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Really Randy, you have no chance!

Randy Bailey, Gabon
Describing himself as “angry, blunt, mean and sarcastic—yet charming”(!)—the delightful curmudgeon says the only “person” he has ever loved was his dog, Johnson. Aw.
Outwitticism: “I have a new operation, and it’s called, Operation: Let Everyone Else Crash and Burn.”


Randy Bailey (50)
Tribe: Villains
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Current Residence: Austin, Texas
Personal Claim To Fame: “Never having been CONVICTED of a felony.”
Inspiration in Life: “Nothing inspires me!”
Previous Finishes: Gabon: 11th out, 3rd Jury Member
Favorite Past Moment: “Awaking on Day 10 to a new team!”
Previous Survivor He Respects Most: Johnny Fairplay (Pearl Islands, Micronesia)
Previous Survivor He Respects Least: “Take your pick of the idiots from Gabon, mostly Bob.”
Why Did He Come Back? : “To right the wrong!”

Bonus Coverage


Benjamin “Coach” Wade (38)

Tribe: Villains
Hometown: Susanville, Calif.
Current Residence: Susanville, Calif.
Personal Claim To Fame: Holding the World’s Record for “Longest solo kayak trip 6,132 miles.”
Inspiration in Life: “Composing classical music for the Susanville Symphony.”
Previous Finishes: Tocantins: 11th out, 5th jury member
Favorite Past Moment: “My monastic approach to exile.”
Previous Survivor He Respects Most: Tom Westman (Palau)
Previous Survivor He Respects Least: Johnny Fairplay (Pearl Islands, Micronesia)
Why Did He Come Back?: “Redemption!”

The Long Winded Egomaniac is a Player

Villains Tribe

“Coach” Ben Wade, Tocantins
Slaying dragons, duh.
Outwitticism: ”C’mon, guess what they call me in this game? The Dragon Slayer. Because I’m slaying all the dragons! I’m running this freakin’ show, let me tell you that right now. I think I’m going to be in that final two unless something crazy comes up.”

Survivor: Tocantins, Benjamin "Coach" Wade

Coach Ben Wade. Wade was the 11th one voted off the island last May. When not in front of the camera, he is the conductor for the Susanville Symphony and coaches soccer in Missouri. Wade will be one of nine Survivor alumni on the “villains” team. They will take on the “heroes” team in. Tune in to see how he’ll do this time around.

Recap of the Recap of the Season!

The Immunity Blog With Coach and Debbie

Once again from Wind Bag and Aerrie!



Coach  |  Top Ten, David Letterman Style

November 30, 2009

As we watched the recap of the season this week I was reminded of my own dynamic, polarizing and sometimes comical memories so far. I hope this will spur a pinpoint of recollection in your own memories. Here are my top ten in David Letterman style.

10. Shambo revealing that she is not the sharpest tool in the shed by saying so on the first day.
As Mark Twain once said “Its better to keep your mouth shut and for people to think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

9. Russell the troll dumping out the water of everyone’s canteen.
As the Dragonslayer once said “Evil dwells in the hearts and minds of the most unworthy opponents who are too short and insecure in developing brain matter and a sense of honor and dignity while growing up.”

8. Danger Dave starting a fire not once but twice when Shambo and Russell maligned him saying he couldn’t.
Coach Wade once said “If at first you don’t succeed, move over for cryin’ out loud and let someone else try!”

7. Russell “Gollum” Hantz using a national disaster to his own discredit, disgrace and disparagement.
Mahatma Ghandi said “Remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won.” Are you listening gnome?

6. Shambo losing the snorkel mask and sheepishly walking back into camp.
Mr. D. Slayer also said “Ownership of your own actions is the key to self improvement and discipline.”

5. Good Russell almost going in to cardiac arrest.
One of the most dynamic and dangerous moments ever seen on Survivor. He went out as the noble warrior. As Dan the Man said “Give it your all no matter what. Push past the threshold and find a new level, a new limit. Never be satisfied.”

4. Everyone walking around like chickens with their heads cut off letting Russell H. outrun them in the pursuit of the idol.
One of my heroes Martin Luther King once said “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to penetrate it.” How could you all let him do that!

3. Mother Nature. Showing everyone who’s boss by pouring a deluge of water for the first two weeks straight.
Charles Bronson said “Mother nature throws you a curve ball.” You said it Charles!

2. Ben telling Yasmin to go back to ketchup sandwiches and kool-aid.
By far the most racy and daring line ever uttered on the show. See quote above from Mark Twain.

1. Erik the Viking. The warrior. The new dragonslayer of Samoa.
Brooking no compromise at tribal. Using his sixth sense to ferret out the truth. And falling on his sword at the end, leaving with his head held high and proving once again that unless you are an evil conniving backstabbing minion of evil, you cannot win survivor.

