Survivor Tocantins – Season 18 begins on February 12, 2009

Hello all dedicated Survivor Fans!  Very excited to get the Survivor Blog back up and running and we hope that we can count on you to help us by stopping by and commenting away!  We will have more consistent episode recaps and more thought provoking opinion posts this season on the blog.

I hope you are ready because you only have one week until the new Survivor season begins.  So are you ready?

Peace,  Jeff Probts

17 thoughts on “Survivor Tocantins – Season 18 begins on February 12, 2009”

  1. I hope so on the opinions. The last few blog posts from the last season sucked. It was all just recap and I watch the show and my memory is not that bad.

  2. Hey Jeff!
    We’re more than ready here in R.I. (home of ‘you know who’ Winner 1st season)hah!

    Some day I will submit to join you guys but not yet!

    Peace Out!

  3. I agree! It’s very difficult to have an opinion on a recap. They don’t truly inspire any sort of discussion either. SO, so
    far we have two rather opinionated people stating opinions on this blog. It’s a good start…

  4. I am planning on still having recap posts but I will do what I can to make sure there are more opinion and thoughts. I love having you all here and this season should be very exciting!

    Peace, Jeff Probst (aka BBBlogger)

  5. OH YES ; at last there will be something on to watch ; i cant wate to see who gets in to the most trouble the time around ;its always fun to see who can put things over on the others ;without getting found out ;it would be awesome to try to be thereand take part in all the fun ;keep up the good work

  6. Holy Moly

    Jeff I can hardly wait the show is just the best. I will be in front of my TV you can bet your sweet Toucan on that!!!!!

    Di Fedosa

  7. Looking forward to Survivor. Was disappointed in the blogs last season,not enough correspondence. Where is Big Brother???? LOVE BB!!

  8. Just found Jeff’s blog at the end of last year. Love it. My wife and I have two grown children and at the end of every episode we call each other and comment and fight and just have a great time discussing that episode. We always have our favorites and ones that we can’t stand.
    Looking forward to this season and now reading Jeff’s comments afterward.

  9. Hello Jeff.. I have been a top survivor fan since season one.. absolutely love it! I have also wanted to go on Survivor since season one. How? Every season while me and my girls are watching.. I keep thinking, ‘Man I should be there’. I would love to know how to make this happen. I am fun, spunky and little, but don’t let that fool you. I have a wealth of life experience that would benefit me if I were to ever be able to go the show. I have lived on the river as a child..under a bridge, at a dump, under trees in the desert bordering Mexico, served in the Army and have worked at a detention facility for juveniles for eight years. I am five foot two, weigh about 110 lbs. and can take down a six foot teenaged gang member without problem! Actually have a couple of times. Come on Jeff… help a girl out here? Looking forward to a response.. p.s. Jeff… I love your dimples.

  10. Jeff Im sorry but your acting like a jerk, and its only the first episode. If you’re gonna be sanctimonoius the whole time I will no longer be a fan. IE… Sandy was happy that she was not kicked off, and smiled and you tell her not to be happy or celebrate, after stopping her life to play this game- WHATEVER!!!! you just put ideas into the other players heads, thats not your place, they can think for themselves. Jeff you just need to stay out of it and host… sorry dude

  11. Hey Survivor fans (and Jeff, too)! In addition to blogging here, come chat on contestant Jerry Sims’ hometown newspaper’s Web site, We just started a new Survivor blog and need some chatter. You can link to the blog from the right-hand side of the homepage, about halfway down the page.

  12. Just for the record….this blog is in now way assocaited with Jeff Probst, CBS or Survivor. We are just fans of the show. I sign and blog using the name Jeff Probst….but please know I am not the realy Jeff you see on the show.

    Just call me BBBlogger. I run another website called and this is my Blog for Survivor….cuz I love reality TV.

    So….tell everyone and sign up for the mailing list. We would love to have you around and comment and watch the 18th Season of Survivor with us.

    Peace, BBBlogger aka Jeff Probst

  13. Well gee…doesn’t that just bite….way to fake someone out thinking it is actually jeff disappointing.

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