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It’s now or never for the G5 minus Shambo!

Slowly but surely the destruction of Galu is happening. For the FF4 to succeed they had to turn on themselves. Russell S. turned Shambo aginst them by sending her to Foa Foa twice, then Laura bad mouthed her because of basically culture differencs. Add 1 to Foa Foa and it’s the FF5 at the merge.

FF4 plans arranged by Russell to seek and destroy worked well. They learned and found a weakness. Natalie was able at the last moment to sway Galu to evict Eric, move of the game. Only bad move, The Gnome was scared and played his idol.

Henceforth and hereto what does Mr Munchkin do, he finds the new idol w/o any clue again. Must be his elfin power!

Laura was to be next because Shambo wanted her gone, however, grandma won immunity and Kelly was in the wrong place at the wrong time. (I was in the right place, but it must have been the wrong time….) So Kelly goes and now FF5 = G5 we are fit to be tied!!! Laura was unlucky, but her rift with Shambo was her downfall. If you still have Shambo’s trust FF4 might be FF1 right now. Too bad you couldn’t see past her idiosyncrasy’s and treat her as an equal.

Now with the FF5 they have the clear advantage unless they start to play an individual game. No one knows Pipsqueak w/a belly found the idol “AGAIN”!

This guy as I have said before is amazing. He has to have seen the show before because he understands that when they hide an idol there must be a landmark nearby so they no were to look, simple gamesmanship the the Lazy19 never even thought to do! Russell has continually stayed busy, even when it was messing with his own team. The man has not stopped playing this game. The early clip for next week makes it seem like they are after russell, BUT, we shall see. He be the MAN! 

More to come on the Texas Gnome.