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What evil lurks on the shores of Samoa?

     Who knows what evil lurks on  the shores of Samoa, Jeff Probst knows. Heh-heh-heh-heh.     And tonight so will we, It comes in the form of a short stout man named Russell. Mr Evil

Russell Hantz ,36   

Hometown Dayton, Texas

Oil Company Owner.






Russell’s personality speaks for itself when he proudly displays a missing tooth that he refuses to fix!  This married father of four is visually memorable. Standing tall at only 5’6”, he is built like a brick house with a bald head. At 200 pounds of pure muscle, Russell’s solid figure and sharp tongue has helped him carve out a multi-million dollar business in the oil-tanking industry.
     A huge SURVIVOR fan, this self-made man built his business from scratch by working hard, speaking his mind and stepping on anyone who got in his way. Russell won’t apologize for his style of game play either saying, “I’m not going out there to make friends. I’m just not doing it. But everybody is going to think I’m their best friend, because I’m just such a lovable character.”
     Russell can’t wait to get in the competition and show “these morons how it’s done” and he “plans to play the game dirtier, smarter and more cunning than anyone can imagine.”  It is those skills that have allowed him to achieve his biggest accomplishment in life and that is being able to provide for his family.
     Russell is married with four children and currently resides in Dayton, Texas. His birth date is October 10th.

The face of evil is in a reality game. Soon we get to judge this man on his game play. Is it a good move? Is there such a thing as a “Dumb Girl Alliance”? Is he the Puppet Master?

When interviewed before the show he said  “I like the strategies, all the blindsides, the wittiness, the backstabbing. It wouldn’t be a show unless that was going on. Me, I control every aspect of my life: I control my family, I control my job, even my friends, and I feel I can bring that to this the game. I’m going to control each and every  individual out here. Matter of fact, you can call me the puppetmaster.”   He said “it’s necessary to control people without even knowing that you’re pulling the strings,” and one can accomplish that, he said, if “you make it as miserable as possible for everybody out there, you can beat ‘em.”

     Will you love him or hate him for such game play? I’m not sure about me, but this Survivor has the possibility of being unlike any other season we have seen. We have 19 other cast-aways to choose from to take him down. Who will side with him and who will go after him and how long will he last with such a strategy?

So, tonight begins Survivor Samoa and I can hardly wait for the outriggers to come ashore a the game to begin.

I just want to thank BBBlogger for letting me help him out with his SS Blog. I know a lot of y’all will be discussing the fine points of Survivor here. I’m going to post twice a week, Friday after each show and at the beginning of the next week. I’ll try to give you the lowdown on a new houseguest of interest.

As for you newbies, if y’all have any questions, just ask and I’ll try to make this a great experience. There is no game like Survivor and we will have a week between shows to discuss how we would play the game, who is making dumb moves and of course pick your favorite character to root for.

This post brought to you by snakebit sal.

Since these cast-aways will probably start dropping like flies, I’m going to try to post a new cast-away a day so y’all can know more about them before they get voted out at a tribal council. Unfortunately, someone will be gone tonight  so their info will not be needed. I would hate to be the first to go on a show where i’m halfway around the world!!

Survivor Samoa – a sneak preview of Thursday

As most of you know, I am BBBlogger and I run a little website called http://www.Big-Brother-Blog.com and there are the most amazing group of people who use the comment area of the blog for their own personal playground! I love them all and they are ALL coming over here so that WILL make this blog JUST AS FUN!

One of the users over there, Snakebit Sal, is always posting things that are random, fun and off topic. Since he made a comment on Survivor and I am feeling lazy today, I am going to repost it here for you all.

Snakebit Sal….enjoy your first 15 minutes on Survivor Blog! :)

Peace, JP aka BBBlogger

I was just checking out whats coming on Survivor and Ladies, forget Jeff, y’all got some hunks in this crowd …. don’t worry guys, we have some eye candy also.
There are 2 Russells, ones the villian and you won’t believe the tuanacity of this dude, might make Natalie look tame …. oh yes, there is a Natalie in the game also…
I think i might like this years Survivor.
Quick spoiler. The first thing they do is elect a chief of each tribe, and the chief will make all the decisions with no help for his tribe.
Jeff says there are some characters in this one, he even throws a person out of a challenge(not out of the game)

A list of the cast is below, we will have plenty to blog about:grin:

John, 25, is a rocket scientist from Los Angeles, and Mick, who also resides in Los Angeles, is a 33-year-old doctor.

On the white sand beaches of Samoa, 20 castaways will battle it out in order to be the ultimate survivor. While there are some obvious frontrunners whose age and career will help them in the physical aspects of the game, there are a bunch of smart

The cast also includes two law students: Monica, 25, from San Diego, and Jaison, 28, from Chicago.

David, 38, fitness instructor from Los Angeles
Betsy, 48, police officer from Campton, N.H.
Mike, 62, private chef from Marina del Rey, Calif.
Ben, 28, mixologist from Los Angeles
Marisa, 26, student from Cincinnati.
Erik, 28, bartender from Ontario, Calif.
Brett, 23, T-shirt designer from Salem, Ore.
Yasmin, 33, hairstylist from Detroit.
Russell, 36, oil company owner from Dayton, Texas.
Elizabeth, 33, urban planner from New York.
Laura, 39, office manager from Salem, Ore.
Kelly, 25, hairstylist from Wilmington, Del.
Russell S, 42, attorney from Glenside, Pa.
Ashley, 22, spa sales from Maple Grove, Minn.
Shannon, 42, sales rep from Renton, Wash.
Natalie, 26, pharmaceutical sales from Van Buren, Ark.