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The Jimmy T Show with his sidekick NaOnka

The dude needs to be a talk show host. He wants to be in control and he loves to talk. Talk, talk, talk, talk and talk until it’s annoying. You know those kinds of people, the ones that you must excuse yourself from so you can do something important.

From the beginning of the episode until the bitter end he would not quit talking.


The Espada tribe has no clear leader. Marty asserted his power to get rid of the Coach last week and now he’s a big weenie and won’t take charge. He is going to just sit back like a wuss and let everyone disagree on who is in charge. Tyrone would be good, but, poor old Jimmy T says he is a leader and can contribute more to the tribe. The only thing he is contributing is one big headache. The Espada tribe has been sitting around complaining about the lack of leadership but, it didn’t stop them from evicting a true leader out of the game last week.


Brenda solved the HII clue and of course just like Marty, NaOnka picked it up and declared it was hers. Later Kelly and Alina go to look where NaOnka and  Brenda found the Idol. NaOnka wanted to know what they were looking for. Kelly said “you know damn well what were looking.”

Nay started talking her usual trash talk and again threatened to knock her artificial leg off. The Queen Bitch has no honor or respect for the others in the game. I still find it hard to believe she trusted Brenda enough to tell her about the idol clue, but when your dumb, you have to find a sucker to find it for you.


At the daily tree mail the Espada found a clue to the immunity challenge and some blind folds. They decided to practice with the blind folds while someone directs them around. At the challenge the La Flor decides to use the MOP and get a head start in the game. The object of the game was to go out and collect ten items and them bring them back. The people looking for the items were blind-folded and tied to another. Each tribe sent out two teams at the same time while one other person directed them where to go. Even though they practiced, the Espada looked like bulls in a china shop. Meanwhile, the La Flor team aided by the head start they received when they used the MOP quickly made short work of the items. After all the items were found the last pair had to go out and locate some keys. Once they had the keys, they then had to find the chest and unlock 3 locks and return the chest to their starting area. La Flor again made quick work of the chest and won the game. For twinning the La Flor also won the reward. They got to chose 3 items for a Sears store pile of goodies. They selected the tarp, some cooking supplies and a tackle box of fishing gear. Upon arrival back at the camp, Chase, who had been carrying the tackle box discovered the next clue and pocketed it without being noticed. Later he went walking to find and took Brenda with him, only to discover that Brenda also had an alliance with NaOnka and that she had already found the HII. Brenda tells him to  keep it hush hush or Nay will come after them.                            


Well, well, well, the Inept Arthritis Crowd has taken loser to a new low! I’m guessing they will not win another challenge even if they use the MOP. These guys just plain suck. Tyrone giving the direction was at a loss as to why no one was listening to him. I know why, they all had their hearing aids turned off so they wouldn’t get wet. They tripped over everything there was to trip over, they ran into each other and for the most part never went the way Tyrone told them to go. Dan needs to be evicted. Like I heard Jeff say at the TC, if your worried about your leg in the mud, what the hell are you doing out here in the Rain Forest/Jungle. Also, these guys have too many floaters who don’t want to make any decisions and are only following along. We finely had a close split on who to evict and I was hoping it would be Dan. He hasn’t contributed a damn thing in the challenges having sat out 2 of the 4 they played. Jimmy T got evicted but he has contributed. He has contributed enough B.S. to last the rest of the game and he says he has lots more to give the tribe! @Y@ I’m looking for someone to replace his noise in he tribe. I guess the monkeys will have to lead the fools!


I’m laying odds that at least five members of the La Flor tribe make it into the last seven of this game by default. Default will be the ineptitude of the lousy old way the old folks are playing. I’m wondering just how much more embarrassing they can look as a team. No leaders and no strong players. Sorry Tyrone, your playing with a bunch of foolish whiners. He has to outlast his own tribe to make it to the merge.


A hint at next weeks show makes it appear some kind of switcheroo is going to take place, but not sure who will end up where!


Does anyone see any hope for the Old Folks, or do you, like me, think they are toast?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Break out the WD40, I hear some old bones creaking…

In typical fashion Survivor opens in their normal dramatic way. as the tribes marched thru the  “Remote, Mysterious and Dangerous  jungle rainforest of Nicaragua”. Jud equated it to a zoo with no  cages..    

 Jeff asked and had various responses about first impressions people got on the way into the  jungle. Marty has been named by two people as a early target, along with Jimmy J.

 The tribes weren’t seperated into young and old until they got to the beach and had searched for the Medallion of Power (MOP). BTW, the MOP isn’t  the bust, but an ornate cross with a black and gold cloth rope.

 After Brenda found the MOP, they came back and Jeff remade the tribes into young and old.

The La Flor tribe is made up of 30 year olds and younger while the Espada is made up of 40 and older people. My first impression of the older “Antique tribe is most don’t look like they could make it 30 days with without comps to wear them down. The young guns look very athletic but do have some nieve looking girls. And then we have “Fabio”. That’s what Jud’s tribemates are calling him.

 After the MOP was given out, Jeff explained they could keep it or trade for flint and fishing gear and the La Flor took the merchandise and gave away the MOP saying they needed to make fire early and have gear to fish with.

 Back at the La Flor Camp:

 Kelly B.’s artificial leg was noticed so see called the tribe together and showed everyone her prosthesis.  Brenda plans on flirting to get ahead if she has to. Sash seems cocky and pretty confident that the  younger group will kick butt in the game.  The guys notice that Jud aka Fabio is kinda goofy., he does seem liike a flaky dude to me. Nanonka seems like she could have  a little bitchy attitude at times.

Alina and Kelly B. find the first clue to an HII and hide the clue in a tree till later. The clue seems cryptic and I don’t think they understand it at all.

 Meanwhile at the Senior Citizen Center:

 Jimmy J. was sick from overworking himself on day1.

Espada seems to have all alpha males and I foresee some major disagreements. during the times when  they struggle.

 It was not shown if the older guys found the HII clue when they got their tree mail.

 When the tribes got to the Immunity Challenge it wqs revealed that the Conquistador bust is actually the Team Immunity Idol and not part of the MOP that most people from previews assumed.

The challenge was simple. Fill a half barrel with water by pouring water down gutters held by team members until the barrel fills and drops your puzzle pieces. The Espada had a chance to use the MOP and get a 1 bucket of water head start put in their barrel but decided not to use it. The La Flor tribe finished first but only by 10 seconds and were able to start their puzzle first. The Espada women doing the puzzle struggled way too much and lost to the La Flor tribe. La Flor wins the first Immunity Challenge.

 Back at camp the talk centers on evicting Jimmy J or Wendy Jo. At Tribal Council the usual discussion takes place and people remark about Wendy and Jimmy J. Just before they go to vote, Wendy speaks up and wants to make a statement which further seals here fate. In a 9-1 vote (essentially unanimous) Wendy becomes the first to be evicted. Her Husband was correct!!

 My early prediction is that more than half of the older tribe will be gone before the merge which should happen around week 8 or 9. and the young guns will dominate the final 4 or 5 people. It’s going to be a tough road for the old folks to win this year.

So here’s to all the BB folks who came on over to Survivor and we hope you enjoy the show and the    blog!

Baby Boomers vs. The Pepsi Generation


The Espada Tribe

     From a swim coach to a goat farmer,  the boomers seem a wild and varied bunch. It will take some work to beat the Pepsi Generation.



The La Flor Tribe

The young guns look ready to kick some butt. Inexperience may be their only drawback. They are a true California fun and sun group, from a cheerleader to a country musician!