not win a million dollars!

I was a little nervous when coach and JT were both still going after 50 minutes but I knew that JT would pull it out and he did. Poor coach really collapsed and looked to be in pain but in retrospect….I am sure JT was in pain as well….it was a difficult physical challenge! I have a tough time feeling sorry for Coach. You never know what is real or what is fake. I LOVED the fact that TAJ kept rolling her eyes and thought that all though Erinn’s comments before Coach went to exile island were bad for her…they were RIGHT ON and 1000% true in my book. Good for her telling it like it is. I see that coming back to bite her some in the end though. JT really did not like that!

So…final 4. Who will win? I think JT is setup to be the favorite but really it is anyone’s game. The next 2 challenges will define who walks away on Sunday as the sole survivor!


So it’s time to VOTE! Who do YOU want to see win Survivor Tocantins? Please vote in the comment section below!


8 thoughts on “A Moment of Silence for Coach”

  1. Whew…coach is finally gone…talk about a walter mitty..yikes..by the way the quote he muttered about better to remain silent,he claims mark twain ? I believe it was abraham lincoln that first said it,I stand to be corrected…
    Jt looks strong,taj could slip in there…I think stephen is out unless any challenge uses brain power then he will win,…….sheen brawn Jt has carried the last few weeks.
    I like that erin spoke up gee whiz..it must have been rough for those that were left to listen to coach’s dribble every day all day…
    any way 3 hours is much too much time for finale .which hour slot do you think the winner will be announced ?

  2. Absolutely TJ.
    Fine man
    I’d go to the wilderness with him.
    Chope wood, carry fire.

  3. I vote for JT. He’s played an outstanding game.

    Do you know what the other players are paid to do the show?

  4. Alleighluia…there is a God…the quack is gone…what took those idiots so long to get rid of this ‘bag of wind”…The only gift he has is the gift a gab. Noticed how happy Sierra, Brad and the other members were to get rid of him…But now, they have to put up with him as part of the jury…wait until he asks questions of the remaining two survivors to see who most deservedly wins the million. On another note, I see that Stephen is a slick backstabber ( but he’s forgiven for getting rid of Coach )..It was his vote that did it and yet he kept saying prior to the meeting, how sorry he felt for coach and gave the impression he was going to vote Erinn…She was the only one that had the balls to say what she thought of Coach…but sadly she is due next…then Stephen ( I hope ) and it would be between JT and Taj..and JT will win. The only thing that could stop JT from winning if he doesn’t not win the next immunity…if its Stephen, then comes the back stabbing…knowing the threat that JT is.

  5. your all right ;yahoo COACH is gone anyone who said all the things he said and didnt do any of then is realy out to lunch ;and it is left to the best playerd to show us all who can realy think to get there body and mine in one place at the same time ;oh and ya do it where lots of people are watching your every move its no going to be easy to fake it like coach did ;who realy know ;who has the brass to do all ;;they did ;and in front of so many people and not loss the game ;it all up to what kind of things jeff come up with at the end ???????/for them all to do ;;it could be thinking or swimming or who can make the best fire ;;let the games begin??????

  6. First of all, Joe..he was correct….it was a quote by Mark Twain. Oddly enough, although I did know that, I was watching an old Tool Time earlier today and Tim’s next door neighbor Wilson gave that same quote!! *sounds of twilight zone* lol

    Otherwise ,I basically agree with Anthony on pretty much everything. I don’t get WHY Stephen changed his mind and voted Coach out. He did seem sympathtic towards him but also he kept saying he wanted somebody he knew he could beat in the final four. For all his self-promotion, I don’t think Coach was much of a challenge mentally or physically and no one liked him so…..he seemed a good candidate to me.

    My money is on JT to win. He certainly has earned it and for ONCE everyone would like the winner…except for the fact that he got all the money but I’m just saying……;)

  7. I think Anthony said it best. I hope J. T. wins, but will the others try to get rid of him knowing that they can’t win against him? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow night.

  8. Errin just wanted her two seconds of fame b/c when she said it was when Coach was reacting about Exile, and she knew the camera was on him, and subsequently if she spoke it’d be on her too.

    Let’s face it, her comment was absolutely legitimate if not true all the way, JUST NOT the timing of it. Plus.. it sounded like she was nervous to blurt it out fast enough to be fully captured.

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