Survivor Tocantins – Who really has the control of the game?

Even with replays on the web and tivo I am still finding it hard to sit and watch Survivor on its regular time. I watched some last night but may have missed a few things. But here is what I know…

– They advertised that everyone thought they were the swing vote or they had the power. There are a lot of males left and most are very confident and definately have egos.

– Coach is coach. I think his Dragon/Dragon Slayer stuff is weird. I think he likes to spin tall tales or at least embelish them some. I really want him to go but it is like a train wreck I cannot pull my attention away from. He will be gone in 2 weeks (that is my perdiction). I am staring a new fan club on Facebook called “I HATE THE DRAGON IDIOT”…anyone want to join?

– Tyson is an animal and will continue to do awesome at the challenges. 2 – 0 for individual immunity!

– Looks like Sierra is odd woman out. She sided with Brendan and well…I guess that is all I have to say about that.

– I was hoping the Coach vs. Brendan to turn out differently but coach won and Brendan was voted out. Now…the only issue I have is… left with the Hidden immunity idol. DOH! Chalk that one up there for dumb moves. Poor Sierra…she is soooooo stuck now! She is gone next week unless a miracle happens. (which probably will)

– Erinn seems to be a little more secure. Guess she is more off the radar then I thought she was a few shows back. I think she will have some more tricks up her sleeve soon enough!

If you want a very funny recap you should read this one at Reality Blurred. He makes me laugh….then come back here and let me and the world know what you think.

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9 thoughts on “Survivor Tocantins – Who really has the control of the game?”

  1. I can’t stand that guy the coach..he is a f….g liar . He is sickening, reading too many comic books. Why has he lasted this long I will never know. As for Tyson, he is a conceited yolk..period…and as for Stephen….or Steven, is a parasite…a leech. I really don’t care who wins now…Brandon was my choice…but now that he is out…couldn’t care less…who wins, as long as it isn’t Coach and Tyson.

  2. What is with people like that “Coach” dude, who have to tell iincredibly unbelievable lies that no one in their right mind could possibly believe. He stinks at challenges, is full of himself (for reasons unknown to myself) and he is an absolute WEIRDO……what is with that “dragon slayer” crap? Why wasn’t he voted off several weeks ago. I love survivor, but every time that guy opens his mouth I am disguisted and want to turn off the T.V.

  3. COACH was “recruited” via his demo audition by Survivor producers to ‘produce’ the very reactions they are getting from his character (do not forget about excellent editing).

    They (editing) leave out any vestige of a “normal” Coach. I’m not saying this even exists, but if it did they would be sure not to show us at any point.

    This is the joy of watching SURVIVOR. Character development versus our guessing who goes home next.

  4. Tyson is gone. Ya-Hoo! The look on coach’s face was priceless. The dragon slayer had his little lizard whacked!

  5. Hello, i am new to blogging, but tonight’s episode has spurred me to write. Come ON DEBBIE!!! You are a principal..I was for you…and then you said SUPPOSEBLY…Sorry to all you folks who also make that huge and humiliating mistake..But, Debbie-dear…the word is supposedly and you have proven yourself unworthy of my loyalty…I AM JT ALL THE WAY!!

  6. I can’t stand the way Coach treats women. Sierra didn’t vote the way she said she would and so Coach thought that was enough to treat her like crap the whole time. He got revenge by trying to vote her out and still lectured her on loyalty. Half the people on survivor including Coach have blindsided someone at least once, but he only sees fit to punish her and call her names the whole time. Well, Sierra has called it right plenty of times and Coach and that loud evil woman Debby have won’t forgive and won’t let up. They should look in the mirror. I’m just saying, by the measure you judge, you will be judged.

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