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Well if you can’t beleive what you read in a comic book, what can you beleive?

Stratagy will now come into play, it’s time to warm up your Lying machines and lets party! He’s gone but Russell was making some bad moves before he left!

Shambo needs some friends, I think she is losing it!


The Hulk is simply in the best shape going into this weeks superhero fight. The X-Men are questionable and in need of an infusion of power. Superman was dropped by some kryptonite. Batman is hiding in his tree trunk bat cave. Catwoman and her kittens are busy purring and tucking their tails. Shambowomen is looking to team up with the X-men and fight to the death. The coming collision of superpowers is ready to be a big explosion of energy. The last person standing will be determined and the game will come to an end!   BOOM

Jeff Probst blogs ‘Survivor: Samoa': episode #6



Rain is a double-edged sword on Survivor. It gives and it takes. We love the layer of drama it adds when you see the contestants shivering, their fingers wrinkled like prunes, as they struggle to make fire. But rain can also bring with it severe, life-threatening problems as it did this week when Russell collapsed due to dehydration.

I’m going to focus this blog on sharing with you everything you didn’t see that happened when Russell went down.  

During the early stage of the challenge when they were pushing the sphere, I was completely unaware that Russell was struggling. I noticed he was tired but that is not unusual during a challenge and so I thought nothing much of it.

Even when they reached the maze, I noticed it taking him a long time to get himself over to the maze, but he was blindfolded and I am watching 13 other people, so once again I wasn’t overly concerned because exhaustion is normal and in fact, the effort someone puts into a challenge is often a determining factor in whether they stay or are voted out.

Russell had always given 100% so it didn’t surprise me to see him exhausted.

It was when his head went down and stayed that it started to become clear that something wasn’t right. But because he was blindfolded and I couldn’t see his eyes, it was again very hard to determine if he was just tired or in some kind of real trouble.

When I watch the episode edited with the luxury of close ups, it seems much more obvious that Russell was not doing well and I wish I had gotten there sooner. I can only tell you that from my vantage point, in the midst of everything going on – 10 people running a challenge, 4 others on the sit out bench and a challenge to oversee, he was only one of the things I was keeping an eye on.

As a result, I had no idea that he actually had already passed out for the first time while he was standing at the maze, but that is exactly what our doctors think happened. They think he had already passed out once before I even got to him.

When a Survivor appears to be in trouble, our first rule is to give them the chance to save themselves or see if one of their tribemates can help them before we make any decision about sending in medical, safety, or our water rescue team. We do this because it is their game, their adventure and whenever possible we want them to make the decisions about their fate.

Let me be clear, we are watching them the entire time, they are never out of our sight, and our medical, safety and rescue teams are always on alert – but we would rather give the contestants every chance to handle it themselves before we move in to take over.

But in this case, it happened so fast that I didn’t even consider waiting. I just instinctively called for medical to come in and get to work. Because our medical team is so well run they were prepared for someone to pass out or get injured even before the challenge began. That’s what they do, they prep before the challenge about what could possibly go wrong so they are ready for it. They knew dehydration could be a factor and so when Russell went down they had a plan in place and were helping Russell within seconds of me calling them in.

As you saw, Russell said he was okay… and then immediately passed out again.

Once medical informed me that Russell was going to require some major time-consuming attention I called off the challenge because it seemed the only decision that made sense. There was no way we were going to continue — it was clear Russell was going to require too much time and because both tribes were going to tribal council either way, it didn’t seem to matter enough to consider an alternative. So we sent the tribes back to their camp and told them to await word.

In a moment like that you make a decision. Sometimes it’s the right one, sometimes it’s the wrong one, but you have to make a call. It’s one of the things that I most enjoy about doing a show like Survivor. It is for all intents and purposes, a live show. It would be great to go back and script out all my reactions and comments like a movie, but you can’t do that. All you can do is react and hope your decision makes sense. I’m sure many people will feel canceling the challenge was “lame” or “silly” but for me it was the only call to make as Russell was the priority and that’s that.

At this point our challenge crew led by our director and senior producer Dave Dryden became reality shooters and producers. Dryden quickly re-positioned them so they could cover the unfolding drama. Their ability to quickly reconnoiter is why we have such great coverage of everything that went down.

For the next 45 minutes we monitored Russell’s vital signs. We gave him water from his canteen. We gave him oxygen. We propped him up and gave him time to try to relax and get calm.

During that time Russell and I talked about a lot of things. He was very worried that he would be pulled from the game. He was worried how he would be portrayed and what his family would think. He did not want to be seen as a quitter.

That’s why I tried to recap everything that had happened up to Russell up to this point – how dominant he had been in the game, his leadership, his physical capability. I was trying to make the point that no matter what happens, he would never been seen as someone who gave less than 100%.

