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Survivor 30: Well, it’s over…


Well, it was a long and frustrating season.  There were high points and there were low points.  It was a season dominated by some of the least likable people to ever be featured on Survivor.  It was a season where Will started out as likable and then suddenly changed into a hateful, angry monster.  It was a season where Dan and Rodney showed just how annoying two people could be.  But, at the same time, it was also a season where a few people surprised us by turning out to actually be pretty decent.

Mike started out as annoying but, as the season progressed, he won me over.  And tonight, against all odds (because he literally was always one immunity challenge away from being sent home), Mike won Survivor 30!  Will received Rodney’s vote.  Carolyn received Sierra’s vote.  And the rest of the jury voted for Mike.

And you know what?  I can’t complain.  I would have been happy to have seen Carolyn win but, ultimately, Mike is the one who deserved the victory.  He was not always a subtle player and he made a few mistakes but, in the end, he outplayed, he outwitted, and he outlasted.

Congratulations, Mike!

As for the rest of the finale, I enjoyed watching smug Rodney get sent to the jury on the basis of having to make a fire.  As far as the juror themselves, Jenn and Shirin were definitely the stars.  When Jenn called out the jury for being bitter, I cheered.  When Shirin told Will that he was a “dead fish,” I cheered again.  And when Dan gave his final speech, I laughed because I knew Dan would never win Survivor.

Seriously, I couldn’t stand Dan.

As for the reunion show, I was happy to see Jeff call Dan out.  Dan’s sputtering performance only made him look worse.  Dan apologized for saying he wanted to slap Shirin but he qualified the apology by saying that he didn’t know Shirin had been abused, as if that was the only problem with what he had said.

As for Will’s apology to Shirin, I didn’t buy it.  It’s as simple as that.

Finally, at the end of the reunion show, we learned the 20 former Survivors who would return for Second Chances.  And they are:

Joe from Survivor 30

Vytas for Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Spencer for Brains, Brawn, and Beauty

Jeremy from Survivor: Blood vs. Water II

Terry from Survivor: Panama

Ciera (bleh!) from Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Stephen from Survivor: Tocantins

Tasha from Brains, Brawn, and Beauty

Abi-Maria from Survivor: Philippines

Woo from Brains, Brawn, and Beauty

Kimmi from Survivor: Australia

Peih-Gee from Survivor: China

Kass (Double BLEH!) from Brains, Brawn, and Beauty

Keith from Survivor: Blood vs. Water II

Shirin from Survivor 30

Monica from Survivor: Samoa

Andrew Savage from Survivor: Pearl Islands

Jeff Varner from Survivor: Australia

Kelly Wentworth from Survivor: Blood vs. Water Part II

Kelley Wigglesworth from Survivor: Season 1

Well, that concluded Realty TV Chat’s coverage of Survivor!  We’ll be back with Big Brother later in June!  Thanks for reading!

Lisa Marie

Survivor 30: Bitterly Disappointed

Well, that sucked.

At the end of tonight’s episode of Survivor, my favorite — Tyler — was sent to the jury.  After Carolyn won immunity and Mike played his idol, the remaining castaways decided to get rid of the biggest threat to win the game.  And so Tyler, one of the few likable people left this season, was voted out.

There was briefly some hope that we’d get rid of Rodney.  Since he celebrated his birthday on the beach, he assumed that he would get a chance to go on a reward.  When he didn’t get that chance, he threw a fit and acted like an obnoxious idiot.  Unfortunately, he ended up being so obnoxious that he probably improved his chances to make it to the end.  At this point, he’s the guy who is so unlikable that everyone wants to be sitting next to him.

However, it’s not just Tyler leaving that has me upset.  I’m also upset because I think I may have come across some spoilers as to who is going to be in the final 4 this season.  And I’m not happy about it.


At the end of tonight’s episode, Jeff Probst announced that the next season of Survivor will be returning players.  It’s something that they are calling Survivor: Second Chances.  (And can I just say “bleh” really quickly here?  I always prefer new players.)

