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Touch your gloves and come out of your corner ready to fight!

It’s round ten of this 15 round heavyweight bout and it’s every man against Russell. Is he up to the challenge or will there be a knoutout this week. It seems as if Russell has been earmarked for eviction, can he round up enough help to stay in the fight?

Up next your favorite bag of wind and his assistant:


The Immunity Blog With Coach and Debbie


  Debbie  |   As the Game Turns…

November 9, 2009

The tribal merge is always an exciting time on the show and along with the merge a new game is born. The initial reaction of those still standing is excitement, joy and, of course, the long waited gorging of food. However, once the “newness” wears off reality hits, the game continues and it is time for new alliances to be formed. That is what happened the other night. The episode left my head spinning due to everything that occurred in the merge. Russell summed it up best by stating, “All hell broke loose.”

The new AIGA tribe keeps referring to Galu’s control of the game because they have the numbers. Did anyone watch Tocantins? Timbira was up by two people and they took us all out one by one! Believe me it can happen.

I was more than thrilled to see the girls finally getting involved in strategizing. Laura is really strong, but needs to watch what she says and conceal her dislike for Shambo. Others watched and listened to her outburst with Shambo. Erik stated, “We all know Shambo is crazy. If you fight with crazy, you are crazy.” The tribe appeared to be in shock that Laura would engage in an argument with Shambo concerning the canteen. Heck, have you taken note of what you are eating and drinking? Who cares whose canteen you drink from? I do believe if Laura did not win the challenge, the initial plan would have been followed and she would have been eliminated. Be careful, Laura, you are strong and doing well. Do not let your frustrations get the best of you.

Russell loves the merge because he felt he once again was in control. I cringed when watching Monica feed him grapes. Russell actually called himself “The King”. Monica better be cautious. She might be the next Ann Boylen and have her head chopped if she trusts this King! As much as I love to “hate” Russell, I have to admit, the guy is growing on me. I still am furious that he lied about his involvement in Katrina, but Russell never lets up. He definitely knows how to play the game; he constantly has his brain wrapped around his next move.

I thought bartenders attend listening 101 classes. Erik lacks the listening skills so he must have failed or missed that class. Every bartender I know loves to listen and take care of their patrons. It seemed that AIGA had not made their final decisions regarding their vote until Erik started his verbal rampage. He cut down Foa Foa and even went after my beloved Jaison (Coach, I will admit you were right about his performance last week, however, I still think you are going see it my way in the end.)

I do not think it was a bad move for Russell to play the idol. He had already exposed the prized jewel to everyone and he made himself a target anyway. The previews were attention-grabbing. It looks like Russell will be squirming next week. It appears that he better win the immunity or it may be his last opportunity. Dave is emerging as one of my strong favorites. I loved his comment stating that his sport was “making love” and when Jeff asked if he had practiced and he stated, “Not enough.” Was he really raised by a preacher? He sure makes me laugh; therefore, I hope to see him continue. Time will tell!



Coach  |   My Advice To All

November 9, 2009

The Dragon Slayer would like to introduce the theory of the famous Prisoner of War Chinese Water Torture. The incessant drip of water, sporadically that starts as a small nuisance but becomes a mind bender and killer. Drip drip drip.

Thus the finest comparison I can give to relate to the incessant bickering around camp. Magnified by the conditions of rain, cold, hunger and depravation of sleep. Drip, drip, drip. It will drive you to insanity, paranoia and delirium.

And then the merge comes. Like a prisoner coming out of his/her cell for a temporary stay in the torture of arguing. But my little dragons, it’s only temporary. Believe me after the feast is digested, the complaining and bickering and backstabbing will return with a vengeance twice as forceful as before. Just you wait. Drip drip drip.

Dragon Slayer advice for the day. “Use the wise words of your predecessor to gain success in battle.” In order to assist you all I have compiled a list for many of you to use in the upcoming weeks…that is if you are listening.

Erik, I learned the hard way…pride comes before the fall. Be careful thinking the game is in hand. You are all on day 19! And never, and I say never take walks by yourself on game (Tribal) day.

Gollum (Russell H). Your little man’s syndrome is catching up to you. Showing one person the idol? Brilliant. Showing half a dozen people? Foolish. Dead men tell no tales. And playing the idol? INCONGRUOUS, PREPOSTEROUS, VAPID, VAUCOUS, INCENSATE. Go ahead and look those words up because I doubt you can figure them out.

Shambo. Tsk tsk. Such a good person you are at the core. Naïve but good. But as Nietzsche once said “The problem with studying monsters is that in doing so you may become one.” Don’t get in bed with the wrong guy! Napoleon is dynamite.

Danger Dave: Keep the wit coming. You remind me of my man Tyson with the quick sly wit and boyish smile. You are becoming one of my favorites! Keep it up.

Laura you sexy grandma you: That was a close one. Better keep winning immunity.

Jaison: A young dragon slayer in training once said (i.e. Erik) “Jaison is pretty much worthless” Yep that pretty much sums it up. You may have won the battle tonight but you have not won the war.

Mick: Could you please do something? Strategy? Challenge? Witty comments?

Brett: Keep it up. Your boyish charm and smile continues to win hearts and minds and keep you under he radar.

John Boy: I like the way you handled yourself pre tribal in strategizing with the girls. Smart. Remember a woman’s intuition. And winning first immunity for the guys. Are you willing to walk the way of the noble warrior and join my alliance? I hope so because I am losing numbers!

Erik the Viking, your new name. You spoke truth in tribal, every time. You did not care about the repercussions. You played with heart. Your head held high. You swam up stream when everyone else went with the flow. Your eloquence continued to flow as the stream even as your neck was on the chopping block. And even in defeat your head was held high and you gave it your all. Oh yeah, one more thing… use your idol. Wait! Too late.

You have made it to the sixth layer of Dragon Slayer heaven. Well done my son.