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The Puppetmaster

 Evil has reared its ugly head and it’s name is “The Puppetmaster”

 marisaVictim #1 – Marisa

All she did was say she was weary because he is talking to everybody and now she’s gone.

 Upon coming ashore each tribe chose a chief, the Chief immediately selected four members to compete in a Reward Challenge involving a swimming leg, a heavy log carry, a balance beam, and a puzzle component. The four castaways that each tribe selected are their most agile, their best swimmer, their strongest member, and their smartest member. For the Foa Foa tribe, Marisa Calihan, Jaison Robinson, and Russell Hantz participated in the physical portion of the challenge, while Elizabeth Kim puts together a puzzle. For the Galu tribe, Yasmin Giles, John Fincher, and Erik Cardona participated in the physical portion, while Shannon Waters’ role is to solve the puzzle. The other six members of each tribe don’t participate at all, highlighting the importance of making the right decisions of which castaways should compete. Foa Foa won the first award challenge and got flint to start their fire for cooking.

     Foa Foa got back to camp and home boy Ben had them building there hut, Mick(Chief) looks a little worried about someone else taking charge of the building. I say, stand back and let him do it, if it falls he gets the blame. While Ben builds the hut, Russell(evil) manages to make his dumb girl alliances, including Marisa.

 Meanwhile over in the Galu camp, Mr. Rocket Scientist(John) is engineering his sky scraper. After 15 minutes of heavy thinking they decide to take a break and go swimming, alone on shore is Shambo wondering what these fools are thinking.

     As evening falls the Devil rears his head and begins his tale of whoa about being caught in the floods of New Orleans after the hurricane and how his German Sheppard died. (None of it true) Now he slithers over and empties all the canteens. On his way back to the hut he manages to burn some socks.  Satisfied he heads back to the hut and goes to sleep. 

Galu Tribe Members:                                              Foa Foa Tribe Members:

Betsy Bolan (48, Campton, NH)                      Dave Ball (38, Los Angeles, CA)
Mike Borassi (62, Marina del Rey, CA)          Erik Cardona (28, Ontario, CA)
Ben Browning (28,Los Angeles, CA)              Brett Clouser (23,Los Angeles, CA)
Marisa Calihan (26, Cincinnati, OH)              John Fincher (25,Los Angeles, CA)
Russell Hantz (36, Dayton, TX)                     Yasmin Giles (33, Los Angeles, CA
Elizabeth Kim (33, New York City, NY)                   Laura Morett (39, Salem,OR)
Jaison Robinson (28, Chicago, IL)                  Monica Padilla (25, San Diego,CA)
Ashley Trainer (22, Maple Grove, MN)        Shannon Waters (45, Renton, WA)
Mick Trimming (33,Los Angeles, CA)             Russell Swan (42, Glenside, PA)
Natalie White (26, Van Buren, AR)         Kelly Sharbaugh (25, Los Angeles,Ca)

A Behind the scenes look of Survivor Samoa’s first episode by Andy Denhart can been seen at Reality Blurred

Galu won the Immunity challenge sending Foa Foa to tribal council. By a vote of 7-3, Marisa was sent home.