And, if you go to cbs.com/survivorsecondchance, you can see the 40 possible returnees and you can vote for who you would like to see given a second chance.  Apparently, the entire cast is going to be determined by our votes!

So, I went to the site and I looked at the possibilities.  And I was excited by some of them.  For instance, I was happy to see a few Survivors from some very early seasons, including Andrew Savage from Survivor: Pearl Islands.  (I voted for Savage.)  And I was worried to see Kass McQuillen and Spencer from Survivor 28 because seriously, who wants to deal with either of them?

And, unfortunately, I saw that a lot of people from Survivor 30 are being given a chance to come back next season.  Shirin, Max, and Joe were all possibilities.  (I voted for Joe and Shirin.)  However, there were two other candidates from Survivor 30 and, as of this writing, we have yet to see either one of them voted into the jury.

So, assuming that their presence means that they didn’t make it to the finale, we can safely assume that these two players were voted out and we can also guess who the final four were.

Now, here’s one last warning before I reveal their names.


Still here?  Okay, here goes.  The two candidates who have yet to join this season’s jury were…

Mike and Carolyn!

So, if this means that neither Mike and Carolyn made it to the finale, then that means our final four consisted of:

1) Dan

2) Rodney

3) Sierra

4) Will

I mean, out of those four, who do you root for?  Sierra, I guess.

But, seriously, I hope I’m wrong.  Because if we’ve gone through all this for Rodney and Dan to make it to the finale, I’ll be bitterly disappointed.


Survivor 30: I Used To Like Will

Survivor 30: The Search For Someone Likeable.

As I watched tonight’s episode of Survivor, I found myself wondering if there was anybody on the beach who was, at this point, remotely likable.  At this point, I find myself liking Tyler and Sierra almost be default.  Neither one of them says much and that makes them a nice change for everyone else in the Merica Tribe.

Before tonight’s episode, I would have said that I liked Will but tonight, we saw a new side of Will.  I understand why Will was mad.  As a result of being the first to bid at the annual Survivor auction, Will was given the location of a secret stash of food.  He could have kept it all for himself but instead, he decided to share with everyone else.

So, of course, everyone decided that Will must have been holding out on them and the only reason he gave them the food was to distract them from whatever else it was that he had been given.

Interestingly enough, even though Mike was the one who started the rumors, Will blamed Shirin.  He went off Shirin and soon, he went from insulting her as a player to insulting her as an individual.  I’ve made no secret of the fact that I don’t like Shirin but even I started to feel sorry for her.

At the immunity challenge, Will requested to get a letter from home.  (The letters were offered up as a prize at the Survivor auction.  Since Will was back at the camp digging up his food stash at the time, Will was the only one who didn’t get a chance to even bid on his letter.)  Will offered to sit out the immunity challenge in return for the letter.

Jeff asked if anyone had any objections.

Shirin raised her hand.  I understand that Shirin was mad but I still think that was a stupid move on her part.  If someone’s willing to give up immunity, you let him do it.

But no matter!  Neither Will nor Shirin won immunity.  Instead, it was won by Mike.  And Mike was lucky to win because if he hadn’t, he probably would have had to sacrifice his immunity idol in order to not be sent to the jury.  As we saw at the start of tonight’s program, Rodney is plotting to get rid of Mike.  Of course, Rodney decided to talk to everyone about his plan while Mike was apparently standing two feet away.

(And, of course, this led to Mike having a meltdown after the Survivor auction and confronting Rodney on his scheming.  Mike is a surprisingly strong player but sometimes, he still does incredibly stupid things.)

With Mike winning immunity, the tribe voted out Jenn instead.  It wasn’t a particularly surprising situation.  Personally, I would have preferred to have seen Jenn voted out last week.  Joe probably could have won immunity this week and forced the rest of the tribe to choose between Rodney and Mike.

