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Coach  |  A Probst-less Challenge is Like Yogurt Without Fruit

October 9, 2009

Jaison, the Dragon Slayer says, “With self discipline comes success. For the pain of regret is far greater than the pain of discipline.” In other words: Buck up man! Don’t go second guessing yourself no matter what decisions you make in life. You make your bed, you gotta lie in it. Knock it off or you’ll be gone next.

Shambo, I loved what you did last week by going over to Foa Foa and fitting right in, but it looks like Galu is now your enemy camp. So instead of joining Jaison in the wizardry whiny world (the new www) you should buck up as well. And be careful whom you trust.

Again look at previous words of wisdom from the dragon’s lair (I think these previous entries into my blog will soon replace Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”). Trust no one. Slay everyone. Talking about clues to the idol might prove costly down the road. That and your incessant complaining about your own tribe.

Onto the reward challenge. Hmmmm. A Probst-less challenge is like yogurt without fruit, or Frosted Flakes without milk or like Survivor without the Dragon Slayer (only kidding). Without Jeff’s verbose, varied verbiage (the new vvv) it seemed to lack the punch. I was almost yelling “Survivors are you ready” to the TV. But… we do get to see another win for Galu.

As I said during my season, “The poison apple needs to go!” Let’s take one guess who the cancer is on Foa Foa! You guessed it Russell (aka Gollum). So, in the meantime I am enjoying the slaughter! That is until challenge number two, when the other Russell, decided to sit some of the strongest challengers in Laura and Shambo. Not a smart move, well that and bandying about “I am the leader” crap like you did towards the end of the episode.

So another idol is in play, and it was found while everyone else was sleeping! Love it. Nice job Erik, just watch for clotheslines next time. At least that was more interesting than watching chickens or watching Shambo pretend she was a chicken.

After another long, interesting and grueling interesting immunity challenge (welcome back Jeff!), Yasmin gets voted off. Obviously Russell’s posturing did not help and I think he might be next.

Interesting note from someone who has played the game. Some people work a lot around camp (like our princess Debbie) and others don’t do a lick of work (like Yazmin). And although it is sometimes NOT a factor in who gets voted out, I have to agree with Debbie, it does weight heavily on everyone’s mind. It builds up resentment and eventually wears thru everyone’s nerves like the strand of hair that held up the Sword of Damaclies (another interesting dragon-esque story from Greek Mythology). It’s just nice to see that laziness around camp was for once a major factor in who got voted off tonight. THIS IS SURVIVOR by the way!

That’s all for now. Heading back into the Dragon’s Lair.



Debbie  |  It Only Gets Worse, Jaison

October 9, 2009

Hello everyone, It’s Debbie coming from the “Queens Quarters.” Week three shaped out to be full of interesting scenes, conversations and some surprises.

O.K., before we start though, I don’t know about all of you but Coach, come on! I am a principal and have to have a dictionary to read half of the words in your posts. I just can’t compete…Are we writing physics dissertations or a Survivor blog???

Turning to the show, I have to admit, I am a bit worried about my man Jaison. I am sure it is crystal clear by now that Jaison from Foa Foa and Russell from Galu are my early favorites. Yet it’s only day 9 and he makes a statement that he is “cold, hungry and thirsty” and that agreeing to participate in “Survivor was the worst decision of his life.” “Cold” and “Hungry” are two adjectives that describe “Survivor” perfectly. I hope he can get it together mentally. Believe me, it gets much worse as the game goes on.

Although Coach, I still totally disagree with your take on Jaison! Watch him, he is outstanding in challenges. You are wrong about him and I know that despite this rough patch he will prove it to you!

This week though illustrated exactly what I have been saying about camp life. What you do around camp and how you help your tribe is CRITICAL especially because that impacts your performance in challenges! Honestly, I was surprised to learn how important this component is to the game when I was in Brazil.

I also can’t help myself; I have to make a couple of “Little Russell” comments as well. Coach, listen and learn, I just might use terms that are not in your dialogue. Despite “Little Russell’s” unhealthy physical BMI (Body Mass Index, yes! a medical term) he is performing outstanding in the challenges. Heck, he is as round as he is tall, but I have to say he is rocking the challenges. You know I have to be honest, even though I don’t like his tactics, low-down lies or name calling; he is performing much better physically than he appears. I believe this will help him stay in the game…. At least for now or at least until somebody wises up to his tricks!

Now for Mick. Coach, you mentioned how much you liked Laura last week. I have to do the same about Mick this week. WOW, he is gorgeous and he looks better each week. I hope Mick stays in the game just for us gals to gaze at weekly. Actually, Mick stood out a little this week. He is not only great eye candy but also very smart. I personally hope Mick stays much longer, for many reasons.

Shambo, YOU DID NOT LISTEN, but, you hung in there and did not get one vote! Honestly, I’m kind of shocked. I thought she was toast when she lost the chicken. I keep saying this cast must not be hungry. Coach, back me up here, but wouldn’t true Samurai Soldiers circle around their prey and trap it? Why didn’t Galu help catch that chicken? More importantly why did they give up so quickly?

Watching Erik and Shambo running around an island trying to catch a chicken was hysterical. Did anyone else catch the statement from Shambo? She said that she knew how to care for chickens, BUT she didn’t know they COULD FLY! I nearly died laughing… I can’t help but love her!

Oh, and we can’t ignore the fact that she told Erik that the idol was around bark! I was yelling at the TV when she told that to not only Erik but also to John. Why didn’t she come into her camp and look for the idol herself. She has to know the target might have been on her back. Wake up and play the game! She actually reminds me of Sandy from our season. Sandy is a doll and so down to earth. I think Shambo possesses some of her “salt of the earth” qualities.

As for Yasmin, the tables turned quickly. I was actually shocked when she was voted out. I really did like Yasmin. I thought she had a “no holds bar” attitude and was a natural. Hey by the way, I LOVED the shoes at tribal. She was still styling and profiling, at least for Jeff.

Now I have said all along that the one component people tend to forget in this game is working around camp. If you noticed, that was the main reason she was voted off. I could have sworn Russell voted for Monica until I saw the end of the show and he actually voted for Yasmin! His early statement, “if the tribe doesn’t vote with me there will be asses kicked” scared me. Any good leader listens to the voice of their people. Russell, I was so proud of you. I believe if you share your vote with the tribe, they will continue to respect you and follow your leadership. They may think you voted for Monica, as you had stated earlier, but go in and politic and let your tribe know you listened to them and you will have them in your pocket (even more so than you seem to now!)

Russell in Galu and Jaison in Foa Foa are still my early favorites. However, Dave came through this week. I think he may surprise all of us. He has a great “lay low” personality, very intelligent and seems well liked by his tribe. I like him I think he is playing the game very well.

Monica was clearly weak in this challenge. Physically, she looked in anguish going over the rope bridge, unlike “little Russell,” the troll, who basically ran over the rope bridge. (Side question: Don’t trolls usually live under bridges?). Monica must be working hard around camp and forming tribal bonds, because otherwise I can’t figure out how she wasn’t voted out. Yasmin would have brought more fun and laughs for the viewers. I believe she is a real true person and I actually hated to see her go. Although I guess the personal relationships are bigger than challenge performance.

Coach, I tried to keep up with you this week, but your lengthy montages are hard to match.

That’s it for now.