I explained to him that he had already passed out two times, but his recollection at that point was so foggy he didn’t understand. He thought he was fine and was demanding to be put back into the challenge. In fact, I don’t think he even realized that everybody else had already been sent back to camp and the challenge called off.

Even with all of this going on, our doctors assured him that if his vitals came back strong they would allow him to stay in the game.

Nobody wanted Russell to go home.

When Russell passed out for the third time, I got very worried. Then his heart rate dropped 30 beats in less than a second. I was watching the heart rate monitor and when I saw it move from 97 to 68, I was honestly concerned that we were losing him. Forever.

Even writing this brings back the same emotion.

Our doctors were not exaggerating or play acting when they started pounding on Russell’s chest and repeating his name, asking him “Russell, are you with us?” It seemed to go on forever, his eyes not moving, not responding to anything.

I have never been more proud of our medical team than I was in that moment. Heroic. Incredibly calm. Well practiced. They knew exactly what they needed to do and they didn’t waste a moment.

Telling Russell he was being pulled from the game was difficult. I understood that he didn’t want to quit. He was in a great position in the game and there was such a fire in his belly. Many people have been pulled from the game that didn’t want to go, for some reason this one really got to me.

What you didn’t see was that after Russell pulled off his oxygen mask in frustration, he experienced a lot of different emotions, all of them completely understandable. He was extremely frustrated at me, at medical, and at production in general for pulling him from the game. He yelled. Then, he got quiet. Then, he cried. Finally, he prayed. It was extremely emotional and simultaneously beautiful. He was in a very vulnerable state and to be a witness as he processed the situation and made peace with it was an honor.

I’m guessing that Russell had no idea how bad it was until he saw the episode last night. I think he will be surprised at how serious it was and will realize that he is not a quitter and there was no other decision to be made other than to pull him from the game.

After Russell was removed we then had to make a decision whether to continue with our double tribal council or cancel it.

SIDE LINE: For the record, I have always hated the “win or lose, you must vote someone out” twist, but it’s existence comes from necessity. Let me explain: We would prefer to start the show with only 16 contestants. It’s much easier for the audience to get to know 16 people. But it gives us no wiggle room if someone quits or has to leave the game due to medical emergency.

If we start with 18, that gives us a bit of breathing room in terms of numbers but also gives us an uneven number of men and women on each tribe.

If we start with 20, as we did this year, it gives us plenty of wiggle room for quits or medical evacuation, but because we have 4 extra people we have to get rid of them at some point. Thus the “win or lose, you’re voting somebody out” scenario. I am happy to say that we have since figured out a better way to do double eliminations. So should we ever need to vote out two people in one episode it will not be a “win or lose both tribes going to tribal council” scenario.

So… what to do? We gathered the creative team and the decision was made that due to the unprecedented canceling of the challenge, the medical drama, and incredibly difficult conditions the contestants had endured the past several days,  the best move was to make a gesture of good will and spare them from voting anybody out.

Was it was the right move? Depends on your point of view. It was certainly not a “clear-cut this is the only decision to be made” situation. We considered everything and we made what we believed to be the right call. You may disagree. In fact, I’m pretty sure many of you reading this right now are saying, “Hell yes I disagree. You should have voted people out. That’s what Survivor does!” Well, not this time. Sorry.

One thing was very clear, the canceling of the vote did seem to lift their spirits. You could see them begin to re-energize once they heard the news. You saw the rivalry between the two tribes reignite. Why is this important? Because at the end of the day if the Survivors lose their motivation to continue and it turns into a “group” funk, then the show is in serious trouble.

It’s probably hard to appreciate how difficult this season has been, so all I can do is repeat what I’ve said many times – this is a very tough season added to an already very tough game. Remember, we are not giving them food, we are not giving them water. We don’t offer them dry clothes or help them start their fire. We were worried about their welfare and did not want anybody else to be evacuated and certainly didn’t want anyone to decide to quit.

Okay – that’s it from my end. I hope you’re still enjoying the season. One thing that has always been true about Survivor fans, you are loyal. We appreciate it.

Until next week.




The NFL Survivors injury report for day 15!

These people are dropping like flies.

Mick explains Russell’s demise.

Russell’s mind set before the challenge!

Russell on the beach talking to Dave.

Shambo’s take on Russell!

Weather related maladys!