At tribal, Shirin talked about her abusive childhood.  Will said that it didn’t matter.  And it was, at this point, that I pretty much lost whatever respect that I once had for Will.  Ever since the season began, I assumed that Will was a likable guy who would probably be one of the last people sent to the jury.  But after tonight’s episode, Will showed himself to be no better than Rodney or Dan.

Speaking of Dan, he won an advantage at the Survivor Auction and I’m not happy about it.  He has an extra vote.  Which is to say that, if he chooses to, he can cast not one but two votes at some future tribal council.  I think that’s an unnecessary complication.

Plus, I can’t stand Dan.

So, to sum up, Jenn is now on the jury with Joe and Hali, Rodney and Mike are enemies, Will and Dan are jerks, Shirin is still annoying but I do have a little more sympathy for her than I did earlier, Carolyn is content to go along with the majority, and Sierra and Tyler are — well, they’re there.

And I have to admit that there’s a part of me that really thinks that Tyler might end up sneaking into the final three?  Why?  Because for someone who never does anything, he certainly gets a lot of closeups.  It’s as if the editors are trying to make sure that we don’t forget that Tyler is there.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

Survivor 30: Sometimes, Life Is Not Fair

I’ve been sitting here thinking about tonight’s episode of Survivor.

The more I think about it, the more upset I become.  Joe was definitely my favorite this season.  He may not have had a huge personality but he was cute, he was occasionally funny, and he was great in challenges.  He seemed like a nice guy and, as opposed to a lot of people this season, he was capable of thinking strategically.  Unfortunately, the numbers were against him, he was too big a threat to win the game if he made it to the end, and I knew that his days on the beach were probably numbered.

Still, I wasn’t quite prepared for him to leave.  We all knew that as soon as he didn’t win immunity, the majority was planning on getting rid of him.  But, as I watched tonight’s episode, I kept hoping that Joe would somehow pull off a miracle.  And it seemed like he came close but, in the end, he was voted into the jury by one vote.

Making Joe’s loss even more frustrating is the fact that Jenn has suddenly decided that — now that Hali has been voted out — she no longer wants to play the game.  Jenn hates all of the other survivors, she’s angry because one of her chickens was killed for dinner, and … well, you know what?  I’m not going to make any excuses to Jenn.  I imagine that if I was a part of Survivor 30, I would have been put in the No Collar tribe, along with with Jenn and Joe.  I’m supposed to sympathize with them and their worldview but seriously, I now have absolutely zero respect for Jenn.

After all, nobody said that Survivor was an easy game.  The great thing about Survivor is that it’s not easy.  Things haven’t been going Jenn’s way so, instead of thinking and fighting like Joe has had to do since the merge, Jenn basically gave up and said “Poor me,” and that got even more upset when people failed to feel sorry for her.

Sorry, Jenn — somehow, I just can’t feel that sorry for you.

Originally, Jenn promised that if she won immunity, she would give it to Joe and allow Joe to stay.  And Jenn came really close to winning that immunity but, in the end, she slipped off her perch and Tyler won his very first individual immunity.

Here’s the thing though — Jenn didn’t have to win immunity in order for Joe to stay.  Jenn could have voluntarily removed herself from the game, which would have meant that there was no need to even go to tribal council.  Jenn also could have given Joe the immunity idol that she found a few episodes ago.

But, she didn’t do any of that and, as a result, Joe was sent to the jury and Jenn gets to spend another week whining about how she doesn’t want to play anymore.

Sometimes, life just isn’t fair.

Lisa Marie

Survivor 30: Frustration

I really want thought it was going to happen!

Seriously, as I watched tonight’s tribal council, I really believed that the girls were going to be able to convince Tyler to come over to their side and that they would be able to blindside Dan.

And it would have been so satisfying to watch because, seriously, Dan has to be the second most annoying Survivor contestant of all time!  The most annoying, of course, would be Rodney.  (The third most annoying is Shirin.)  Dan spent most of this episode reminding us that he’s a misogynistic jerk and it was going to be so wonderful to see his face when he ended up getting blindsided.

