New Survivor tonight…will Coach be the next to go?

Welcome back from a Survivor spring break. Anyone watch last Wednesday’s show? I saw part but I felt it was nothing that really needed to be known or saw. Fairly boring was what I walked away from it thinking. (Kinda like my blog….I know) Plus to top it off, I have NO ONE in the final four on my bracket so I guess I will stick with watching TV instead of career as a NCCA basketball guru. I digress….here is where we left off.

Spencer is gone…kinda anti climatic 2 weeks ago…guess he kinda drew the short straw that week. So moving on to tonight…

My only thougths about what is to come is that without even knowing it, I feel that coach is really being put in a “Villian” light. (or maybe he does know it) I think tonight they focus heavily on him and get right back to it by setting up Coach vs. everyone else. (Especially VS. Erinn) I feel like he is one of the only interesting parts of this season and make me still want to watch.

I also think that Taj may be a little underrated but the previews make it look like she has some stuff start to come up tonight. Like trying to make a fake hidden immunity idol. LOL

And what about the secret aliance? Think it will work? Can they make it to the merge? Who knows…

Survivor Tocantins is back tonight (since March Madness is winding down) so watch and comment what you see. I will try to post my thoughts about tonights show tomorrow! (I really enjoyed spring break)

Thank you all for hanging with me. I am going to start emailing people to be guest bloggers soon.

Peace, JP (aka BBBlogger)

4 thoughts on “New Survivor tonight…will Coach be the next to go?”

  1. I hear ya…I just think it was too hyped for what it was….some strategy…but it just left me feeling empty without tribal council. Guess the format of it threw me off…..

    Thanks for the comment….maybe I will have to rewatch it now.

    Peace, JP (aka BBBlogger)

  2. The best part of the ‘never before seen’ episode was finding out that the majority of the tribe can’t take Coach anymore.
    Up to this point it seemed like they ‘may have not minded having him’.
    Aaaaaah… the miracle of editing.

  3. I thought this week’s episode was about the best of the season. The challenges were great, and the strategizing and scheming are getting super intense.

    And I think everyone is waiting to see when Coach gets booted !

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