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She’s Big, She’s Bad and She’s Gone.

She should have played a quiet game and sweet talked people into voting out the FF4 out, instead she sat back got paranoid and helped vote out Galu after Galu. Now she decides to become big, bad and bold and make a move. The Gnome Prince and his band of Merry Trolls can’t be swayed by the Medusa Monster. The remaining Purple People Eaters just sit back and wait. At the Tribal Council, Medusa decides to bad mouth Sir Gnome. However the mighty Prince decides to wear his Power of Immunity Necklace and tell Medusa what she can do with her power. Jeff the mighy King of Probstville questions the Princes move. The Prince hints at, “It is what it is”! Lets vote and see who carries the power bucket. After a 5 – 2 vote the Smiling Medusa is set on vacation in Pondersaville with the other Purple Punks who are feeding on Probstville goodies!

Monica’s Final Words

Monica the day after

Monica – Ponderosa Pt.1

Monica – Ponderosa Pt.2

Monica – Ponderosa Pt.3

Monica – Ponderosa – Pt.4

Old McDonald had a farm, Eei, Eei, Oh …..

and on his farm he had a chicken, wait, Russell let it go, Eei, Eei, Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Russell is one mischevious dude!

This game has definately come to the point were is is Russell’s to lose. He does  look to be in total control. Now that Foa Foa cast-a-ways have the numbers inside the Aiga tribe with Shambos aid it will be tough for the ex-Galu’s to mount a charge. Russell seems to have the trust of all the ex-yellow’s. The re-cap show verified just how much control  and trust Russell has from with-in. Russ has the Galu’s so paranoid that they picking each other off. Can he do it again this coming week?

Just what is it that this little man from Texas has that so many previous and current cast-a-ways have not figured out. He’s been a pest, an amazing HII finder, 2 with no clues, 1 with 1 clue

‘Survivor: Samoa': Recapping the recap!


Ah, the formerly-dreaded Survivor recap episode. We used to mock it even more than gratuitous Palm Pre product placement. But then something unusual happened during the Tocantins season. The recap episode became less of a recap and more of a collection of deleted scenes and storylines. And some of those deleted scenes and storylines were actually pretty decent. So it was with moderate hope as opposed to unwavering boredom that I approached the Survivor: Samoa Thanksgiving recap episode. And that moderate hope was rewarded…with moderate entertainment! In case you were too busy stuffing your face with, um, stuffing, click below to read the full post and see what you missed, as we were treated to previously unseen sabotage, threats, tears, and vomit!  

• We always assumed Mick was a crappy tribe leader since the only things we saw him leading were Jack and s#&@. Well, we were presented with irrefutable visual evidence as we saw Mick offering no direction whatsoever at the Foa Foa camp, stammering on and on to Ashley and Natalie about, well, nothing. “He sucks,” said Russell.

• Yasmin called Shambo “Shamu.” That’s mean, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh.

• As far as I could tell, every single member of both tribes was hoarding secret stashes of papaya. Erik even cut a whole tree down and was hauling it away to God knows where. Now, I’m now arborist, but wouldn’t it have been a tad more inconspicuous to just leave the tree standing there camouflaged by its buddies as opposed to plainly dragging the entire thing across the beach? Just sayin’.

• Very interesting exchange after the basketbrawl challenge (the one Ben was kicked out of). We saw Jaison spanking John and complaining about getting kneed in the chest. But he wasn’t done. Just as Probst was about to award victory to Galu, Jaison interrupted him and gave a speech about playing within the rules and how “I’m coming for John. I’m coming for him.” This caused Shambo to say she was “disheartened” by Jaison’s comments, to which Jaison actually concurred, talking about all the obstacles his dad had to overcome in his life and how he never
complained once about them, and therefore neither should he. It was a combative moment that turned into a touching one as well. Good stuff.

• I always wondered what happened to Daisy the chicken after Shambo accidentally let her escape. Well, we now have our answer. Erik was a man on a mission, trying to capture the bird and even comparing himself to Rocky trying to catch the chicken in preparation for fighting Apollo Creed. The persistence paid off, as he set a trap with a net that Shambo used to finally catch Daisy and return her to the coop. Erik was so out-of-his-mind thrilled after that he was acting like he had won the damn Super Bowl. Seriously, I half expected him to dump a cooler of Gatorade over himself and proclaim that he was going to Disney World.


