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Which Russell is truly the evil one?

Descension among the purple people eaters has begun. Is the Chief truly a big cry baby who is ready to take his ball and go home so his friends can’t play? Russell is more overbearing than truly ruly, he needs to lead and not dictate what is going on.

Facial expressions in this video is worth a thousand words, watch it closely.

This game is now getting interesting. The worms are starting to turn and peoples opinions of others will now start to develop and alliances against each.

The rain is the newest endevour to overcome. How will the tribes plot and scheme if they can’t/won’t leave there castles. Tribal votes could all depend on performance. A good, as well as a bad performance might cost them the game.  Do they now get rid of the weakest link in the tribes or start getting the biggest threats?

I do not envy them and the conditions they are suffering through. These are worse than the Navy puts Seals through during their intensive training. Just try sleeping with rain constantly falling on you, hell just trying sleeping in a tent with a leak. I know that one is tough, I have done it a few times. I even was lucky enough to be in a tent when a very windy storm blew through a state park I was camping in and it scared the sh….t out of me. Think it’s fun getting out of a collapsed tent in a driving rain storm?