Can James get mean and win this time?

‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’: Which woman is going to stab James in the back this time?

Poor James. The dude had two hidden immunity idols in his possession and still got voted out in China. Then he watched Parvati disintegrate his fearsome foursome alliance in Micronesia while blindsiding Ozzy. >>>>>Full Story

The Long Winded Egomaniac is a Player

Villains Tribe

“Coach” Ben Wade, Tocantins
Slaying dragons, duh.
Outwitticism: ”C’mon, guess what they call me in this game? The Dragon Slayer. Because I’m slaying all the dragons! I’m running this freakin’ show, let me tell you that right now. I think I’m going to be in that final two unless something crazy comes up.”

Survivor: Tocantins, Benjamin "Coach" Wade

Coach Ben Wade. Wade was the 11th one voted off the island last May. When not in front of the camera, he is the conductor for the Susanville Symphony and coaches soccer in Missouri. Wade will be one of nine Survivor alumni on the “villains” team. They will take on the “heroes” team in. Tune in to see how he’ll do this time around.