We’ve had two majors that have ended players seasons. We now have 13 on IR but scheduled to play and 1 with no injuries and ready to QB his team. They’re battered and bruised but must suck it up and compete. Weather conditions are predicted to be wet and cold. Lots of defensive ability will be necessary to hold back the offenses and keep the scoring low. The special teams game will be very important to return all the kicks. A fumble at this point could be disasterous. First downs will be a tough commodity to collect. Even the gadget plays are now gonna be necessary to keep your opponent off balance. The Cheerleaders will be trying to root for their team to score. The referee is ready to restart play and the game is back on!!!

Dalton Ross article. (3 oage article and video interview)

In the sky lord, in the sky …….

Survivor has a unique ability to get some great video and here is one. From an eagles eye view with the helicopter they monitor a lot of area. Great camera on that bird!!!

The only thing coming from the sky was more & more & more rain. last time I saw that much rain was during Hurricane Ike. Lost power so it felt like I was in the jungle. had to dig out the candles and flashlights.

As for our cast-a-ways, quit bitching and do something to stay warm. Work on more palms for your roof, cover it up big time. Shambo for all your bitching seems to have a nice little hideout she built, be “SOCIALABLE” and ask her for help. Being curtious works both ways. That rain looks like it will last forever, and they have 24 days to go!!!  Sit, shiver and bitch is all they do. Go look for that chicken, he probaly is sitting somewhere bitching about the rain and should be easy to catch. Evil Russell just keeps plugging along like nothing is bothering him. Everyone else keeps complaing, BUT doing nothing. Mommy can I go out and play, are you crazy kid it’s raining. Thats not an option for these weinies, they have to go out to play so why not go out and work on improving there habitat. Look for somewhere that the rain won’t ge you, find a very bushy tree and  build a temorary hut.

Like I said, ER is just plugging along, he went out fishing and also brought back a bunch of bananas. he is feeding his tribe better than 9 people in the other tribe.  Over at Galu, Russell was keeping the fire going, another thing they could be doing is making a cover over the fire to keep some of the rain out of it. Hard to believe the two Russell’s are the only ones even attempting to be useful.  Keeping busy and staying warm ER is now filling the canteens with rain water, man is this guy ever going to slow down?

Amazing sunrise and rainbow before the storms continue the next morning.

Time to move and get to the challenge area for our cast-a-ways. The game today, roll a giant ball with one person strapped inside down a path and then do a tilt-a-maze. Oh, did I mention evetone except the person rolling around in the ball is blindfolded. Jeff gets them started “GO” and away they push. I found it hard to beleive that no one one was rolled over by those big wooden balls, I did see some smashing going on. Foa Foa was the first to the maze and was starting to do theirs when Galu pulled up the the finish spot. At this point Russell Swan was staggering to get to the maze, he stumbled over to Foa Foa’s ball before they got him over to the maze. The man was out on his feet!!!   It seems they edited out the fall in the previews that looked bad and showed a 2nd one where he just slowy dropped to the ground after laying his head on the maze. It really was touch and go, he was really out of it, his mind wanted to keep playing and his body wouldn’t co-operate. He was in bad shape and when his dropped 30 points it was really scary. His eyes were just staring off and not moving. It definately was time to pull him out!!  at this point Jeff called off the challenge with no winner even though Foa Foa had a clear advantage. Upon announcing there was no winner, he also said both teams would be going to the Tribal Council and evicting one person each. So a double eviction was in the books so they can get down to merge numbers.

After both teams got back to their camps the Foa Foa Russell was talking to try to get Liz voted out. The rest of the tribe was grumbling but not making a clear desision who they wanted out. meanwhile, over at the Galu, the girls are aiming to take out Shambo. However, the boys are talking about keeping her because of her abilities and they don’t believe she poses a threat. it was cool when she was asking them (boys) to keep her that they where getting her to vote for Monica without saying so!!

When they got to TC, Jeff was asking them about the conditions and what kind of problems they were having. ER said he thoughtm Foa Foa was in great shape and start a comeback over Galu. Eric hen chimed in that Galu was dominating. The trash started and the guys were ready to start the next challenge, lets get ready to jumble!!!!!!

After some discussion and before the fight in the jungle Jeff said it’s now timie to get to the eviction voting. He told them because of the unforseen ending and since there was no winner there would be no evictions. Some sighs and some disappointments but that was it for the night!

After seeing the previews, next week looks good. It seems Russell H. was visiting Galu and making an alliance. This also means that Foa Foa might have won a Reward Challenge and sent ER to Galu for an observation (snd HII look).

Same time next week, MORE SURVIVOR!!

