Merge Looming and it is Everyone for Themselves

Tonight is the night…another episode of Survivor and from the previews it is all about the merge. Everyone will be playing for themselves.

I honestly think for this season especially it is going to be very interesting to see if the secret alliance grown from the Exile Island effects things. I have a strong feeling that it is going to…but who knows how or where.

If I was there I would start to target the strong…or the not so smart. In both cases I would definately want Coach out ASAP. However, as all years past the person I really want out always seems to be there until the end. *(sigh)*

So I want to hear from you….who is going to be the next one out. Tribes merged and it is all against all. Who is going to go? Who do you want to see go?

Peace, JP (aka BBBlogger)

7 thoughts on “Merge Looming and it is Everyone for Themselves”

  1. COACH outta here.
    Taj’s alliance is going to work.
    For a while.
    She won’t win the votes at the end though.
    $$$ in her background. No sympathy from jury.
    Doesn’t she and her husband have a reality show in the making?
    my thoughts.
    peace out.

  2. Right now I am rooting for JT and Tyson to make it to the end. Not sure about how the secret alliance will will play out. Will be interesting to watch. I interesting how well the tribes are getting along. No big fights..yet.

  3. Tonight Coach said he is an orchestra conductor; does some know if that is true? I read he was fired from his soccer coach job…….

  4. Honestly, I think Coach is really really strange. Coach, aka Benjamin, aka The Maestro aka The Dragon Slayer…yeah…him. Although he may be having a bit of an identity crisis (or is his identity just having multiple identities?) I would hate to see him go. He’s entertaining, fun to see what he’ll come up with next. I’m rooting for JT. I think he’s a strong, great player. I was surprised when he tied Rupert’s record in that challenge a few weeks ago, I mean, look at him…then look at Rupert this large pirate-like animal. Well I guess that farm work JT does aint easy. I also like Stephan. I get a kick out of the little nerdy kid. Who’s going next? Hmm, really it could be anyone. But Brendan kind of bothers me. I’d like him to go…but he wont now that he has the idol. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  5. Coach’s ego knows no bounds. And for that I worry that he’ll be there ’til the end. The other’s have to smarten up and get him off of there ASAP. As for who I’d like to see win? Sierra. She seems like the most genuine person out there…and she’s also PLAYING the game. Not sure why she’s rubbing the others the wrong way but I’d have her on my team any day.

  6. There is only one word for Coach…DOUCHE!
    He is THE biggest idiot I have ever seen.
    If I was on the show I would tell him to shut up all the time, his stories are ridiculous at best. Notice he tells his tales to people who can’t verify them?
    This claim that he has integrity is nothing short of hilarious as he lied to boss that he was going to be away for “cancer testing.”

    Just a complete douche bag!


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