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3 weeks in…what do you think so far?

>???? ??? ???? not sure yet….I mean….after the 2 hour season premier I kept thinking….Oh Great!  The Fang Tribe is going to all go home.  Then the Kota tribe will then eat themselves from inside leaving an ACE vs. SUGAR finalle and they will get married and then run the Amazing Race!

Boy, am I ever happy that Fang came back in week 2!

So tonight, is week 3.  Who are you liking?  I am impressed that Sugar found the Hidden Immunity Idol.  I would have NEVER in a million years thought she would have…but she did and well.  That impressed me!  :)

So who is your early favorite?  Will Fang fall to Kota again?  I am still dealing with Michelle being voted out first.  (she was way beautiful!)

So 2 weeks in, 3 episodes in, Michelle, Gillian and Paloma, 3 ladies from Survivor Gabon have been eliminiated.  Is this a trend?  Will the boys make sure that there is no all girl final 4 like last season?  Guess we will have to wait and see.  Either way, the RETURN of the RED X is back as you can see from the top of the site.  I love my JOB!  :)

I will recap tonights show tomorrow.  Sorry I have had a tough time keeping this blog going but I am here and will try to do better!  If you would like to write for me please let me know.  I am always open to having guest bloggers!

Peace,  Jeff Probst aka BBBlogger

Survivor Micronesia begins TONIGHT!

Call your neighbor, tell your friends set your TIVO or your VCR!  (remember those things)

It starts tonight at 7:00pm CST!  Who will be the first one to go….will it be one of the 10 Super Fans or will it be one of the returning Favorites from Season’s Past?

I will be watching.  I will report on the show tonight after it airs on the West Coast so be sure to sign up for the email newsletter so  you know when the new post is up!

I am looking forward to a great Survivor season (along with American Idol and Big Brother 9)

Peace, Jeff Probst

Survivor videos to keep your excitement growing!

I saw that there are a couple of new Survivor Videos available getting everyone ready for the next Survivor season.  Here they are for your viewing pleasure!

The first one is very “movie trailer” in it’s presentation.

For the second video, get to know the contestants…in case you do not remember some of the Favorites!

Survivor is looking good once again….who do you want to see WIN?

Peace,  Jeff Probst

Friday’s Final Four – Making for a great ending on Sunday!

So last night we found out that Peih-Gee is still a person…but unfortunately no longer in China!

She seemed to have a good connection after she was left behind with Amanda while Denise, Courtney and Todd hung out at the great wall of China.

The immunity challenge was a revisit of challenges from before and definitely helped Amanda since between Denise not being able to get by stage 2 (eating a balute) and if by chance Courtney would have made it to the final part there is no way she would have swung that sword and been able to cut through the ropes.

Amanda won immunity and was guaranteed a spot in the Final Four.

With the way they all look at Todd as being the hated one, I think the 3 remaining ladies all hope to bring him with to the final 2.  Also I think there will be a final 2 and not a final 3 since Jeff said yesterday on the promo there will be 3 more tribal councils which to me means 2 more then the live reveal of the winner.

So the fun starts on 7PM Central on Sunday.  I am planning on writing a blog post that afternoon so everyone on the mailing list will get a reminder.  Since they have been having the finale on Sunday I have actually missed a few since I am not used to watching Survivor on Sundays!  Go figure!

So there you have it…your final 4 are….

Denise “The Lunch Lady”

Amanda “The Chamelon”

Courtney “The Long Shot”

and Todd “The Schemer”

Let us know is going to win and why you think that.  My money is still on my homegirl Amanda because A: she has played a smart game and B: she will be my next wife!  :)

Peace,  Jeff Probst