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Galu, can they dominate until the merge?

This is turning into a Galu route and Foa Foa is on the verge of elimination. It will be amazing, but at the next challenges Galu will have to sit out 4 people so that teams strength in the challenges will be even, will it hurt or help Galu?

Domination – supremacy or preeminence over another
Challenge – : to stimulate especially by presenting with difficulties                                   Don’t miss the hidden links for some info!!

Can these two circumstances dictate Foa Foa’s demise or will we witness one of the biggest comebacks in Survivor history. Can Russell H. and Mick carry the Foa’s to wins in the next few challenges and create more equality between the tribes. 

From what we have been seeing in previews of Thursdays show, we know Russell S. goes down but they don’t show if he is evac’d out. If he is, this will be another double elimination week. If Foa Foa wins the immunity challenge the tribes will be at 7 – 5 and the merge should happen soon. With Shambo ready to be a Foa Foa teammate that will make it 6 – 6, yeah baby. Time for some payback on the Galu’s and their yuppie ways, I can dream can’t I?

On another matter, we still haven’t had Foa Foa been able to send someone to the other tribe to scout them out!  Both Idols have been found so the clues aren’t any good. However, Jeff hasn’t asked the big question, “If anyone has the hidden immunity idol they need to play it now”!   Wondering if the guys that found them will need to use them before the merge or will they get evicted without being able to use them.

There have been some unusual turn of events that make this season seem weird. Both Idols found by people who were supposed to find them in the opposite camps but have found the ones hidden in their own camp. An escaped chicken that may cost someone the game.  Nothing has been made of wether or not they will be useable because of that fact.  20 Cast-a-ways for the first time sets up an unusual rate for the evictions in a 39 day period. A second possible med evac looks probable. If it does and there is a regular eviction the numbers will be close for merging the tribes and the dynamics of the show will change and alliances will become aa neccessary evil. Who will rat out who and who will make the best teams to get to the finals?  It’s time for SS to get a little more interesting and give us something to talk about. Sooooooooooooooooo, Are you ready for some Somoan action? Lets get ready to rumble in the jungle and look for some knockouts!! Because, All our rowdy friends are coming over tonight!!!!

Survivor Micronesia begins TONIGHT!

Call your neighbor, tell your friends set your TIVO or your VCR!  (remember those things)

It starts tonight at 7:00pm CST!  Who will be the first one to go….will it be one of the 10 Super Fans or will it be one of the returning Favorites from Season’s Past?

I will be watching.  I will report on the show tonight after it airs on the West Coast so be sure to sign up for the email newsletter so  you know when the new post is up!

I am looking forward to a great Survivor season (along with American Idol and Big Brother 9)

Peace, Jeff Probst