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It’s a game called Survivor, lets check things out.

Shambo is in deep trouble in her tribe. The girls are talking about how awkward she is socially, Russell is still pissed about the runaway chicken, even though no one got off their ass to go help catch it. C’mon Galu, get your shit together, your a tribe(team) lets work together. besides, I heard no one else volunter to take care of the fowl……

As the storm moves in the tide has gotten very rough, who has the surf boards??

Tree mail lets everyone know it’s reward challenge time. Gotta eat the Sea Slugs Guts to get Steaks and food for a bar-b-que. Galu sat out Kelly, Laura and John.

First up:  For Galu – Shambo        For Foa Foa – Jaison     Giant Clams & Jeffs Choice (Octopus & Sea snail)                                  Both finished 1 point each                                                                                                                                                                                      2nd group    Russell S.           Russell H.        Jelly Fish special                           Both completed   score now 2 – 2

3rd group       Brett        Mick               Giant Clam & Sea Cucumber              Both completed           score 3 – 3

4th group        Monica     Liz          sea Urchin     & Sea Noodle         Both completed    score   4 – 4

5th group       Dave       Ashley       Sea slug Guts w/water      Dave completed, Ashley – Quit!!        Galu wins   5 – 4

Shambo gets sent to Foa Foa because Russell says she lost the chicken and doesn’t deserve to get the reward, I hope she is still around at the merge and gets rid of Russell. Sham might have let the chicken escape but i saw no one helping to capture it.

Ashley is on the outs for not finishing her smoothie, strike 1.   Natalie trys to comfort her, bla bla bla …….

Shambo gets to Foa Foa camp and lets them know how pissed she is with her tribe. She is hunky durry in their camp, even gets a group hug!!!!

Back at Galu, Russell and Dave have an argument on how to light the fire, gee guys hits hot, just ADD wood, sheesh. dave thinks he is a miracle man, adds wood to fire and wa-la, bingo …. fire .

Shambo shared the HII clues with the entire Foa Foa tribe and she shows everyone where then Idol should be. Shambo thinks Ben had it and didn’t use it. Liz thinks Russell has it and confronts him about it, wrong, we don’t confront Russell, Strike 1 for Liz.

The rain is really taking a toll, their skin looks like mine when i used to go swimming all day at the pool, wrinkly, wrinkly, wrinkly.

at the Immunity Challenge is was all Galu. Russell and Liz were holding the ropes for Foa Foa, while Russell and Laura held them for Galu. Long story short …… Foa Foa sure never learned to play basketball, Galu had the nets full in no time and Russ and Liz dropped out, Galu wins again.

It’s raining so hard Foa Foa are all huddled in their shelter and can’t game play to who they will evict. Ashley struggled to get coconuts in the nets during the challenge, strike 2. Close to strike 3 and no other talk of someone going.

5 -1 vote at tribal and bye bye Ashley.

Next week looks like a med evac. Will probaly lose 2 people. One medical and one eviction. I tried to watch the highlights of next weeks show frame by frame. it will either be Russell H or a Galu member. I’ll keep checking to see whats up!!

Keep reading, a little history and some good videos after this.

snake got beer bitten last night, but feels ok today. 


The show strands between sixteen to twenty strangers in a remote location divided into two to four teams called tribes. Depending on the season, tribes are usually given a minimal number of tools with which to survive: commonly, this has included a machete, a pot, and water canteens to hold water from sources that vary each season. Tribes are encouraged to build shelters to protect themselves from the elements and to forage on the local flora and fauna for nourishment. In some seasons, tribes have started with food supplies (typically rice) provided by the show, while other seasons have given the tribes no additional help at the start of the game. Earlier seasons allowed players to carry one luxury item with them. Several seasons have brought the players into the game without preparation, making them start with only the clothes on their back along with whatever tools are provided, though they will often be given their running shoes for safety concerns for the players.

Initial tribe divisions have been made in several ways over the years. Early seasons tended to feature tribes divided based on a roughly equal distribution of age and gender within each tribe. Several seasons have featured tribes split by gender, age, and/or racial background. Divisions are generally made in advance by production, however, some seasons have had the tribes selected in various manners by one or more contestants after the game starts.

Tribes are given unique names and identifying colors which are used on tribe flags, challenge courses, on-screen text and various other items. Each player is given a buff, an elastic ring of material generally patterned with the logo for the current season, that can be worn as an armband, headband, tube top, mini skirt or a bow tie. Players are required to wear a buff with the color of their tribe in a visible location at all times, allowing the audience to identify tribal affiliation. Upon switching tribes (due to a merge or tribe switch), players are required to give up their old buff and obtain a new one in the new tribe’s color.

The producers have generally made sure that all players will not back out prior to being stranded, and will generally have backup players on hand if they believe, from psychological profiles, that one or more will drop out. In the case of Survivor: Fiji, one contestant backed out the night before day one of the game. Since producers were not prepared for this turn of events, Fiji was the first season to feature an odd number of players, and subsequently required the production team to alter how the tribes w ould initially be divided. For more>>>>


Some information on the setup of Survivor Samoa.  The crew has to eat and man oh man what a  cooking deal there was! It is amazing how many people it takes to run this dog and pony show. And that doesn’t count how many locals they hired to help build the sets. I believe this is another reason Survivor is only 39 days long.

Survivor After Dark just wonldn’t work, one reason each show that airs averages 3 actual days of production. They don’t keep the cast-a-ways up for an AD show. Live feeds would only be 39 days but they wouldn’t be able to show it before each Thursday show.