Dragon Slayer over and out!


Debbie  |  Deb’s Top 10 Favorite Samoa Moments

November 30, 2009

While recapping this season of Survivor Samoa, I have several quick thoughts. Hey Coach, did you hear that, QUICK thoughts?

First of all, this season had a slow start and now is spinning out of control. What a turnaround! I eagerly wait to see what will happen each week. Because of the unknown, I look forward to watching this season’s show more than watching Tocantins. Since I had insight to our season, there were few surprises. With the exception of the private interviews…Yea, JT and Stephen I heard you talk smack about me!

As we all know, Russell is the main character of Samoa. Coach, you were the character of Tocantins. Well, maybe Tyson had that title a few times! However, our “characters” played a completely different game. I cannot compare Russell’s game to anyone in our season. I started this season’s blog loathing Russell. His comments about Katrina really struck a nerve. I still stand strong on my thoughts regarding using a natural disaster for your sympathy vote; however, this guy is amazing. I cannot wait to see what he is going to do each week. His comments, his moves, and his strategies are so entertaining. I was actually cheering for him last week.

Jaison is still my pick to be the winner. I know he is not standing out in any area, but in this game, that can be the best move until the end. I saw something in Brett last week that made me take notice. He reminded me of JT, our winner- cute, quiet, and can win a challenge. For some reason, I still think goofy Dave is funny to watch. His expressions and comments are hilarious. He could be a threat as well. Time will tell.

Deb’s Top 10 Favorite Samoa Moments (not to be confused with Dave’s Top 10)

10) Mick, weekly eye candy
9) Yasmine and Ben’s nasty-crazy-mudslinging- verbal altercation
8) Yasmine exiting tribal in high heels! Still styling and profiling for Jeff.
7) Erik and Shambo chasing the chicken while everyone else watched.
6) Shambo loosing the fishing equipment and telling the truth! (and not seeming to care)
5) Dave’s “Gallagher” face when Laura was voted off (did you see his hair?)
4) Natalie killing a rat with a stick- You go girl!
3) Dave chasing “The Troll”, Russell, through the “forest” and not being able to keep up with him!
2) Shambo claiming to be the chicken “expert” and not knowing they can fly!
1) Russell finding NOT ONE, NOT TWO, BUT THREE IDOLS. Genius!

This is shaping up to be a great season. Hey, it is up for a People’s Choice award. GO VOTE!


Touch your gloves and come out of your corner ready to fight!

It’s round ten of this 15 round heavyweight bout and it’s every man against Russell. Is he up to the challenge or will there be a knoutout this week. It seems as if Russell has been earmarked for eviction, can he round up enough help to stay in the fight?

Up next your favorite bag of wind and his assistant:


The Immunity Blog With Coach and Debbie


  Debbie  |   As the Game Turns…

November 9, 2009

The tribal merge is always an exciting time on the show and along with the merge a new game is born. The initial reaction of those still standing is excitement, joy and, of course, the long waited gorging of food. However, once the “newness” wears off reality hits, the game continues and it is time for new alliances to be formed. That is what happened the other night. The episode left my head spinning due to everything that occurred in the merge. Russell summed it up best by stating, “All hell broke loose.”

The new AIGA tribe keeps referring to Galu’s control of the game because they have the numbers. Did anyone watch Tocantins? Timbira was up by two people and they took us all out one by one! Believe me it can happen.

I was more than thrilled to see the girls finally getting involved in strategizing. Laura is really strong, but needs to watch what she says and conceal her dislike for Shambo. Others watched and listened to her outburst with Shambo. Erik stated, “We all know Shambo is crazy. If you fight with crazy, you are crazy.” The tribe appeared to be in shock that Laura would engage in an argument with Shambo concerning the canteen. Heck, have you taken note of what you are eating and drinking? Who cares whose canteen you drink from? I do believe if Laura did not win the challenge, the initial plan would have been followed and she would have been eliminated. Be careful, Laura, you are strong and doing well. Do not let your frustrations get the best of you.

Russell loves the merge because he felt he once again was in control. I cringed when watching Monica feed him grapes. Russell actually called himself “The King”. Monica better be cautious. She might be the next Ann Boylen and have her head chopped if she trusts this King! As much as I love to “hate” Russell, I have to admit, the guy is growing on me. I still am furious that he lied about his involvement in Katrina, but Russell never lets up. He definitely knows how to play the game; he constantly has his brain wrapped around his next move.

I thought bartenders attend listening 101 classes. Erik lacks the listening skills so he must have failed or missed that class. Every bartender I know loves to listen and take care of their patrons. It seemed that AIGA had not made their final decisions regarding their vote until Erik started his verbal rampage. He cut down Foa Foa and even went after my beloved Jaison (Coach, I will admit you were right about his performance last week, however, I still think you are going see it my way in the end.)

