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Tyson, Macho & Confident

Tyson Apostol, Tocantins
Villainy: The malevolent Mormon happily accepted Coach’s designation as his “assistant coach” while stabbing him, and the rest of his tribemates, in the back. The best soundbites ever.
Outwitticism: “I love seeing people cry when you crush all their hopes and dreams…Lying to everybody…actually brings me pleasure.”


Tyson Apostol (30)

Tribe: Villains
Hometown: Lindon, Utah
Current Residence: Heber City, Utah
Personal Claim To Fame: “College drop out, ex-pro cyclist, never had a real job… I guess I’m good at quitting.”
Inspiration in Life: “My parents, without them I could be dead.  I’d at least be homeless and starving.”
Previous Finishes: Tocantins: 8th out, 2nd Jury Member
Favorite Past Moment: “My hilarious confessionals.”
Previous Survivor He Respects Most: “Myself.”
Previous Survivor He Respects Least: “Narrowed down to just one?  That’s impossible!”
Why Did He Come Back? : “Free tropical island getaway, an excuse to not brush my teeth and the potential of a fat pay check… as long as we get paid in diamonds and gold instead of US dollars.”


Extra Coverage – Parvati Bio


Parvati Shallow (27)
Tribe: Villains
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Current Residence: Public Storage, Los Angeles
Personal Claim To Fame: “Racking up thousands of friends on my fake facebook accounts.”
Inspiration in Life: Chuck Bass and Jeff Probst
Previous Finishes: Cook Islands: 15th Out, 7th Jury Member; Micronesia: Winner
Favorite Past Moment: “Eating chocolate cake in the tub while everyone watched.”
Previous Survivor She Respects Most: “Sweet Lil’ Cirie Fields (Panama, Micronesia) And Crazy Town Shane Powers (Panama)”
Previous Survivor She Respects Least: “Ozzy (for being a crybaby) (Cook Islands, Micronesia)”
Why Did She Come Back? : “For the love of the game, baby!”

A Moment of Silence for Coach

Seriously…now that coach is gone (37 out of 39 days) my guess is the final 4 will have MUCH MORE SILENCE since Coach has been eliminated.


I have to admit….in a few ways I am going to miss him. I mean come on….no one gives us lines like “Hit me with your Best Shot Pat Benetar” everyday! (dang I loved that one)

Overall the moment I had waited for the entire season now has come and gone. I am left feeling a little empty but overall very happy to know that coach will not win a million dollars!

I was a little nervous when coach and JT were both still going after 50 minutes but I knew that JT would pull it out and he did. Poor coach really collapsed and looked to be in pain but in retrospect….I am sure JT was in pain as well….it was a difficult physical challenge! I have a tough time feeling sorry for Coach. You never know what is real or what is fake. I LOVED the fact that TAJ kept rolling her eyes and thought that all though Erinn’s comments before Coach went to exile island were bad for her…they were RIGHT ON and 1000% true in my book. Good for her telling it like it is. I see that coming back to bite her some in the end though. JT really did not like that!

So…final 4. Who will win? I think JT is setup to be the favorite but really it is anyone’s game. The next 2 challenges will define who walks away on Sunday as the sole survivor!


So it’s time to VOTE! Who do YOU want to see win Survivor Tocantins? Please vote in the comment section below!


Survivor Tocantins Final 5 prepare for the Coach showdown

Only 2 more episodes left of Survivor Tocantins! Thursday where the final 5 are stuck dealing with Coach and his delusional self. The Dragon warrior is supposed to be the highlight of the show Thursday before the final 4 hit the 3 hour finale on Sunday!

So…who is left Coach, Erinn, JT, Stephen, Taj…I honestly hope either JT or Taj wins or even Erinn with an upset but boy I sure hope Coach is gone this Thursday! He is good TV but I am so tired of his stories! He needs to go before he causes the viewers to change the channel! However, it is a train wreck we cannot stop watching!

We interrupt this blog post to bring you this quick COACH moment….

See…Coach “suffers” more then any of the other survivors! Insane! So with that I leave you…behind but finally caught up. Be sure to watch Thursday night and Sunday night where the final 4 will fight it out for the title Sole Survivor of Survivor Tocantins.

Peace, BBBlogger (aka JP)

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Merge Looming and it is Everyone for Themselves

Tonight is the night…another episode of Survivor and from the previews it is all about the merge. Everyone will be playing for themselves.

I honestly think for this season especially it is going to be very interesting to see if the secret alliance grown from the Exile Island effects things. I have a strong feeling that it is going to…but who knows how or where.

If I was there I would start to target the strong…or the not so smart. In both cases I would definately want Coach out ASAP. However, as all years past the person I really want out always seems to be there until the end. *(sigh)*

So I want to hear from you….who is going to be the next one out. Tribes merged and it is all against all. Who is going to go? Who do you want to see go?