Wasting away again in Margaritaville,

Don’t these cast-a-ways wish they were kicked back and having Margaritas on some island paradise. Well, they are on an island paradise, but in the jungle the mighty jungle the lightining strikes each night. However, if you ask the evicted Foa Foa cast-a-ways they might say it was Devils Island.  Devils Island was a penal colony on an island off the coast  French Guinea in the Carribean.
Meanwhile on the current penal colony of Samoa Island, starvation, disease, accidents, dehydration, some possible overwork but I don’t believe execution, wait a minute, we do have evictions, heh heh heh.
This  penal colony was first established during by CBS under the Jeff Probst Era, who needed an out-of-the-way place to tuck away suckers crazy enough to want to find a million dollar treasures. He also saw the penal colony as a means to torture these cast-aways for 39 gruling days.He required the cast-a-ways to live in the unbearable conditions and compete with each other doing weird and strange things called challenges to determine the weak and absurdly strange habits that would frustrate and humiliate all who were foolish enough to apply and be accepted for a period of time wihich could be a short  prison term. If evicted before 39 days they must remain on the island until all such harsh treatment was dealt out back in the prison. Foa Foa and Galu were the barrack names where these people were housed. Barracks chiefs were elected to rule their house of pain.

The electedcast-a-ways that were sent to Samoa Island suffered appalling conditions, many of which were worked as slave labor on the game show beach front, where they suffered under the overpowering, merciless tropical sun and from the ever-present harassment of such creatures as Devish demons. Those who failed to keep up with their work quota, winning challenges or felling trees to build shelters, had their already meager rations cut still further.

Even though the solitary confinement of excile island had been abolished from the punishment list, some members of one tribe were sent to invade the other tribe and find an artifact of redemption.

It’s been said that those who survive violent competition are subject to becoming a ghost and will reside in a limbo state until a live television show determines who wins the gold. If that is so, there might well be thousands of viewers haunting the living rooms of homes around the world to watch the once imprisoned cast-a-ways still who were unable to find their elusive final goal of being “The Ultimate Survivor” and for the rest of their  life toil in misery.

Galu, can they dominate until the merge?

This is turning into a Galu route and Foa Foa is on the verge of elimination. It will be amazing, but at the next challenges Galu will have to sit out 4 people so that teams strength in the challenges will be even, will it hurt or help Galu?

Domination – supremacy or preeminence over another
Challenge – : to stimulate especially by presenting with difficulties                                   Don’t miss the hidden links for some info!!

Can these two circumstances dictate Foa Foa’s demise or will we witness one of the biggest comebacks in Survivor history. Can Russell H. and Mick carry the Foa’s to wins in the next few challenges and create more equality between the tribes. 

From what we have been seeing in previews of Thursdays show, we know Russell S. goes down but they don’t show if he is evac’d out. If he is, this will be another double elimination week. If Foa Foa wins the immunity challenge the tribes will be at 7 – 5 and the merge should happen soon. With Shambo ready to be a Foa Foa teammate that will make it 6 – 6, yeah baby. Time for some payback on the Galu’s and their yuppie ways, I can dream can’t I?

On another matter, we still haven’t had Foa Foa been able to send someone to the other tribe to scout them out!  Both Idols have been found so the clues aren’t any good. However, Jeff hasn’t asked the big question, “If anyone has the hidden immunity idol they need to play it now”!   Wondering if the guys that found them will need to use them before the merge or will they get evicted without being able to use them.

There have been some unusual turn of events that make this season seem weird. Both Idols found by people who were supposed to find them in the opposite camps but have found the ones hidden in their own camp. An escaped chicken that may cost someone the game.  Nothing has been made of wether or not they will be useable because of that fact.  20 Cast-a-ways for the first time sets up an unusual rate for the evictions in a 39 day period. A second possible med evac looks probable. If it does and there is a regular eviction the numbers will be close for merging the tribes and the dynamics of the show will change and alliances will become aa neccessary evil. Who will rat out who and who will make the best teams to get to the finals?  It’s time for SS to get a little more interesting and give us something to talk about. Sooooooooooooooooo, Are you ready for some Somoan action? Lets get ready to rumble in the jungle and look for some knockouts!! Because, All our rowdy friends are coming over tonight!!!!

It’s a game called Survivor, lets check things out.

Shambo is in deep trouble in her tribe. The girls are talking about how awkward she is socially, Russell is still pissed about the runaway chicken, even though no one got off their ass to go help catch it. C’mon Galu, get your shit together, your a tribe(team) lets work together. besides, I heard no one else volunter to take care of the fowl……

As the storm moves in the tide has gotten very rough, who has the surf boards??

Tree mail lets everyone know it’s reward challenge time. Gotta eat the Sea Slugs Guts to get Steaks and food for a bar-b-que. Galu sat out Kelly, Laura and John.