I do not think it was a bad move for Russell to play the idol. He had already exposed the prized jewel to everyone and he made himself a target anyway. The previews were attention-grabbing. It looks like Russell will be squirming next week. It appears that he better win the immunity or it may be his last opportunity. Dave is emerging as one of my strong favorites. I loved his comment stating that his sport was “making love” and when Jeff asked if he had practiced and he stated, “Not enough.” Was he really raised by a preacher? He sure makes me laugh; therefore, I hope to see him continue. Time will tell!



Coach  |   My Advice To All

November 9, 2009

The Dragon Slayer would like to introduce the theory of the famous Prisoner of War Chinese Water Torture. The incessant drip of water, sporadically that starts as a small nuisance but becomes a mind bender and killer. Drip drip drip.

Thus the finest comparison I can give to relate to the incessant bickering around camp. Magnified by the conditions of rain, cold, hunger and depravation of sleep. Drip, drip, drip. It will drive you to insanity, paranoia and delirium.

And then the merge comes. Like a prisoner coming out of his/her cell for a temporary stay in the torture of arguing. But my little dragons, it’s only temporary. Believe me after the feast is digested, the complaining and bickering and backstabbing will return with a vengeance twice as forceful as before. Just you wait. Drip drip drip.

Dragon Slayer advice for the day. “Use the wise words of your predecessor to gain success in battle.” In order to assist you all I have compiled a list for many of you to use in the upcoming weeks…that is if you are listening.

Erik, I learned the hard way…pride comes before the fall. Be careful thinking the game is in hand. You are all on day 19! And never, and I say never take walks by yourself on game (Tribal) day.

Gollum (Russell H). Your little man’s syndrome is catching up to you. Showing one person the idol? Brilliant. Showing half a dozen people? Foolish. Dead men tell no tales. And playing the idol? INCONGRUOUS, PREPOSTEROUS, VAPID, VAUCOUS, INCENSATE. Go ahead and look those words up because I doubt you can figure them out.

Shambo. Tsk tsk. Such a good person you are at the core. Naïve but good. But as Nietzsche once said “The problem with studying monsters is that in doing so you may become one.” Don’t get in bed with the wrong guy! Napoleon is dynamite.

Danger Dave: Keep the wit coming. You remind me of my man Tyson with the quick sly wit and boyish smile. You are becoming one of my favorites! Keep it up.

Laura you sexy grandma you: That was a close one. Better keep winning immunity.

Jaison: A young dragon slayer in training once said (i.e. Erik) “Jaison is pretty much worthless” Yep that pretty much sums it up. You may have won the battle tonight but you have not won the war.

Mick: Could you please do something? Strategy? Challenge? Witty comments?

Brett: Keep it up. Your boyish charm and smile continues to win hearts and minds and keep you under he radar.

John Boy: I like the way you handled yourself pre tribal in strategizing with the girls. Smart. Remember a woman’s intuition. And winning first immunity for the guys. Are you willing to walk the way of the noble warrior and join my alliance? I hope so because I am losing numbers!

Erik the Viking, your new name. You spoke truth in tribal, every time. You did not care about the repercussions. You played with heart. Your head held high. You swam up stream when everyone else went with the flow. Your eloquence continued to flow as the stream even as your neck was on the chopping block. And even in defeat your head was held high and you gave it your all. Oh yeah, one more thing… use your idol. Wait! Too late.

You have made it to the sixth layer of Dragon Slayer heaven. Well done my son.


Some guys have all the luck, some guys do nothing but complain ….

The new Chief!!

See the neckware she has!


Fishing for Immunity

 Surprisingly, in recovering from Russell Swan’s evacuation, which prevented a planned double-boot, Survivor went for a full two extra challenges here. Bringing us this challenge, “Canoe Dueling.” Oh well, more for Galu to win, we guess.
   The challenge itself appears to involve racing out to canoes, doing some “fishing” (presumably for puzzle pieces), then bringing it all back to shore and doing puzzles.

I think it goes over there!


So who wins? Galu wins it, since Liz is the final pre-jury boot. As further proof, photographer Monty Brinton made the trip back to camp with Foa Foa after the challenge, an honor he reserves for the losing tribe. So Galu wins the (final tribal?) immunity challenge

This episode should be taking care of the final pre-merge boot, before the merge at 12, and was necessitated by Russell Swan’s fainting and removal in the (unfinished) Ep6 RC.

    Who’s most at risk? Well, Shambo was the slam-dunk Galu boot up until Ep6, when an alliance grew up around her, much to her own dismay. That would put Monica on the low end of the vote totals, if Galu returns to tribal council.

