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In the sky lord, in the sky …….

Survivor has a unique ability to get some great video and here is one. From an eagles eye view with the helicopter they monitor a lot of area. Great camera on that bird!!!

The only thing coming from the sky was more & more & more rain. last time I saw that much rain was during Hurricane Ike. Lost power so it felt like I was in the jungle. had to dig out the candles and flashlights.

As for our cast-a-ways, quit bitching and do something to stay warm. Work on more palms for your roof, cover it up big time. Shambo for all your bitching seems to have a nice little hideout she built, be “SOCIALABLE” and ask her for help. Being curtious works both ways. That rain looks like it will last forever, and they have 24 days to go!!!  Sit, shiver and bitch is all they do. Go look for that chicken, he probaly is sitting somewhere bitching about the rain and should be easy to catch. Evil Russell just keeps plugging along like nothing is bothering him. Everyone else keeps complaing, BUT doing nothing. Mommy can I go out and play, are you crazy kid it’s raining. Thats not an option for these weinies, they have to go out to play so why not go out and work on improving there habitat. Look for somewhere that the rain won’t ge you, find a very bushy tree and  build a temorary hut.

Like I said, ER is just plugging along, he went out fishing and also brought back a bunch of bananas. he is feeding his tribe better than 9 people in the other tribe.  Over at Galu, Russell was keeping the fire going, another thing they could be doing is making a cover over the fire to keep some of the rain out of it. Hard to believe the two Russell’s are the only ones even attempting to be useful.  Keeping busy and staying warm ER is now filling the canteens with rain water, man is this guy ever going to slow down?

Amazing sunrise and rainbow before the storms continue the next morning.

Time to move and get to the challenge area for our cast-a-ways. The game today, roll a giant ball with one person strapped inside down a path and then do a tilt-a-maze. Oh, did I mention evetone except the person rolling around in the ball is blindfolded. Jeff gets them started “GO” and away they push. I found it hard to beleive that no one one was rolled over by those big wooden balls, I did see some smashing going on. Foa Foa was the first to the maze and was starting to do theirs when Galu pulled up the the finish spot. At this point Russell Swan was staggering to get to the maze, he stumbled over to Foa Foa’s ball before they got him over to the maze. The man was out on his feet!!!   It seems they edited out the fall in the previews that looked bad and showed a 2nd one where he just slowy dropped to the ground after laying his head on the maze. It really was touch and go, he was really out of it, his mind wanted to keep playing and his body wouldn’t co-operate. He was in bad shape and when his dropped 30 points it was really scary. His eyes were just staring off and not moving. It definately was time to pull him out!!  at this point Jeff called off the challenge with no winner even though Foa Foa had a clear advantage. Upon announcing there was no winner, he also said both teams would be going to the Tribal Council and evicting one person each. So a double eviction was in the books so they can get down to merge numbers.

After both teams got back to their camps the Foa Foa Russell was talking to try to get Liz voted out. The rest of the tribe was grumbling but not making a clear desision who they wanted out. meanwhile, over at the Galu, the girls are aiming to take out Shambo. However, the boys are talking about keeping her because of her abilities and they don’t believe she poses a threat. it was cool when she was asking them (boys) to keep her that they where getting her to vote for Monica without saying so!!

When they got to TC, Jeff was asking them about the conditions and what kind of problems they were having. ER said he thoughtm Foa Foa was in great shape and start a comeback over Galu. Eric hen chimed in that Galu was dominating. The trash started and the guys were ready to start the next challenge, lets get ready to jumble!!!!!!

After some discussion and before the fight in the jungle Jeff said it’s now timie to get to the eviction voting. He told them because of the unforseen ending and since there was no winner there would be no evictions. Some sighs and some disappointments but that was it for the night!

After seeing the previews, next week looks good. It seems Russell H. was visiting Galu and making an alliance. This also means that Foa Foa might have won a Reward Challenge and sent ER to Galu for an observation (snd HII look).

Same time next week, MORE SURVIVOR!!