First up:  For Galu – Shambo        For Foa Foa – Jaison     Giant Clams & Jeffs Choice (Octopus & Sea snail)                                  Both finished 1 point each                                                                                                                                                                                      2nd group    Russell S.           Russell H.        Jelly Fish special                           Both completed   score now 2 – 2

3rd group       Brett        Mick               Giant Clam & Sea Cucumber              Both completed           score 3 – 3

4th group        Monica     Liz          sea Urchin     & Sea Noodle         Both completed    score   4 – 4

5th group       Dave       Ashley       Sea slug Guts w/water      Dave completed, Ashley – Quit!!        Galu wins   5 – 4

Shambo gets sent to Foa Foa because Russell says she lost the chicken and doesn’t deserve to get the reward, I hope she is still around at the merge and gets rid of Russell. Sham might have let the chicken escape but i saw no one helping to capture it.

Ashley is on the outs for not finishing her smoothie, strike 1.   Natalie trys to comfort her, bla bla bla …….

Shambo gets to Foa Foa camp and lets them know how pissed she is with her tribe. She is hunky durry in their camp, even gets a group hug!!!!

Back at Galu, Russell and Dave have an argument on how to light the fire, gee guys hits hot, just ADD wood, sheesh. dave thinks he is a miracle man, adds wood to fire and wa-la, bingo …. fire .

Shambo shared the HII clues with the entire Foa Foa tribe and she shows everyone where then Idol should be. Shambo thinks Ben had it and didn’t use it. Liz thinks Russell has it and confronts him about it, wrong, we don’t confront Russell, Strike 1 for Liz.

The rain is really taking a toll, their skin looks like mine when i used to go swimming all day at the pool, wrinkly, wrinkly, wrinkly.

at the Immunity Challenge is was all Galu. Russell and Liz were holding the ropes for Foa Foa, while Russell and Laura held them for Galu. Long story short …… Foa Foa sure never learned to play basketball, Galu had the nets full in no time and Russ and Liz dropped out, Galu wins again.

It’s raining so hard Foa Foa are all huddled in their shelter and can’t game play to who they will evict. Ashley struggled to get coconuts in the nets during the challenge, strike 2. Close to strike 3 and no other talk of someone going.

5 -1 vote at tribal and bye bye Ashley.

Next week looks like a med evac. Will probaly lose 2 people. One medical and one eviction. I tried to watch the highlights of next weeks show frame by frame. it will either be Russell H or a Galu member. I’ll keep checking to see whats up!!

Keep reading, a little history and some good videos after this.

snake got beer bitten last night, but feels ok today. 


The show strands between sixteen to twenty strangers in a remote location divided into two to four teams called tribes. Depending on the season, tribes are usually given a minimal number of tools with which to survive: commonly, this has included a machete, a pot, and water canteens to hold water from sources that vary each season. Tribes are encouraged to build shelters to protect themselves from the elements and to forage on the local flora and fauna for nourishment. In some seasons, tribes have started with food supplies (typically rice) provided by the show, while other seasons have given the tribes no additional help at the start of the game. Earlier seasons allowed players to carry one luxury item with them. Several seasons have brought the players into the game without preparation, making them start with only the clothes on their back along with whatever tools are provided, though they will often be given their running shoes for safety concerns for the players.

Initial tribe divisions have been made in several ways over the years. Early seasons tended to feature tribes divided based on a roughly equal distribution of age and gender within each tribe. Several seasons have featured tribes split by gender, age, and/or racial background. Divisions are generally made in advance by production, however, some seasons have had the tribes selected in various manners by one or more contestants after the game starts.

Tribes are given unique names and identifying colors which are used on tribe flags, challenge courses, on-screen text and various other items. Each player is given a buff, an elastic ring of material generally patterned with the logo for the current season, that can be worn as an armband, headband, tube top, mini skirt or a bow tie. Players are required to wear a buff with the color of their tribe in a visible location at all times, allowing the audience to identify tribal affiliation. Upon switching tribes (due to a merge or tribe switch), players are required to give up their old buff and obtain a new one in the new tribe’s color.

The producers have generally made sure that all players will not back out prior to being stranded, and will generally have backup players on hand if they believe, from psychological profiles, that one or more will drop out. In the case of Survivor: Fiji, one contestant backed out the night before day one of the game. Since producers were not prepared for this turn of events, Fiji was the first season to feature an odd number of players, and subsequently required the production team to alter how the tribes w ould initially be divided. For more>>>>


Some information on the setup of Survivor Samoa.  The crew has to eat and man oh man what a  cooking deal there was! It is amazing how many people it takes to run this dog and pony show. And that doesn’t count how many locals they hired to help build the sets. I believe this is another reason Survivor is only 39 days long.

Survivor After Dark just wonldn’t work, one reason each show that airs averages 3 actual days of production. They don’t keep the cast-a-ways up for an AD show. Live feeds would only be 39 days but they wouldn’t be able to show it before each Thursday show.