   Liz was the decoy boot in Ep5, although it was clear from the hilariously dated clips used to build that storyline (some of which were from as far back as Ep2, when Russell didn’t have his swimsuit, and was nearly clean-shaven) that either Russell has been nursing this grudge for a while, or he initially thought of it, but had bigger fish to fry, and has all but forgotten it. Either that, or he’s just getting around to planting his “Russell seed” for the Liz boot. Probst seems to think so in his EW blog, anyway. Still, as of late Ep6, Liz and Natalie were both resigned to one of them being booted (and since we think Natalie may be the winner*, we’re guessing she isn’t booted).
    Then there’s Jaison, who seemed perfectly safe in Ep5, after coming close to quitting in Ep4, which got Russell’s ire up. After admitting in the Ep5 tribal council that he trained for the U.S. water polo team, he now may be a traditional circa-merge boot target, for being too strong. Still, as of the Ep5 story, he’s a less obvious target than Liz. Prior to Ep5, missyae said he’s the last person to get booted, pre-merge. But following Ep5, the missyae line is that Liz gets the boot, instead.

   Update: Never mind, Liz appears to be correct.

* Natalie got an apparently inaccurately positive edit in Ep5’s Gross Food challenge, since her attempt at downing a smoothie was edited out completely (but present in the press photos, oops), and Ashley hinted that others had trouble with the smoothies in her interviews. Update: Jaison confirms this in the “Foa Foa’s Bad Break” video on the CBS site: “Last time it was the food challenge where we had to chug the disgusting stuff, and we all know Natalie and Ashley aren’t gonna be able to do that. So, you know, we’re out on that.”
    Natalie also got a solo headshot as Probst said “turn this game around” at the Ep5 tribal council, and got to allay Mick’s fears of a post-merge decimation of Foa Foa in Ep6. Not to mention that Probst keeps mentioning her, for no apparent reason, in his EW blog.

The Immunity Blog With Coach and Debbie



Coach  |   Mother Nature Can Kick Your Ass!

October 26, 2009

What a beautiful, powerful, deep and dramatic episode. I am not just saying this because I am a former contestant but because the producers did an incredible job on this one. Did you see the cinematography? The drama? Life and death! Powerful and moving. And how about the music!!! The musicians who wrote the music for this episode? Beautiful, powerful, deep and dramatic.

Ah, the great equalizer: Mother Nature. The Creator of the Universe unleashes a visceral viscosity of venom. Battling the elements will turn some people into men (gotta give credit to Mr. Umpaloompa for taking a bath in jeans) and breaks others (no one is buying the cool “it” factor anymore Jaison). You will see what you are made of when you live and breathe and eat and sleep in the wild. Indeed you will see down to your very core how tough you really are. But then, in a blink of an eye the wilderness can turn around and display such beauty, magnaniminity, passion and power.

And in the midst of it all: young samurai in the making Brett is sitting there with a smile on his face and a rational word on his lips. He looks clean and comfortable and well rested during a rainstorm. Incredible. And Erik starting to pray and talk like a young dragonslayer. Tribal speech is starting to sound like the grandmaster slayer himself. I love it. Two young warriors in the making.

The clouds, the storm, the waves. All dark indications and foreshadowing that all is not well with Russell S. He is hurt and he is hurt bad. A scary scene indeed to watch a strong man’s body give out in the midst of battle. This goes to show you just how brutal this game can be. Galu has won the majority of the rewards. They have been well fed. Russell, their fearless leader looked good all morning around camp. And yet in the blink of an eye everything changes.

Yes I was a little harsh on you last week Russell, my warrior to be, but you have earned redemption and have left the game a true winner. You played and fought and pushed until your body could no further go on. You earned my respect this night for sure. Out of the seven layers of Viking heaven, I think you will reach the sixth layer. Well done. FYI, Evil Russell (aka Gollum), no matter where he ends up will not even make it to the first layer.

On to pre tribal debates: the arguments were repetitiveve and naïve. John, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (had to use the pun) to figure out that Shambo IS dangerous to your tribe. She has been to the other camp twice, and is much more personable than Monica. And girls… voting out someone who starts fire every day like Shambo? Your only excuse is that she wrote your name down last week? Hello??? Has anyone seen my season? That’s the worst reason to vote someone out.

And in the end…it was all for naught. Double tribal. 13 people sitting there arguing about what is next to come and then Jeff gives them a free pass. Good night everybody. Sleep tight. Don’t let the rain freeze you or the rain soak you. Wait isn’t it raining non stop? Should anyone be complaining about lack of water. Hello? Open your mouths, use a leaf, leave your water bottles in the open. But alas…I digress.

So what have we learned from this episode? Mother Nature can kick your ass! But hopefully there is something more profound lurking around your thoughts. The princess put it best last week when she said “it was during the toughest moments on my season that I remember the clearest and those which made me a forged sword of iron character” or something like that.

