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Danielle the Backstabber!

Danielle DiLorenzo, Exile Island
Villainy: Aside from being hot and actually finishing in second place, Danielle is not the most memorable of the Castaways. She qualifies as a villain for betraying her alliance with Terry and taking Aras instead to the final Tribal Council.
Outwitticism: “There’s a million dollars at stake and I’m not gonna take somebody because I made a promise to them,” Danielle rationalized. “I’m gonna take someone who I think I have a better chance of beating.”


Danielle DiLorenzo (26)

Tribe: Villains
Hometown: Boston, Mass.
Current Residence: Los Angeles, Calif.
Personal Claim To Fame: “Playing on an international soccer team representing the U.S in a European league playing in the Gothia Cup in Germany.”
Inspiration in Life: “My grandfather.”
Previous Finishes: Panama: Runner-Up
Favorite Past Moment: “Beating Cirie in the fire building challenges.”
Previous Survivor She Respects Most: Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands,  Micronesia)
Previous Survivor She Respects Least: Russell Hantz (Samoa)
Why Did She Come Back?: “I had such an amazing experience the first time I played the game and the competitive edge in me also screamed “I have a good chance because I came so close last time.”