But, unfortunately, it didn’t happen.  Tyler, Sierra, Will, Carolyn, Dan, Mike, and Rodney all voted for Hali.  Jenn, Joe, Shirin, and Hali all voted for Dan.  Hali became the very first member of the jury.  The fact that I don’t really like Hali softened the blow but seriously, it would have been great to see Dan voted out.

On the plus side, Dan is being edited to look like such an overconfident jerk that it’s extremely likely that he’s going to be blindsided sooner or later.  And I can’t wait to see the look on his face when Jeff snuffs his torch.  Until then, I’ll just comfort myself with the memory of Dan totally blowing tonight’s immunity challenge.  “Dan is wrong!”  Those are three sweetest words in the English language tonight.

As for the rest of the episode, the biggest development was that Mike managed to both find the idol and to convince everyone else that Joe had found it.  And that was actually a surprisingly good move on Mike’s part.  Mike may not be the smartest guy on the island but strategically, he’s playing a good game.

Joe — oh how I love Joe.  He reminds me of Malcolm.  And, much like Malcolm, I fear that he’s doomed as soon as he doesn’t win immunity.  He’s proven himself to be such a challenge threat that he now has a huge target on his back.  And, thanks to Mike, everyone’s convinced that he has an idol now.

And, of course, Rodney continued to act like a jerk tonight.  If you look at my twitter timeline, I spent the entire episode telling Rodney to shut up and guess what?  Rodney actually favorited some of my most viscous tweets.  If you go over to his twitter account, you’ll discover several tweets in which he attacks his “haters” and tells us that he’s actually a lot smarter than any of us are giving him credit for.

My main fear, however, is that Rodney and Dan have made themselves so obnoxious that they’ll get taken to the end on the theory that there’s no way that anybody on the jury would vote for them.

Seriously, I’m loving this season but if I don’t get to see a Dan and Rodney blindside, it’ll never be as a perfect as it could be!

Lisa Marie

Survivor 30: Merica!


Well, what can you say about that?

Tonight, on Survivor 30, the two tribes merged.  Blue Collar, White Collar, No Collar — they’re all on the same tribe now.  And while I’m always happy to see a merge, I had to shake my head when Mike came up with the new tribe name.

What did they tend up naming the tribe?  Check this out:


Not America.  No, instead, they called it “Merica.”  Hali was particularly excited about this.  According to her, she’s all about the constitution because she’s currently studying to become a defense attorney.  Shirin, meanwhile, felt that the tribe name was “redneck” and complained about Mike being from Texas.  Shirin came across like an elitist and, as a Texan, I really didn’t appreciate the tone of her comments but, on the other hand, I agree with her.  I’m not sure that I would have preferred “America” as a tribe name but I certainly would have preferred it to Mercia.

(Whenever I’ve seen anyone online refer to this country as being “Merica,” they’re usually being sarcastic and, more often than not, saying something negative about American society and culture.  That irony seemed to be totally lost on Mike and Dan.)

Once the two tribes merged, it quickly became apparent that the Blue Collars (Rodney, Dan, Mike, Kelly, Sierra) were united against the No Collars (Hali, Jenn, and Joe) with former No Collar Will moving over to the Blue Collar Tribe for reasons that I still don’t quite understand.  (Will is an odd player and I wish that the show would devote more time to him.  He seems to have a strategy but it’s a strategy that he apparently doesn’t share with anyone, including the film crew.)  The White Collar Tribe was in the middle.  Shirin was firmly on the side of the No Collar Tribe while Tyler and Carolyn were both free agents.

The first post-merge immunity challenge was an endurance comp where our Survivors had to hang onto a pole.  As Jeff pointed out, this challenge was one that was a lot easier for the “lighter” survivors than for the heavier ones.  Proving his point, Dan, Will, and Tyler all fell off their poles early.  They were quickly followed by Sierra, Shirin, Kelly, Mike and Rodney.