It is indeed in the toughest of times that we not only reveal our mettle, but forge it as well. Every man and woman has a destiny to fulfill a dream to dream and a road to travel. Trials and tribulations come about for everyone. That’s life, and if we develop perseverance and character along the way we can and will come to a fork in the road where there can be no turning back. And when the road less traveled is taken, with the right amount of introspection: it can and will lead to hope, understanding, wisdom, compassion, depth/breadth of character, passion, balance and of course love.

And this, my friends, is what life is all about.



Debbie  |   Here’s to Hoping Jaison Blindsides Russell

October 26, 2009

Tonight was full of firsts- the first time a challenge was stopped and not completed and the first time in 19 seasons when Jeff was truly scared with the physical condition and safety of a cast member.

Russell’s tears said it all. He broke my heart. When you are in the game, the last thing you want is to be pulled from the game for medical reasons. When Joe was medically removed in our season, we had just merged. It makes everything you are going through so real and you realize how fragile your body is and your existence in the game can change in a moment.

Russell S. was my one of my favorites; therefore, I was sad to see him go. He is a proud man, a hard worker and always tried to lead by example. Watching a true leader crumble was painful. Knowing the Survivor family and medical team, I feel confident they made the right decision and hopefully, Russell will quickly recover.

Rain and misery was the focus for tonight’s episode. Solid rain and only 15 days into the game will make anyone contemplate quitting. The end is not in sight and as Eric stated, “Your biggest fear is it is not going to quit raining.” Mick also stated that he was somewhat jealous of Ashley having her torch extinguished. These thoughts are prevalent when you are in pure misery. Once again, I hate to do it, but I have to give “little Russell” credit for his strong mental focus. He is not letting the elements detour his game plan. Plus, his physical ability seems to improve weekly. I am beginning to get nervous because I think he has the possibility of winning this game. I am hopeful that Jaison will blindside him since he knows Russell has an idol. It would be a great twist to this game.

I know from experience when it is cold and rainy, your desire is to do nothing, but sit and try to find comfort somewhere. Memories surfaced of sitting in soaking wet clothes. It was by far the most miserable I have ever been in my life. Luckily, we did not endure the constant rains as this group of Survivors has endured.

There is not as much to comment on this week because there was limited movement around the camps. Come on Jaison, give us some excitement and blindside Russell. Galu, who is your next leader? They have some big shoes to fill. Hopefully, Samoa will get some reprieve from the rain and everyone will start playing the strategic game again.


Is he a Devil with a conscience or A rude man trying to survive?

It now looks like it’s up to Russell to carry his Foa Foa team to the merge. They can’t afford to lose any more members of their tribe. Lose any more and at the merge the numbers will suck big time.

Lets see what Coach and Debbie have to say this week.

The Immunity Blog With Coach and Debbie



Coach  |   How Not To Be An Effective Leader

October 19, 2009

In addressing last week’s blog, yes Princess Debbie, true Samurais would have found a way to trap, kill, etc, the remains of the fowl in question. It seems that the true warriors in this game are either remaining hidden until their chosen time or they are few and far between. Which do you think it is?

Another Survivor…another food challenge. It always amazes me (having walked and crawled barefoot and naked across the Sahara Desert many moons ago) how starving cast members continue to complain about food in these challenges. People: trust me when I say it: this stuff is edible, and as aforementioned in some areas (like Samoa…DUH) a delicacy. When in Rome and all that. I would have asked for seconds. But I guess with bananas and coconuts back at camp things aren’t too bad.

Now let’s talk about what it takes to be an effective leader on Survivor. (Pay attention Russell S cause this ones for you and I know this from experience) The Dragonslayer says “the best leaders are the best servants and the power of positive reinforcement will succeed over the negative nuance of necromancy and near sightedness.”

Mistakes made in three minutes of pep talk with your tribe:

1. Cutting down Shambo for losing the chicken. Never talk smack behind someone’s back. It unsettles the rest of the tribe.
2. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. “She had to be punished” for losing the chicken. Wasn’t that from the Law of Moses? I think that went out B.C. pal.
3. Failing to start a fire.
4. Telling someone that they are all talk and no action when if you looked into a coconut mirror you would see that person starting back at you.
5. Not accepting a handshake from a fellow Survivor offering an apology.

Not sure how long you are going to be around with those actions.

After you tried to call out Dave for not doing anything about the fire I was literally shouting “come on Dave, be the fire…be the fire” Hallelujah! Lo and behold, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes he did it. And after kicking butt in the two challenges previously I am beginning to think that as long as the contrite Dave walks around camp (down play man, down play), he might be my new favorite dark horse. I might even give him a new nickname.

And speaking about dark horses, how about Brett? Lady killing smile. Laying low for the time being. Holds his own in the challenges. And my personal favorite? A possible Dragon Slayer in the making? “Handle the elements or they will handle you”. Let me tell you that night must have been miserable. Everyone was soaked when they came to the challenge and Brett is still a smilin in the morning. Doesn’t seem to faze him.