Peace, JP (aka BBBlogger)

New Survivor tonight…will Coach be the next to go?

Welcome back from a Survivor spring break. Anyone watch last Wednesday’s show? I saw part but I felt it was nothing that really needed to be known or saw. Fairly boring was what I walked away from it thinking. (Kinda like my blog….I know) Plus to top it off, I have NO ONE in the final four on my bracket so I guess I will stick with watching TV instead of career as a NCCA basketball guru. I digress….here is where we left off.

Spencer is gone…kinda anti climatic 2 weeks ago…guess he kinda drew the short straw that week. So moving on to tonight…

My only thougths about what is to come is that without even knowing it, I feel that coach is really being put in a “Villian” light. (or maybe he does know it) I think tonight they focus heavily on him and get right back to it by setting up Coach vs. everyone else. (Especially VS. Erinn) I feel like he is one of the only interesting parts of this season and make me still want to watch.

I also think that Taj may be a little underrated but the previews make it look like she has some stuff start to come up tonight. Like trying to make a fake hidden immunity idol. LOL

And what about the secret aliance? Think it will work? Can they make it to the merge? Who knows…

Survivor Tocantins is back tonight (since March Madness is winding down) so watch and comment what you see. I will try to post my thoughts about tonights show tomorrow! (I really enjoyed spring break)

Thank you all for hanging with me. I am going to start emailing people to be guest bloggers soon.

Peace, JP (aka BBBlogger)

Quick update and preview of tomorrows show….

Ok….so I seem to have way too much going on to keep this blog going….I am open to anyone who would like to be a “guest blogger” so comment on this post and let me know if you are interested in writing for this blog. With that being said….let’s recap.

Episode 3…Jerry is sick but will not quick. I admire him for not quitting but the tribe really felt he needed to go. I found it funny that Erinn was so happy that she had an out to NOT be voted out. I found it funny that coach was bent out of shape about her “Evil Grin” when she heard that Jerry was sick. Should be interesting to see what happens between those 2.

Brendan found and has the Hidden Immunity Idol. Still sitting on it.

So…the alliance between Brendan and Taj…anyone thinking anything will come of that?

Episode 4…I only caught some of this show but what I remember is that Sandy who I thought was doing very well since being dubbed the “older lady on the tribe” and was doing very good in the challenges was voted out. I don’t think she thought she was going….but she was voted off the island.

So whats next…from what I have seen from the previews it looks like the competitions are crazy….something that involves spinning and rope….and even one of the people loses a tooth! Wow…that would be a survivor first I believe!

The other thing that looked interesting was they say that Sierra and Taj are aligning and think they control the game. That could make Taj a fairly powerful player if she has Brendan on the other tribe and Sierra on her tribe. Before you know it….she will be the one to beat when she gets to the merge…(that assumes that she gets to the merge)!

Also I am not a huge fan of Coach. I think he is quite egotistical and if he wins I would not be very happy. What do you think about him? Is he a strong player or is he just getting bye early on…

So there you go…I PROMISE I will do better with the blog. I just have to WATCH the show in order to blog on it.

Please keep posting your thoughts and let me know what you think.

Peace, JP (aka BBBlogger)

Hungry enough to eat termites

Tonight Survivor Tocantins was hyped as the wettest and wildest ever.  Well, I am fairly confident it did not live up to the hype. 

When the tribe had come back from tribal council it looked like Sandy would be next.  I personally think she will be around a little bit longer than that.

You can tell that the hunger pains are kickin in when they start looking for anything to eat.  From worms to termites.  I once ate a moth and it did nothing for me but I guess if your hungry enough to eat anything…you do just that…eat anything!

Seems like Coach has found either a love interest or an arch enemy in Candace.  They seem to not see eye to eye…but then in a weird and awkward moment he ended up licking her face.  I expect great things to come from Coach this season!

In the hyped “wet and wild” competition there was little to really be amazed from.  But here are my points I would like to bring up from the game.

I loved the drama of the Timbira being up 2-0 and then  Jalapao coming back to win 3-2.  Awesome!!  I thought the one round when it was 1-0 and it was 2 guys and 1 girl from each team that Sandy held the one littler lady by her bikini top in the back.  She was waving her hand like she had roped a calf.  She is very comical and a little nutty….that is why I am liking Sandy still! 

Since my blog readers KNOW SURVIVOR, they were right about the twist having to do with Exile island.  I like the fact that it was 2 people….one per team….I also like the fact that they could go to another tribe if desired.  If that is a weekly thing, anyone feeling like an outcast or in danger on their tribe could go to the other tribe (which they would ALSO be an outcast) but it still could make for some drama.  Guess we will see.

Brenden seemed to be a little slow to understand the term “tribes homelands”…made me chuckle.

Not sure why Taj told people she was married to Eddie George.  You don’t give people a REASON to vote you off like that…she was a brute in the basketball in the water challenge but still…keep those things underwraps.

