Survivor Tocantins Final 5 prepare for the Coach showdown

Only 2 more episodes left of Survivor Tocantins! Thursday where the final 5 are stuck dealing with Coach and his delusional self. The Dragon warrior is supposed to be the highlight of the show Thursday before the final 4 hit the 3 hour finale on Sunday!

So…who is left Coach, Erinn, JT, Stephen, Taj…I honestly hope either JT or Taj wins or even Erinn with an upset but boy I sure hope Coach is gone this Thursday! He is good TV but I am so tired of his stories! He needs to go before he causes the viewers to change the channel! However, it is a train wreck we cannot stop watching!

We interrupt this blog post to bring you this quick COACH moment….

See…Coach “suffers” more then any of the other survivors! Insane! So with that I leave you…behind but finally caught up. Be sure to watch Thursday night and Sunday night where the final 4 will fight it out for the title Sole Survivor of Survivor Tocantins.

Peace, BBBlogger (aka JP)

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4 thoughts on “Survivor Tocantins Final 5 prepare for the Coach showdown”

  1. Hey BBBloger and JP,
    I finally get into Survivor and nobody’s ever HERE!! lol This sure doesn’t look anything like our Big Brother blog! Maybe everybody Twitters their responses now..something I have totally resisted getting into.

    Anyway…it sounds like Coach has a simple case of Asma! And if so, he should have known going in that humid, wetlands kind of climate was going to wreak havoc with it. DUH! His realm of all reaching knowledge and experience apparently doesn’t include the field of health and medicine.hehe Are the survivors allowed to take meds with them? Because if he just had an inhaler or *puffer* he’d be fine. He is SO over the top about everyhting tho and such a TOTAL BS-er!! I have dated guys like the distant past…so I know his type intimately.(there’s alot of them out there masquerading as every and anything that they AREN’T!)

    He has been good entertainment,but I definetly get the feeling his days are numbered. ( Or DAY cuz I think he’s NEXT!) JT will win I think altho I wouldn’t mid if Taj did. JT is such a good competitor and yet everyone seems to trust him and think of him as their best friend and confidant. I think it’s his laid back attitude and his Southern drawl that gives them a false sense that he not a real threat.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents worth altho I may be speaking into a vaccuum for all I know! lol If I don’t cya here again, I will be back for BB11 for SURE! Take care!

  2. coach has got to go .
    the stories have reached the limit,
    this guy is the biggest story teller of all time,
    I think JT will squeeze out a win..

  3. the reason coach will not be voted off is that anyone would want to take him to the final 2
    it would be a sure win.

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