Speaking of braving the elements: Debbie…are you still really digging Jaison? There isn’t even a comparison of him and the other guys. Even our little fat Gollum is a better warrior than Jaison! I think your Yugoslavian coach needs to come and replace you sir!

Loved the immunity challenge because it combined skill, impeccable selection and brawn. Of course the poisoned team lost…again! When will Galu see the light?!!! But what a great idea to have a non-strategizing tribal. Whoever first came up with that was brilliant. It’s just too bad that the evil hobbits number didn’t come up.

Elizabeth you were an “animal” in the challenge today. That is of course the exact reason why your tribe would want to eliminate you. Better start listening to your gut? DO I NEED TO REPEAT THE FIRST DRAGONSLAYER CREED? “Trust no one…slay everyone.” Or if that one is too difficult to remember how about this one? “Never trust a smarmy, delusional, arrogant, short gnome.”

And poor Ashley. You were a resplendent, sweet, cute, felicitous and pulchritudinous young lady. Good heart, good mind but just not enough survival for Survivor.

Ha! I beat you this week Debbie. Get out your dictionary and thesaurus and have a go. This blog was even long winded for the fire breather. I am limping back into my cave to sleep for the night. More dragons to slay in the morning.



Debbie   |  She Has “Just Can’t Help it” Syndrome

October 19, 2009

I have to start this week’s blog with “kudos” to Coach. Your blog last week was short and to the point. I think my dialogue was longer than yours…Maybe I am catching up to you.

As I sit to write and reflect on this week’s show, several issues come to mind. First of all, good ole Mother Nature is now a major factor in this game. Due to the conditions, both tribes are truly miserable (MY goodness did you see those hands and feet!) and true personalities continue to show their ugly faces.

Each week, I keep pulling for Shambo. She is not my favorite to win, but she is so much fun to watch. You never know what is going to come out of her mouth. I think she has the “just can’t help it syndrome.” However, arguing with Russell when he sent her back to Foa Foa was not a positive move. How easily she has forgotten that she lost the fishing pieces and the chicken! Shambo clearly has not moved to 90210 and has not become the cheerleader for her tribe. I do not see any efforts in her social game and connecting with her tribe. Eventually, I believe this will be her demise.

Well, I knew it would happen and I have to say- I called it! Galu is regretting that they did not choose the tarp! Did you see the nasty, soaked pillows and blankets? As I watched tonight I actually shivered. I re-lived my own experiences in Tocantins. There is no escape from the soaking wet feeling, the feeling of freezing to the bone and how your skin actually hurts when it is water logged. The cameras captured some great shots of the white, shriveled skin. Believe it or not, the most miserable physical times on Survivor, are the times that I remember so clearly and learned so much about myself.

Obviously, the weather was a big factor in the vote tonight. If Russell would have had time to scramble, I believe he would have gone after Liz. Liz is on to him; therefore, he needs to be afraid! If Liz can gain the respect of Mick and Jaison, I believe she has a chance to turn them against Russell. If given the chance, Liz will enlighten them on Russell’s game plan. Jaison already knows Russell has the idol and this knowledge will validate Liz’s accusations. Again this week, Liz played a significant job in the challenge. I really like Liz. I hope she can persuade others in Foa Foa to see the true Russell and not let him continue to control the game.

Jaison, my favorite on Foa Foa, is still standing strong. I like him more each week. It appears that he regained his focus and has accepted the elements and overcome the hunger this week. I still believe he is the strongest competitor for Foa Foa. Coach, do you agree yet? Mick still is great eye candy! How can he look better each week?

Ashley, if you could have swallowed your last swig of the Sea Slug Martini, you still might be in the game. I honestly did not see you make any wrong moves in this game. You were the most likely target for losing the food challenge. Plus, the contributing rain factor did not allow the tribe to scramble and strategize. Ashley was the easy vote. I’ll miss your upbeat attitude and sweet nature.

This game could turn in a minute. If the rain continues, strange things will start to happen. Living in these conditions can make anyone “bat crazy”. The more the weather conditions intensify the more the already miserable conditions worsen! I cannot wait until next week’s episode. The previews left us hanging.


The View as seen from last years Good and Evil

The Immunity Blog With Coach and Debbie


Coach  |  Blogging From the Dragon’s Lair

September 28, 2009

Hello Survivor fans and welcome to the first official “Immunity Blog” on CBS.com with the Dragon Slayer and the Princess giving our thoughts on the season.

Let’s not waste anytime here. I know there are already lots of comparisons between last season’s number one “villain” Coach (aka the Dragon Slayer) and the new villain on Survivor: Samoa, Russell Hantz. Lets compare the two of us if we shall because I for one think we are polar opposites. You might disagree but as iron sharpens iron perhaps we can come up with more similarities/opposites.