If anyone really impressed tonight, it was Jenn.  While hanging onto the pole, a big stung her in a very private place.  As much pain as she was on, Jenn still hung onto her pole, even while Hali and Carolyn both fell.  Despite her best efforts, however, Jenn did eventually fall from her pole and Joe won immunity.

And Joe was lucky that he did because, before winning immunity, he was the number one target of the blue collar tribe.  With him gone, the Blue Collar Tribe set their sights on Jenn.  What they didn’t know was that Jenn had an immunity idol and that Jenn was smart enough to realize that she was the target.  At Tribal, she played her idol.

As a result, the 7 votes that were cast against her (Tyler and Carolyn eventually joined with the Blue Collar Tribe) were not counted.  Instead, it was Blue Collar Kelly who was voted out after receiving 4 votes.

(Will, meanwhile, voted for Hali and I’m not sure what his intention was.  If he was planning on betraying his former tribe, why throw away his vote by casting it for someone who isn’t even being targeted?)

So, tonight was a victory for the No Collar Tribe but it might be a temporary one.  The No Collars are still massively outnumbered and now they no longer have an immunity idol.  Working to their advantage is that the Blue Collar Tribe is so obnoxious that it’s easy to imagine both Tyler and Carolyn switching sides.

We’ll see what happens next week!

Lisa Marie


Survivor 30: Anyone Else Sick of the No Collar Tribe?

So, I just watched the third episode of Survivor 30 and I’m just wondering:

Am I the only one who is sick to death of the No Collar Tribe?

Seriously, what a bunch of hypocrites!  Hali and Jenn might spend a lot of time talking about how they’re nonjudgmental free spirits but, so far this season, they have proven themselves to be the mean girls of Survivor.  Will seems like a nice guy but he’s pretty much useless in challenges and I don’t know how much more I can take of having to listen to him go, “That one is on me, guys.”  I liked Joe at first but, as far as strategy goes, he tends to overthink and he’s nowhere close to being as clever as he thinks he is.

Don’t get me wrong.  I agree with the choice that the No Collar Tribe made tonight.  By a vote of 3-2, Nina was voted out of the tribe.  I could make a case that Will should have been voted out but, ultimately, Nina needed to go.  Along with being weak in challenges, she was also proving to be a divisive presence in the camp.  I felt bad for her because I know that she felt like an outsider from the beginning and, judging from her comments after being voted out, Nina probably feels that her deafness was the only reason she was voted out.  But, honestly, Nina was mostly voted out because of her attitude and her age.  She never had a chance of surviving on that tribe and I doubt any of the other tribes would have kept her either.

As for the other two tribes, we didn’t see much of the White Collar Tribe.  Shirin is getting on everyone’s nerves and her delight over seeing monkeys having sex leads me to suspect that perhaps she should have been placed on the No Collar Tribe.  Joaquin needs to work on his social skills but I do think that an alliance between he and Tyler could be a strong one.

Speaking of Tyler, I have a feeling he’s going to be sticking around for a while.  Despite the fact that there hasn’t been much going on over on the White Collar Tribe, he’s still been getting a lot of screen time.

Meanwhile, on the Blue Collar Tribe — what a bunch of entitled babies!  The only thing that’s keeping me from going off on the Blue Collar Tribe is the fact that I somehow dislike the No Collar Tribe even more.  Rodney and Lindsay both spent tonight acting like entitled babies.  Mike was making some valid points tonight but he needs to work on his social skills.  Meanwhile, Dan … well, Dan’s Dan.  So far, the Blue Collar Tribe has been the only tribe not to have to go to tribal council.  When they finally do lose an immunity challenge, it should be explosive.

Next week, we’ve got a special two hour episode of Survivor!  It’ll be interesting to see if No Collar can get its act together.  Even more importantly, we’ll see how much longer this show continues with three tribes.  I suspect that a tribal shake-up is coming.

We’ll find out next week!

Lisa Marie