Hungry enough to eat termites

Tonight Survivor Tocantins was hyped as the wettest and wildest ever.  Well, I am fairly confident it did not live up to the hype. 

When the tribe had come back from tribal council it looked like Sandy would be next.  I personally think she will be around a little bit longer than that.

You can tell that the hunger pains are kickin in when they start looking for anything to eat.  From worms to termites.  I once ate a moth and it did nothing for me but I guess if your hungry enough to eat anything…you do just that…eat anything!

Seems like Coach has found either a love interest or an arch enemy in Candace.  They seem to not see eye to eye…but then in a weird and awkward moment he ended up licking her face.  I expect great things to come from Coach this season!

In the hyped “wet and wild” competition there was little to really be amazed from.  But here are my points I would like to bring up from the game.

I loved the drama of the Timbira being up 2-0 and then  Jalapao coming back to win 3-2.  Awesome!!  I thought the one round when it was 1-0 and it was 2 guys and 1 girl from each team that Sandy held the one littler lady by her bikini top in the back.  She was waving her hand like she had roped a calf.  She is very comical and a little nutty….that is why I am liking Sandy still! 

Since my blog readers KNOW SURVIVOR, they were right about the twist having to do with Exile island.  I like the fact that it was 2 people….one per team….I also like the fact that they could go to another tribe if desired.  If that is a weekly thing, anyone feeling like an outcast or in danger on their tribe could go to the other tribe (which they would ALSO be an outcast) but it still could make for some drama.  Guess we will see.

Brenden seemed to be a little slow to understand the term “tribes homelands”…made me chuckle.

Not sure why Taj told people she was married to Eddie George.  You don’t give people a REASON to vote you off like that…she was a brute in the basketball in the water challenge but still…keep those things underwraps.

Timbira had a date with tribal council.  Sure enough they all talked and sure enough another lady was voted off.  I liked how Jeff said that it was “another blindside”.  Aren’t all tribal council’s going to be a blind side…it is a “secret vote” after all.  :)

Candace did not make the cut.  She was voted out 7-1.

So the ladies are not doing to well yet this season.  Do you think Coach’s ego will be his downfall?  What did you think of the twist?

I anxiously await your comments.  I will be posting next week’s preview on Tuesday so be ready.  Until then….happy surfing!

Peace,   JP (aka BBBlogger)

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10 thoughts on “Hungry enough to eat termites”

  1. Candace made the same mistake Carolina made last week – she forgot to STFU. I mean, everyone was ready and willing to vote out Sierra, still considering her the weakest person, but Candace had to have conflict and started trying to get people to vote off Coach. She had a point – that he wasn’t too impressive in the challenge after all his big talk about being strong. But she overreacted to his rice and beans talk and then started up with the trash talking and that sort of thing just makes people uncomfortable. She has no one to blame but herself.
    I’m not rooting for Coach either. He was oblivious to how uncomfortable he was making Candace with that kiss-kiss talk and trying to lick her. Or maybe he wasn’t oblivious at all – did he deliberately provoke her? I don’t know yet. Right now I’m rooting for Brendan and Sierra and it looks like in the preview that (if his plans worked out and he ended up on Exile with Taj again) he’s getting into a split-tribe alliance with her. That is a smart move and I hope it happens.

  2. Another cutie gone….

    What’s wrong with these people? Didn’t they do their Survivor homework? If you’re in no danger of being voted off, just STFU and go along with the tribe. Especially this early in the game. I would have loved to see more of Candace in the coming weeks. She was a strong physical player in the challenges and a fairly smart person in general. And not bad to look at either :D oh well…

    Taj….. another dumb move. Telling people you’re husband is Eddie George was a bad move. Football players make millions. I don’t care if he is an ex-football player, that’s just another easy excuse to vote you off.

    And Erinn….. Another one causing friction at tribal counsel. If she don’t watch what she says, she’ll be right behind Candace.

    Gonna be hard to get rid of Coach right now as long as he has lil rats like Debra running to him and telling him what people are saying. He’s gonna have to be blindsided sooner or later. Candace made her move too soon though.

    The twist (as far as switching teams) could get interesting later on in the game, but not right now. But it could help people make bonds with other tribe members that could help out come merge time.

    The first clue really wasn’t a big help without the next clue to point them in the right direction.

    Oh yeah…. What the hell is that animal in the opening credits that turns its double barrel shotgun looking snout up?

  3. I like the ‘twist’ regarding Exile Island. Interesting concept. I do hope this is the routinely every week. Who would go to another tribe? hhmmm

  4. hey, guys. I’m kinda new to survivor, but this season I’ve been following the weekly previews pretty closely.

    It seems like Jeff REALLY loves Coach, but I’m wondering if this is just because he’s good for TV (and subsequently Jeff’s wallet)?

  5. to me, it seems THE PROBST doesn’t love Coach…I mean, he basically called out his leadership-driven ego in the past couple episodes.

    I hate to bug everyone, but please check out my Survivor blog. In it, Coach plays the role of the White Power Ranger and Taj is the Incredible Hulk. Yep, its just that awesome.

  6. “Oh yeah…. What the hell is that animal in the opening credits that turns its double barrel shotgun looking snout up?”

    I think it’s called a Tapir.

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