Coach                                                     Russell H.
Noble                                                      Ignoble
Honest                                                    Dishonest
Unselfish                                                Selfish
Team Player                                         In It For Himself
Tells Inspirational Stories              Tells Flat Out Lies

Despite all that, I was impressed with him finding the immunity idol without a clue. I know Debbie may not believe me, but I actually have to give him a lot of credit for playing the game harder at this point then just about anyone I’ve seen in a long time.

Now that’s out of the way, I really want to focus on the people who are not getting all the attention and might be major characters of the season.

I’ve got to go back to last week’s episode. The Dragon Slayer once said, “take your weaknesses and make them your strength. Take your strengths and make yourself invincible.” So when Shambo basically said “ah shucks, smarts aint my thing” and then she proceeded to rock the puzzle in the first challenge of the season, I had stop and think for a second. Was she just playing the game at that point? Or is she a real person, one who is going to bring that “down home” work ethic and determination to the “survival” aspect on Survivor.

But wait a minute; remember that often times just when someone impresses you…they blow it. One thing I have learned in Survivor is to not say something absolute or concrete (that storm is going to go right past us…remember?) Shambo had to go and brag to the tribe and say, “spear fishing is my thing”. Not only did she not catch any fish, but she also lost some of the fishing gear. You have to catch fish to live out there…. not a good move Shambo.

Now as many of us have already established, Russell H. will be the guy this year most people will despise. But Ben is another villain that we will love to hate, or hate to love this season. So he smashed and killed a lizard to eat. Not bad. But the things that come out of his mouth? Straight forward, guttural, spiteful and….come on you have to admit…kind of funny at times.

My top three of the night: Calling Yasmin a hooker, calling Yasmin Ghetto trash and saying that she should go back to eating catsup sandwiches and kool aid.

Yasmin, you gotta admit you asked for controversy. Now I don’t condone using derogatory terms, but I mean come on. You go over to the other tribe and approach it that way? You should be walking on eggshells. You are on enemy samurai ground. Dragon Slayer rule: “Tread lightly and carry no stick!” And then you take on Ben by confronting him? I’ll say one thing for him, the guy will take ownership of his actions.

Now if Ben can just stop high fiving Russell in front of everyone at tribal, stop chopping wood in the middle of the night, and stop getting kicked out of challenges, maybe he might be around awhile to give us more laughs and sarcasm. But please, no shooting police officers, even with a “hand” gun. Not cool.

Betsy: Too bad you had to leave so soon. You are a straightforward cop, with good instincts. Why wouldn’t anyone listen to you!!!! “Trust your intuition..its strong!” What a great line, if only the ladies would have listened to you, because I think they are on the chopping block next. Not only did you call out Russell from day one but you called out Ben as a bad apple as well. Two for two in my book!

That’s all from the Dragon’s Lair for this week. Have a great weekend!


Debbie  |  Russell is the New Dragon to Slay

September 28, 2009

Hi everyone! I’m back and I’m thrilled to be apart of these “Immunity Blogs” with the Dragon Slayer. Let’s dive right in shall we?

It appears Samoa is going to be a wild ride. This season has started with a bang and, in my opinion, has two cast members that could possibly go down as the most hated Survivors ever! Sorry Coach! Russell is quickly emerging as a total sinister, pathologic jerk. As a matter of fact, he can be your new dragon to slay. For anyone to gain sympathy by telling a lie about being in the New Orleans Katrina disaster is not only sick, but also maddening.

Being from the South and having victims move their children into my school and community, I have personally witnessed what true victims of this tragedy have gone through. They’ve lost homes and possessions they will never regain. I know lying is a part of Survivor; however, using a personal lie like Johnny Fairplay and his grandmother story is one thing, but not a terrible natural disaster. That infuriated me!

Then you have Ben, ironically Russell’s tribemate. Ben’s cultural comments regarding Yasmin were out of line and totally inappropriate. He has completely shown his ignorance. I have to give Marissa and Betsy complete credit. They were on to both Ben and Russell from the beginning and unfortunately it costs them. Is Russell really controlling this game? I still have to have faith that Foa Foa will catch on to him soon.

I’m hoping Jasion will eventually turn on him. I get the feeling he’s going to emerge as a strong leader and hopefully will do well in this game as a result. He has remained calm, but is also very smart and is going to catch on to these guys. Strength is key in this game; however, a major component is who can you live with and who you can tolerate in those terrible harsh conditions. Much more time is spent around camp and living together than in the challenges. It is obvious that Foa Foa has not connected. Maybe that will change?

Moving on to Galu, it’s very clear, we don’t know much about them. Although what we do know is that Russell sent Yasmin to collect information on Foa Foa with interesting results. She should have gone into camp, laid low, and then persuaded them to talk to her to bring information back to Galu. That clearly didn’t happen! Knowing the other tribe members is critical for the merge and challenges. Yasmin probably set everyone back a few steps with that little trip.

