JT proves that he is loved by everyone and is named Sole Survivor

As I had predicted, and as the results of my current poll show most of yo also predicted, JT won Survivor Tocantins last night with all 7 of the votes! 8 votes if you count America since they gave JT an additional 100,000 from Sprint! Heck, I would guess that even Stephen would have voted for JT. Last night was a JT love fest!

So I had guessed JT but thought it was going to be a Taj vs. JT for the money (which would have been interesting) but once Taj was blindsided then I knew the money was JT’s. I did not see him losing to Erinn or Stephen and so at that point the season was over for me.

Overall this season was enjoyable and entertaining due to coach. I do not like him but what a crazy guy! I may actually miss him дивани now. Weird….

Another great season, another great ending, another fun time blogging! Let’s do it again in the fall! We turn toward the fall and Survivor Samoa! Should be fun to do it again for the 19th time! :) Talk with you all soon.

Peace, BBBlogger

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One thought on “JT proves that he is loved by everyone and is named Sole Survivor”

  1. Well, this season finally got me hooked on Survivor! Thanks goodness, since the time after BB is SO hard and a year is a long time to wait!

    I also predicted JT would win! They never said anything about him having a GF or anything. I bet he gets LOTS of invitations after this!!lol Could you believe how he looked in the awards show in NY? He looked like he was about 16!! What a sweetheart! He will go down in history like Evel Dick in BB9.

    And I totally get how you feel about Coach. Fascinating guy. Kinda like an accident you can’t look away from. But I think alot of what we saw was a put on because his whole demeanor was different last nite. Even his GF(and THAT surprised me..figured he was too in love with himself to hve a GF) said that we saw Coach and not Ben Wade. Loved her answer about slaying HIM in the boudoir too..heheh

    Well….cya in July BBBlogger! I guess none of the other BBer’s watch survivor,huh? Maybe we will have to work on that and get them over here…..:)

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