Timbira had a date with tribal council.  Sure enough they all talked and sure enough another lady was voted off.  I liked how Jeff said that it was “another blindside”.  Aren’t all tribal council’s going to be a blind side…it is a “secret vote” after all.  :)

Candace did not make the cut.  She was voted out 7-1.

So the ladies are not doing to well yet this season.  Do you think Coach’s ego will be his downfall?  What did you think of the twist?

I anxiously await your comments.  I will be posting next week’s preview on Tuesday so be ready.  Until then….happy surfing!

Peace,   JP (aka BBBlogger)

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Survivor Tocantins is going to get Wet ‘n Wild

You have to love how they are promoting the next show. They try so hard to do anything to entice you to tune in and watch. After the first episode, they did the standard, “Next Week on Survivor”…which I always love a good teaser. They promoted it as the “wettest and wildest Survivor yet”. Now…I am not sure but I seem to remember a few survivors back where 2 people were on exile island and there was non stop rain for most of their stay. To me that looked like the “wettest” and to me….the wildest was when ladies were dropping their clothes for peanut butter! :) (side note: wonder if they would still do that if the peanut butter was from Peanut Corporation of America….now THAT is TRULY SURVIVOR….but I digress)

So with the tease we know this stuff. 1. They play a game/challenge in the water and it is raining. Everyone running around 1/2 naked and as always….someone wins….someone loses…someone “accidentally” loses some part of their swim suit where CBS has to blurr it out.

The main thing that I am interested to see is what does Jeff Probst (NOT ME) have up his sleeve? He said their is a twist that will be revealed after the challenge. My guess is it is a clue to the hidden immunity idol but who knows. Maybe another version of exile island. Maybe a member of a tribe will switch. Maybe it’s an Oprah moment and Jeff Probst (again not me) says “You get a car….and you get a car….etc)

No matter what…I will be tuned in and my guess is all of the readers of Survivor Blog will be tuned in to see what exactly will happen next.

So now it is your turn…what do you think the twist will be? Do you think the show will live up to the Wildest yet? Also…tell me what your favorite “wettest or wildest” moment from survivors past was. Love to hear from you all. Only 2 more days until the next show.

Peace, JP
aka BBBlogger

Survivor 18 starts off with a twist…

…and how many of you HONESTLY thought they would go all that way to the Brazilian highlands just to be eliminated in 5 minutes? 

I knew they would not be cast off right away….but I find it interesting that they got to go straight to the camps.  Kind of like Survivor’s version of a “Go To Jail” card in Monopoly.  You know…”Go Directly To Jail.  Do not Pass Go, Do not hike for hours to camp through Brazil.”  or something like that.  Very interesting twist to kick off the season.  Looks like they tried to see if the game about getting along with people would be effected by such a twist.

The tribe, Jalapao, made the “old lady” an early target.  Sandy was a little excited (ok…upset) about being sterotypically pointed out as the weakest link and “voted out”.  At the imunity challenge she showed that she may be a little older but she is a strong woman and a huge competitor.

The other tribe, Timbira, targeted the skinny weak looking blonde girl.  It probably did not help that she was feeling sick but Sierra was the first of her tribe to be voted out.  She looked upset but to me a little relived.  However, she just got a quick ride to camp.   I thought she was SMART to build the shelter at camp.  She is a keeper and there is more there than it seems.  I look forward to her getting better as the season goes on.

The immunity challenge was a run far, get wood, get wet, get back, build steps and solve a puzzle to raise your flag.    Another variation of an old theme.  Timbira won in a come back.

Tribal….it looked like the tribe would vote the same way making the first Survivor voted out Sandy the bus driver…but then there was Carolina. 

Carolina is hot.  She has huge breasts and well has an even bigger mouth.  She opened it, annoyed everyone and she is now history.  (sorry fellas)  She was the weakest link and may not have caused the loss but she did not help and as Jeff Probst always lets people know….you have to learn to get along.  She though Sandy was a goner for sure….but instead it was bye bye sweet Carolina!

So what did you think?  Was it worth watching?  Are you excited to watch the rest of the season?  Who looks strong?  Who looks like they will go home shortly!

Glad your here…..I will post weekly….maybe 2 times….depending on how much time I can find.

Peace, Jeff Probst   (legal disclaimer….I am not really Jeff Probst!)

Peace,  BBBlogger of Big-Brother-Blog.com  :)



(edited the tribes in the post because I had them mixed up!  Thanks for the heads up Sara!  I so love my commentors on my blog!)

Survivor Tocantins – Season 18 begins on February 12, 2009

Hello all dedicated Survivor Fans!  Very excited to get the Survivor Blog back up and running and we hope that we can count on you to help us by stopping by and commenting away!  We will have more consistent episode recaps and more thought provoking opinion posts this season on the blog.

I hope you are ready because you only have one week until the new Survivor season begins.  So are you ready?

Peace,  Jeff Probts