Into the Valley rode the 600, but only 9 remain in the Jungle


When can their glory fade?
O the wild charge they made!
All the world wonder’d.
Honour the charge they made!
Honour the Light Brigade,
Noble six hundred!  

                               by Alfred, Lord Tennyson 

               Memorializing Events in the Battle of Balaclava        October 25, 1854
Written 1854
The Immunity Blog With Coach and Debbie


Coach  |  The Adjective Game

November 23, 2009
(Edited for understandability by Snakebit Sal)

If you want to read HIS words “GO HERE”

After my brief respite last week in terms of vocabulary and word count, this is a disclaimer to let you know that this blog will be different! I am back with a vengeance. I’m already heating up my wind bag to blow so much hot air thru this week’s blog that you will be feeling the heat of the long-winded excess of words for weeks to come.

Can we have a loser’s challenge so that we can get Erik the Viking back in the game and spice things up a bit? I miss that noblest of warriors! If not then lets focus some attention on the players who have gotten less love from me in the past. So…how about we play the adjective game?

Monica: Glowing, wise and perceptive. (I assure you these are all flattering so please look them up!) “Saving Shambo from herself.” The expressive confessional on the CBS homepage was an insight into your subtle personality that I did not catch at first. Brilliant. You continue with your strong woman’s intuition, trust it, let it guide you, be one with the universe my child and you will go far in this game. That and do not cross Shambo or Troll Boy.

Jaison: outrageously disgraceful, perplexing, and hateful. And FYI the reason why I am so hard on you is because the greater the capability the greater the expectations. You my friend have been gifted with much in life. The more the talent the more the command to use them at all costs hangs over your neck like the meditation of Chong Ran. (Simple Rules to Yoga Meditation )    (The thesaurus won’t help you on this one pal).

Russell, the little gnome: Erotic, wicked and disgusting. But… I wanted to say BRAVO. Well done in finding the idols. Greatjob. I say this because I’m having so much fun kicking your butt every week in my blog and I know your ego maniac self is reading every word of it. You are drawn in to everything that I am and you are not and the eloquence that permeates from every fiery breath that I take. So thank you for sticking around so I can continue to criticize you with adjectives that you have to look up their meaning to comprehend.

Mick: Modest, outgoing and sneaky. Although you weren’t very good at dynamics for the first half of the season I am starting to appreciate your game play. Are you on anyone’s radar? Have you ever been? No. Good for you. Come join my alliance. And of course keep winning immunity.

Brett, Danger Dave and John: Three warriors. Three walks of life. Three different styles of game play. From the witty remark of Dave to the boyish reminder of Brett and the exceeding of expectations by outliving the pretty boy do nothing of John…if you stay together you will go all the way. But that’s not how it works in survivor now is it? Expect the unexpected. Traverse the un-traversable. Slay the un-slayable dragon.

Natalie: Sexy, sparkling, southern, cautious, stalker and opportune. I’ve ignored you for too long my dear. I’ll be watching you more closely from now on. I promise.

And to round out the top ten Mr. Letterman… Shambo and Laura showdown.

It all started so peacefully…and ended badly for Laura. After winning two straight immunities and now the reward challenge this sexy grandmother seemed to have a high niche in the survivor society. Until she dashed herself upon the rock, the fortress, the mullet toting Shambo. And that was her downfall.

And Shambo! Throwing out some quotes I could have used last week. After failing to win immunity again, Shambo says per Laura that this is her “day of reckoning.” As in the day of judgment? But remember pride comes before the slaying of the dragon so be careful and not get too comfortable with your latest victory.

One more quote from the road! Prince Gautama Siddhartha once said circa 483 B.C. “Inflamed by greed, incensed by hate, confused by delusion, overcome by them, obsessed by mind, a man chooses his own affliction, for others’ affliction, for the affliction of both and experiences pain and grief.” I wish I had said that.