Lets belly up to the bar for some smoothies y’all

Ok, now that you have your drink, sit back and read Coach & Debbies blogs.

 The Immunity Blog With Coach and Debbie



Coach  |  A Probst-less Challenge is Like Yogurt Without Fruit

October 9, 2009

Jaison, the Dragon Slayer says, “With self discipline comes success. For the pain of regret is far greater than the pain of discipline.” In other words: Buck up man! Don’t go second guessing yourself no matter what decisions you make in life. You make your bed, you gotta lie in it. Knock it off or you’ll be gone next.

Shambo, I loved what you did last week by going over to Foa Foa and fitting right in, but it looks like Galu is now your enemy camp. So instead of joining Jaison in the wizardry whiny world (the new www) you should buck up as well. And be careful whom you trust.

Again look at previous words of wisdom from the dragon’s lair (I think these previous entries into my blog will soon replace Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”). Trust no one. Slay everyone. Talking about clues to the idol might prove costly down the road. That and your incessant complaining about your own tribe.

Onto the reward challenge. Hmmmm. A Probst-less challenge is like yogurt without fruit, or Frosted Flakes without milk or like Survivor without the Dragon Slayer (only kidding). Without Jeff’s verbose, varied verbiage (the new vvv) it seemed to lack the punch. I was almost yelling “Survivors are you ready” to the TV. But… we do get to see another win for Galu.

As I said during my season, “The poison apple needs to go!” Let’s take one guess who the cancer is on Foa Foa! You guessed it Russell (aka Gollum). So, in the meantime I am enjoying the slaughter! That is until challenge number two, when the other Russell, decided to sit some of the strongest challengers in Laura and Shambo. Not a smart move, well that and bandying about “I am the leader” crap like you did towards the end of the episode.

So another idol is in play, and it was found while everyone else was sleeping! Love it. Nice job Erik, just watch for clotheslines next time. At least that was more interesting than watching chickens or watching Shambo pretend she was a chicken.

After another long, interesting and grueling interesting immunity challenge (welcome back Jeff!), Yasmin gets voted off. Obviously Russell’s posturing did not help and I think he might be next.

Interesting note from someone who has played the game. Some people work a lot around camp (like our princess Debbie) and others don’t do a lick of work (like Yazmin). And although it is sometimes NOT a factor in who gets voted out, I have to agree with Debbie, it does weight heavily on everyone’s mind. It builds up resentment and eventually wears thru everyone’s nerves like the strand of hair that held up the Sword of Damaclies (another interesting dragon-esque story from Greek Mythology). It’s just nice to see that laziness around camp was for once a major factor in who got voted off tonight. THIS IS SURVIVOR by the way!

That’s all for now. Heading back into the Dragon’s Lair.



Debbie  |  It Only Gets Worse, Jaison

October 9, 2009

Hello everyone, It’s Debbie coming from the “Queens Quarters.” Week three shaped out to be full of interesting scenes, conversations and some surprises.

O.K., before we start though, I don’t know about all of you but Coach, come on! I am a principal and have to have a dictionary to read half of the words in your posts. I just can’t compete…Are we writing physics dissertations or a Survivor blog???

Turning to the show, I have to admit, I am a bit worried about my man Jaison. I am sure it is crystal clear by now that Jaison from Foa Foa and Russell from Galu are my early favorites. Yet it’s only day 9 and he makes a statement that he is “cold, hungry and thirsty” and that agreeing to participate in “Survivor was the worst decision of his life.” “Cold” and “Hungry” are two adjectives that describe “Survivor” perfectly. I hope he can get it together mentally. Believe me, it gets much worse as the game goes on.

Although Coach, I still totally disagree with your take on Jaison! Watch him, he is outstanding in challenges. You are wrong about him and I know that despite this rough patch he will prove it to you!

This week though illustrated exactly what I have been saying about camp life. What you do around camp and how you help your tribe is CRITICAL especially because that impacts your performance in challenges! Honestly, I was surprised to learn how important this component is to the game when I was in Brazil.

I also can’t help myself; I have to make a couple of “Little Russell” comments as well. Coach, listen and learn, I just might use terms that are not in your dialogue. Despite “Little Russell’s” unhealthy physical BMI (Body Mass Index, yes! a medical term) he is performing outstanding in the challenges. Heck, he is as round as he is tall, but I have to say he is rocking the challenges. You know I have to be honest, even though I don’t like his tactics, low-down lies or name calling; he is performing much better physically than he appears. I believe this will help him stay in the game…. At least for now or at least until somebody wises up to his tricks!