On a separate note, Shambo, why in the world would you tell everyone you lost the mouth piece while lying in the water and relaxing? Are you nuts?!? Tell them a shark ate it. Tell them a dragon came down from the sky and scooped it out of your hand. Tell them anything else, but don’t tell them you lost it and then chilled for an hour. Now you have a big target on your back. I still don’t understand why Shambo went fishing alone. Where was the rest of the tribe? I guess they must not have been that hungry.

To wrap-up, I’m sorry to see Betsy go; she was a smart woman with great instincts. Although I was not surprised to see Mike’s health fail. I was concerned from the moment he fell off of the boat arriving in camp. I have to give him credit though, because he gave the challenge his all.

Next week’s preview gives me some hope that things are going turn around for Foa Foa, although I guess we will have to wait and see. I am also anxious to see more of the Galu tribe. It appears on the surface that they are not as dysfunctional as Foa Foa, but this is “Survivor” and first impressions aren’t always right.



If you read this far here is a bonus about the Hidden Immunity Idol - HII

A Moment of Silence for Coach

Seriously…now that coach is gone (37 out of 39 days) my guess is the final 4 will have MUCH MORE SILENCE since Coach has been eliminated.


I have to admit….in a few ways I am going to miss him. I mean come on….no one gives us lines like “Hit me with your Best Shot Pat Benetar” everyday! (dang I loved that one)

Overall the moment I had waited for the entire season now has come and gone. I am left feeling a little empty but overall very happy to know that coach will not win a million dollars!

I was a little nervous when coach and JT were both still going after 50 minutes but I knew that JT would pull it out and he did. Poor coach really collapsed and looked to be in pain but in retrospect….I am sure JT was in pain as well….it was a difficult physical challenge! I have a tough time feeling sorry for Coach. You never know what is real or what is fake. I LOVED the fact that TAJ kept rolling her eyes and thought that all though Erinn’s comments before Coach went to exile island were bad for her…they were RIGHT ON and 1000% true in my book. Good for her telling it like it is. I see that coming back to bite her some in the end though. JT really did not like that!

So…final 4. Who will win? I think JT is setup to be the favorite but really it is anyone’s game. The next 2 challenges will define who walks away on Sunday as the sole survivor!


So it’s time to VOTE! Who do YOU want to see win Survivor Tocantins? Please vote in the comment section below!


Survivor Tocantins Final 5 prepare for the Coach showdown

Only 2 more episodes left of Survivor Tocantins! Thursday where the final 5 are stuck dealing with Coach and his delusional self. The Dragon warrior is supposed to be the highlight of the show Thursday before the final 4 hit the 3 hour finale on Sunday!

So…who is left Coach, Erinn, JT, Stephen, Taj…I honestly hope either JT or Taj wins or even Erinn with an upset but boy I sure hope Coach is gone this Thursday! He is good TV but I am so tired of his stories! He needs to go before he causes the viewers to change the channel! However, it is a train wreck we cannot stop watching!

We interrupt this blog post to bring you this quick COACH moment….

See…Coach “suffers” more then any of the other survivors! Insane! So with that I leave you…behind but finally caught up. Be sure to watch Thursday night and Sunday night where the final 4 will fight it out for the title Sole Survivor of Survivor Tocantins.

Peace, BBBlogger (aka JP)

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New Survivor tonight…will Coach be the next to go?

Welcome back from a Survivor spring break. Anyone watch last Wednesday’s show? I saw part but I felt it was nothing that really needed to be known or saw. Fairly boring was what I walked away from it thinking. (Kinda like my blog….I know) Plus to top it off, I have NO ONE in the final four on my bracket so I guess I will stick with watching TV instead of career as a NCCA basketball guru. I digress….here is where we left off.

Spencer is gone…kinda anti climatic 2 weeks ago…guess he kinda drew the short straw that week. So moving on to tonight…

My only thougths about what is to come is that without even knowing it, I feel that coach is really being put in a “Villian” light. (or maybe he does know it) I think tonight they focus heavily on him and get right back to it by setting up Coach vs. everyone else. (Especially VS. Erinn) I feel like he is one of the only interesting parts of this season and make me still want to watch.

I also think that Taj may be a little underrated but the previews make it look like she has some stuff start to come up tonight. Like trying to make a fake hidden immunity idol. LOL

And what about the secret aliance? Think it will work? Can they make it to the merge? Who knows…

Survivor Tocantins is back tonight (since March Madness is winding down) so watch and comment what you see. I will try to post my thoughts about tonights show tomorrow! (I really enjoyed spring break)

Thank you all for hanging with me. I am going to start emailing people to be guest bloggers soon.

Peace, JP (aka BBBlogger)