Either in this next episode or the following, in this lifetime or the next, mark the words of the good Prince above Russell Hantz for your day of reckoning is coming soon.

Dragonslayer out!


Debbie  |   Russell is the Picasso of Survivor

November 23, 2009

Is Russell Really Picasso?

Russell started the show with the statement, “I am Picasso. This is my best piece of work.” I have to admit he might be right! WOW. Is this guy for real? I was actually cheering for him tonight. I have to agree Russell is the Picasso of Survivor. I have never seen anyone play this game quite like he has done. How can this guy find not one, not two, but THREE idols in one season! I have heard people stating “this is rigged. No one could do this.” However, knowing the game and the dedicated people running the show, I assure you it is NOT rigged. Russell is just “outwitting” everyone. He is a true Survivor Samurai!

Shambo’s social skills are still lacking. The choice to outwardly laugh when Laura did not win the immunity challenge was a poor social move by Shambo. Laura did perish in the end, but we learn early in this game that you don’t count your chickens before they hatch (I was wondering where the chicken had been, we got a quick look at it in the previews.)This outburst could have backfired on Shambo. Did you see her personal “bedroom”? Why doesn’t she sleep with her tribe? I would have never felt secure enough to. Plus, in Tocantins, we desperately needed the body warmth.

When the winning team returned from the reward and started scrambling for the idol, my heart was actually racing. Could Dave really not keep up with Russell? I guess Trolls know the forest in which they dwell. Russell can only be admired for being the master of the game. He can sniff out an idol better than trained pigs find priceless truffles. I am actually starting to cheer for him- not to win, but to watch his brain continue to work this game and the people. I am amazed by his weekly moves. Predicting what he is going to do next is impossible.

Tribal council was a nail biter. Obviously, Russell’s talk with John was successful. As the second vote was extracted I was so hoping that John followed his proposed plan. He knew he would be one of the first to be thrown under the bus because his tribe was quick to forewarn him that they would put four votes for him if necessary. Has he “officially” made his statement and switched tribes?

Laura played a strong game. I think many Survivors learn, after the fact, that being strong in the challenges and vocal around camp will eventually get your flame extinguished. Laura rubbed too many people the wrong way and was such a physical threat; elimination was inevitable. Did you see Dave’s face? He has the funniest expressions. Along with the crazy hair he reminds me of the comedian Gallagher.

Mick, my favorite eye candy, won the immunity tonight (hey Coach take note, he did something) and Jaison is still a stable presence. I am still in his corner. However, tonight I saw something from Brett for the first time. He is quiet, sweet, cute and not making any waves. He reminds me of our sweet JT. I think Brett might surprise us all. Why is it that the guys this season seem to look better each week? Even Russell is looking good. Maybe I need to start wearing my glasses at night. Ha! Well, now for two seasons, the tribes entering the merge with the lower numbers prevail! Galu should have learned something from Timbira. I thought we were going to go down as the dumbest tribe ever; however, there is hope that Galu might steal the honor.


Which Russell is truly the evil one?

Descension among the purple people eaters has begun. Is the Chief truly a big cry baby who is ready to take his ball and go home so his friends can’t play? Russell is more overbearing than truly ruly, he needs to lead and not dictate what is going on.

Facial expressions in this video is worth a thousand words, watch it closely.

This game is now getting interesting. The worms are starting to turn and peoples opinions of others will now start to develop and alliances against each.

The rain is the newest endevour to overcome. How will the tribes plot and scheme if they can’t/won’t leave there castles. Tribal votes could all depend on performance. A good, as well as a bad performance might cost them the game.  Do they now get rid of the weakest link in the tribes or start getting the biggest threats?

I do not envy them and the conditions they are suffering through. These are worse than the Navy puts Seals through during their intensive training. Just try sleeping with rain constantly falling on you, hell just trying sleeping in a tent with a leak. I know that one is tough, I have done it a few times. I even was lucky enough to be in a tent when a very windy storm blew through a state park I was camping in and it scared the sh….t out of me. Think it’s fun getting out of a collapsed tent in a driving rain storm?