Now for Mick. Coach, you mentioned how much you liked Laura last week. I have to do the same about Mick this week. WOW, he is gorgeous and he looks better each week. I hope Mick stays in the game just for us gals to gaze at weekly. Actually, Mick stood out a little this week. He is not only great eye candy but also very smart. I personally hope Mick stays much longer, for many reasons.

Shambo, YOU DID NOT LISTEN, but, you hung in there and did not get one vote! Honestly, I’m kind of shocked. I thought she was toast when she lost the chicken. I keep saying this cast must not be hungry. Coach, back me up here, but wouldn’t true Samurai Soldiers circle around their prey and trap it? Why didn’t Galu help catch that chicken? More importantly why did they give up so quickly?

Watching Erik and Shambo running around an island trying to catch a chicken was hysterical. Did anyone else catch the statement from Shambo? She said that she knew how to care for chickens, BUT she didn’t know they COULD FLY! I nearly died laughing… I can’t help but love her!

Oh, and we can’t ignore the fact that she told Erik that the idol was around bark! I was yelling at the TV when she told that to not only Erik but also to John. Why didn’t she come into her camp and look for the idol herself. She has to know the target might have been on her back. Wake up and play the game! She actually reminds me of Sandy from our season. Sandy is a doll and so down to earth. I think Shambo possesses some of her “salt of the earth” qualities.

As for Yasmin, the tables turned quickly. I was actually shocked when she was voted out. I really did like Yasmin. I thought she had a “no holds bar” attitude and was a natural. Hey by the way, I LOVED the shoes at tribal. She was still styling and profiling, at least for Jeff.

Now I have said all along that the one component people tend to forget in this game is working around camp. If you noticed, that was the main reason she was voted off. I could have sworn Russell voted for Monica until I saw the end of the show and he actually voted for Yasmin! His early statement, “if the tribe doesn’t vote with me there will be asses kicked” scared me. Any good leader listens to the voice of their people. Russell, I was so proud of you. I believe if you share your vote with the tribe, they will continue to respect you and follow your leadership. They may think you voted for Monica, as you had stated earlier, but go in and politic and let your tribe know you listened to them and you will have them in your pocket (even more so than you seem to now!)

Russell in Galu and Jaison in Foa Foa are still my early favorites. However, Dave came through this week. I think he may surprise all of us. He has a great “lay low” personality, very intelligent and seems well liked by his tribe. I like him I think he is playing the game very well.

Monica was clearly weak in this challenge. Physically, she looked in anguish going over the rope bridge, unlike “little Russell,” the troll, who basically ran over the rope bridge. (Side question: Don’t trolls usually live under bridges?). Monica must be working hard around camp and forming tribal bonds, because otherwise I can’t figure out how she wasn’t voted out. Yasmin would have brought more fun and laughs for the viewers. I believe she is a real true person and I actually hated to see her go. Although I guess the personal relationships are bigger than challenge performance.

Coach, I tried to keep up with you this week, but your lengthy montages are hard to match.

That’s it for now.


Stormy weather, I just can’t get myself together..

Looks like Samoa had a precurser to the tsunami, and boy is it gonna bug the hell out of our cast-a-ways.

Wet doesn’t even come close to what these guys are gonna go through. This completely alters anyones game plans. Just surviving thr weather becomes #1 priority for all the players. Don’t bitch and moan now or you just might go home!!

Lets see how well those pillows and blankets work now, hmmm, wet chicken, time to make chicken soup!!!

The tribes top two priorities now are staying dry (ggod luck) and getting a fire going (fat chance) and then keeping it going (was that 3, oh well).

Imagine the BB players trying to do this challenge, keep yourself dry while being lockdowned outside the BB house. Can you inagine those wimpys crying, boo hoo hoo!!

This is an excerpt from an article on weathers effect on health. Most people have experienced difficulty conjuring up energy on cloudy days. For some, that difficulty hits a lot harder than for others. Those exhaustive sunless days affect us as immediately as they come. Calm tranquility is a staple of rainy days, so much so that people listen to tapes emulating that noise just to fall asleep. Sleepy cloudy days plus the therapeutic sound of rain on the rooftop amounts to ultimate relaxation! And think about how energetic you feel when there’s a storm screaming outside. Our bodies reflect the very energy of lightning, just as they reflect the energy of the sun or lack thereof. Storms excite some people, filling them with adrenaline while they fill others with an apprehensive fear. Even this nervous energy is energy though, and it gets the heart pumping faster than do those calm, cloudy days!        Here is the link to the complete article!  It sure gives you something to think about.

It was a Galu kind of week on Survivor!

Well, well, well, it coulnd’t have been a much better week for the Galu tribe in my opinion.

