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A Moment of Silence for Coach

Seriously…now that coach is gone (37 out of 39 days) my guess is the final 4 will have MUCH MORE SILENCE since Coach has been eliminated.


I have to admit….in a few ways I am going to miss him. I mean come on….no one gives us lines like “Hit me with your Best Shot Pat Benetar” everyday! (dang I loved that one)

Overall the moment I had waited for the entire season now has come and gone. I am left feeling a little empty but overall very happy to know that coach will not win a million dollars!

I was a little nervous when coach and JT were both still going after 50 minutes but I knew that JT would pull it out and he did. Poor coach really collapsed and looked to be in pain but in retrospect….I am sure JT was in pain as well….it was a difficult physical challenge! I have a tough time feeling sorry for Coach. You never know what is real or what is fake. I LOVED the fact that TAJ kept rolling her eyes and thought that all though Erinn’s comments before Coach went to exile island were bad for her…they were RIGHT ON and 1000% true in my book. Good for her telling it like it is. I see that coming back to bite her some in the end though. JT really did not like that!

So…final 4. Who will win? I think JT is setup to be the favorite but really it is anyone’s game. The next 2 challenges will define who walks away on Sunday as the sole survivor!


So it’s time to VOTE! Who do YOU want to see win Survivor Tocantins? Please vote in the comment section below!