Quick update and preview of tomorrows show….

Ok….so I seem to have way too much going on to keep this blog going….I am open to anyone who would like to be a “guest blogger” so comment on this post and let me know if you are interested in writing for this blog. With that being said….let’s recap.

Episode 3…Jerry is sick but will not quick. I admire him for not quitting but the tribe really felt he needed to go. I found it funny that Erinn was so happy that she had an out to NOT be voted out. I found it funny that coach was bent out of shape about her “Evil Grin” when she heard that Jerry was sick. Should be interesting to see what happens between those 2.

Brendan found and has the Hidden Immunity Idol. Still sitting on it.

So…the alliance between Brendan and Taj…anyone thinking anything will come of that?

Episode 4…I only caught some of this show but what I remember is that Sandy who I thought was doing very well since being dubbed the “older lady on the tribe” and was doing very good in the challenges was voted out. I don’t think she thought she was going….but she was voted off the island.

So whats next…from what I have seen from the previews it looks like the competitions are crazy….something that involves spinning and rope….and even one of the people loses a tooth! Wow…that would be a survivor first I believe!

The other thing that looked interesting was they say that Sierra and Taj are aligning and think they control the game. That could make Taj a fairly powerful player if she has Brendan on the other tribe and Sierra on her tribe. Before you know it….she will be the one to beat when she gets to the merge…(that assumes that she gets to the merge)!

Also I am not a huge fan of Coach. I think he is quite egotistical and if he wins I would not be very happy. What do you think about him? Is he a strong player or is he just getting bye early on…

So there you go…I PROMISE I will do better with the blog. I just have to WATCH the show in order to blog on it.

Please keep posting your thoughts and let me know what you think.

Peace, JP (aka BBBlogger)

9 thoughts on “Quick update and preview of tomorrows show….”

  1. Coach has a huge mouth and his skinny ass has yet to cash the checks he’s been writing. He speaks of himself as this big physical competitor, but I have yet to see him perform really well or stand out in any challenge. He’s just a jerk and I guess that’s good for ratings, but I am really looking forward to seeing him blindsided at a council, preferably before Jury selection begins. He is so fake, and that’s the last kind of person you want going far on Survivor.

  2. As you can see from a post to my site (listed in this “form”) I am a huge Survivor fan. I would love, love, love to guest blog for you.

  3. Coach is from my neck of the woods and I have to say he is very disappointing. He gave many interviews locally and he had the same “holier than thou” attitude. I am so sick of the people from Missouri getting on this show and embarresing us. Coach is very egotistical. We have also had a annoying redneck and a girl willing to bare all for chocolate and peanut butter. I swear there really are intelligent, decent people in Missouri too.

  4. Not interested in being the guest blogger, BUT Coach is the player I most want to have voted out! I can’t stand him!! There’s always

  5. Coach is a wimp…in every challenge so far he has stayed in the background. If I was one of the survivors on his team, I’d probably kick his ass because he has been such a wimp. VOTE HIS ASS OFF!!!

  6. Coach is weak in every challenge, at first i didnt want him to go just for the fact that his tribe was losing and he could not stand it, and i LOVED it. but now its getting close to the jury and i dont want him on it. Sandy did better in the challenges than coach!!!!!!!!!

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