Galu wins the reward challenge, Shambo loses part of the reward(1 chicken). Galu loses immunity challenge, Eric finds the Hidden Immunity Idol, Yazmin is evicted!!!!!


The show started out slow, with cameras in the Foa Foa tribe as Jaison was complaining about being tired, cold and hungry, hmmmmmmm, seems to me that is a common problem that happens every year, Suck It Up J. Russell is ready to get rid of Jaison even though they have an alliance. Why is Mick(chief) hardly ever seen making decisions in the Foa Foa camp.

After talking to Shambo, Eric starts to get an idea where to look for thew Idol when John walks up and starts asking what the clues are from Shambo and now 3 people in Galu have an idea of where to look.

Each Chief has to pick 3 people to go on a mission. Galu has Russell picking himself, Shambo and Dave. Foa Foa has Mick picking himself, Russell and Natalie.

Mick took an early lead in a combination bocce ball horse shoe type game. Closest to the stick wins. Shambo and Natalie go but neither one gets any closer than Micks ball. With the last 2 going, Russell H. gets one a little closer, then on the last ball Dave puts one right next to the stick and Galu won the reward, 3 chickens.

While the mice were away from the Galu camp, Eric had the girls go look for fruit and wood, some of the others slept and Eric started hism quest for the HII. After 10 minutes or so he finds it in a tree. That now gives both tribes the idol each other were supposed to find!!  Hmmmmmmmmmm, the plot thickens.

The winning Galu team returns with the chickens and Shambo is put in charge of their care because she says she is a country girl. Later that day your here, HELP, Emergency, 911 a chiken has escaped and is on the loose. Shambo now has a small target on her back for that incident. no one can catch the chiken and it flies up into a tree, Shambo comments, “I didn’t know chickens could fly”!   chicken = bird/ bird = wings/ wings = fly, OK!!!

Galu is now frustrated that they lost a challenge! They are sitting around dicussing who to evict and why. Shambo, Monica and Yazmin are the hot commodities of the day for eviction. Monica and Yazmin turn out to be the two most talked about and argued who they should send out of the game. Russell is po’d that not too many people want Monica out like he does and they wany Yaz gone. Looks like they talked him into their way of thinking  as the vote is 8 – 2 to send Yaz home and keep Monica.

With a Foa Foa win lets hope they can win some rewards to go with the immunities I think they can win while Galu is shaken up.

Your camping trip could end at Tribal Council!

Tribal Council is the one place cast-a-ways do not want to attend while on Survivor. One persons game always ends on those dark TC nights. Your torch is snuffed out and you are asked to leave, game over.

Monica believes her past will help her in the game!

 Foa Foa in my mind is going to starve because they got rid of Ben. He was the only person in the camp who was suppling food and fire. Yes, he was an asshole, but they should have kept him a little longer. I believe that the upcoming monsoons are going to take their toll if the tribes can’t keep a fire going. I think more medical evictions will occur. Damp, wet conditions don’t take long to destroy ones health plus the fact that neither tribe is eating very well spells disaster in my book.

Would you bet on these guys to win a challenge?
Would you bet on these people to win a challenge?



Current team status:

Foa Foa (yellow tribe):
Russell Hantz
Elizabeth Kim
Jaison Robinson
Ashley Trainer
Mick Trimming
Natalie White

Galu (purple tribe):
Dave Ball
Erik Cardona
Brett Clouser
John Fincher
Yasmin Giles
Laura Morett
Monica Padilla
Kelly Sharbaugh
Russell Swan
Shannon Waters

Kicked Off:
17th: Ben Browning (6-1) – Foa Foa
18th: Betsy Bolan (7-1) – Foa Foa
19th: Mike Borassi (health reasons) – Foa Foa
20th: Marisa Calihan (7-3) – Foa Foa


  Early predicitions for  SS20

Okay,  tired of sitting on this info lol so I am releasing the ‘list’ of people I was told were asked, said yes and have the best shots of getting on… 1. Tom Westman, 2. Johnny Fairplay, 3. Big Tom (Buchanan), 4. Shane (Powers), 5. Rupert (Boneham), 6. Randy (Bailey), 7. Ozzy (Lusth), 8. Coach (Wade), 9. James (Clement), 10. Ace (Gordon), 11. Jean-Robert (Bellande); 12. Cirie (Fields), 13. Parvarti (Shallow), 14. Sierra (Reed), 15. Tina (Wesson), 16. Twila (Tanner), 17. Amanda (Kimmel), 18. Jerri (Manthey), 19. Jenna (Morasca), 20. Sandra (Diaz-Twine), 21. Stephenie (LaGrossa), 22. Natalie (Bolton), 23. Sugar (Kiper).