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Quick update and preview of tomorrows show….

Ok….so I seem to have way too much going on to keep this blog going….I am open to anyone who would like to be a “guest blogger” so comment on this post and let me know if you are interested in writing for this blog. With that being said….let’s recap.

Episode 3…Jerry is sick but will not quick. I admire him for not quitting but the tribe really felt he needed to go. I found it funny that Erinn was so happy that she had an out to NOT be voted out. I found it funny that coach was bent out of shape about her “Evil Grin” when she heard that Jerry was sick. Should be interesting to see what happens between those 2.

Brendan found and has the Hidden Immunity Idol. Still sitting on it.

So…the alliance between Brendan and Taj…anyone thinking anything will come of that?

Episode 4…I only caught some of this show but what I remember is that Sandy who I thought was doing very well since being dubbed the “older lady on the tribe” and was doing very good in the challenges was voted out. I don’t think she thought she was going….but she was voted off the island.

So whats next…from what I have seen from the previews it looks like the competitions are crazy….something that involves spinning and rope….and even one of the people loses a tooth! Wow…that would be a survivor first I believe!

The other thing that looked interesting was they say that Sierra and Taj are aligning and think they control the game. That could make Taj a fairly powerful player if she has Brendan on the other tribe and Sierra on her tribe. Before you know it….she will be the one to beat when she gets to the merge…(that assumes that she gets to the merge)!

Also I am not a huge fan of Coach. I think he is quite egotistical and if he wins I would not be very happy. What do you think about him? Is he a strong player or is he just getting bye early on…

So there you go…I PROMISE I will do better with the blog. I just have to WATCH the show in order to blog on it.

Please keep posting your thoughts and let me know what you think.

Peace, JP (aka BBBlogger)

Survivor Tocantins is going to get Wet ‘n Wild

You have to love how they are promoting the next show. They try so hard to do anything to entice you to tune in and watch. After the first episode, they did the standard, “Next Week on Survivor”…which I always love a good teaser. They promoted it as the “wettest and wildest Survivor yet”. Now…I am not sure but I seem to remember a few survivors back where 2 people were on exile island and there was non stop rain for most of their stay. To me that looked like the “wettest” and to me….the wildest was when ladies were dropping their clothes for peanut butter! :) (side note: wonder if they would still do that if the peanut butter was from Peanut Corporation of America….now THAT is TRULY SURVIVOR….but I digress)

So with the tease we know this stuff. 1. They play a game/challenge in the water and it is raining. Everyone running around 1/2 naked and as always….someone wins….someone loses…someone “accidentally” loses some part of their swim suit where CBS has to blurr it out.

The main thing that I am interested to see is what does Jeff Probst (NOT ME) have up his sleeve? He said their is a twist that will be revealed after the challenge. My guess is it is a clue to the hidden immunity idol but who knows. Maybe another version of exile island. Maybe a member of a tribe will switch. Maybe it’s an Oprah moment and Jeff Probst (again not me) says “You get a car….and you get a car….etc)

No matter what…I will be tuned in and my guess is all of the readers of Survivor Blog will be tuned in to see what exactly will happen next.

So now it is your turn…what do you think the twist will be? Do you think the show will live up to the Wildest yet? Also…tell me what your favorite “wettest or wildest” moment from survivors past was. Love to hear from you all. Only 2 more days until the next show.

Peace, JP
aka BBBlogger

The Good Things in Life Aren’t Easy

So you remember when Bob made his fake idol and gave it to Randy? Well after returning from Tribal Council, Bob is upset that Sugar continues to laugh at Randy for using the fake idol.

At the Reward Challenge, Jeff shows off videos from all the loved ones. It is only a small clip and not the whole thing. The winner of the Challenge gets food and the full length video. Bob wins it and get the Reward. While watching his video, his wife sneaks up on him from the back. He then takes her to camp for everyone to see her. He also brings along, everyone elses loved ones. Something to note is that, Matty proposes to his girlfriend and she says yes.

At the camp site, the alliance of everyone left but Bob and Corrine decide to vote out Bob.

The immunity challenge is about answering questions and throwing balls into a target divided by zones. The closest shot to the center wins.
At the Immunity Challenge though, Bob wins immunity. So the alliance decides to go for Corrine now.

So Corrine realises that she and Bob are one and the rest are still allied. So she makes a plan with Bob to blindside Matty. What it is that, she will get Bob to make a second fake immunity idol. She will tell Kenny and Crystal that she has an immunity idol and that they should all vote for Matty. So they have the numbers.

Kenny though on the other hand, has another plan. He tells Crystal to vote out Corrine so that she will have to use the idol and it will be out of the game. Then he and Bob and Corrine will vote Matty and both the idol and Matty will be gone.

What happens though is that Corrine doesn’t play the idol, as she knows it is a fake one. So Corrine is voted out as Crystal listens to Kenny and votes for Corrine.

How much longer can the alliance last?
When will Sugar ever play her Idol?
Don’t you think it is time for Susie to be voted out by now?
Will they try and blindside Matty next week?

If you have any comments or questions then please do post in the comments below.

This is Sahil Bhalla your Survivor updater, signing off!

Merge Has Come And The Power Shifts

Hello guys… I am back again.

The new merged tribe is now called Nobag Tribe. The opposite of Gabon. A pretty good name.

Did anyone see last weeks episode? So the merge has come and there were 9 players left.3 blindsights in a row and the power man is now Kenny and Sugar. Kenny because he is the mastermind behind everything and Sugar with her immunity idol.

It was time for The Survivor Auction! I really like this part of the game. The items that were on sale were, Chocolate Chip Cookies, A hot bath, a chance to send someone to exile island, a passage to the last round of the immunity challenge, beer & peanuts, chocolate & peanut butter.

Nobody likes Randy except Corrine and Bob. The rest of them detest him and they were planning on voting on him. Corrine & Randy failed to get Matty on their side.

Bob was sent to exile island where he couldn’t find the hidden immunity idol and so he made one himself. He then gave that to Randy to use at the Tribal Council. Sugar convinced Bob to give it to Randy for laughs.

At the immunity challenge, Kenny, Matty and Corrine made it to the final round. Corrine desperately needed the immunity to keep her group of three strong except that Kenny won immunity challenge. Corrine and Bob hate Susie and so does Randy. Their plan was to use Bob’s hidden immunity idol to keep himself safe and vote out Susie.

At the Tribal Council, Randy plays the immunity idol but finds out that it is a fake one. So he gets voted out.

My god Randy must be pissed off to the core after this. I wonder what he will do while be a jury member.

Only 7 Survivors are left. Who will be voted out next?

Do you guys remember when Marcus & Charlie got the group of people to throw the hidden immunity idol into the water? Well, they threw the bottle but never checked it. Marcus kept the idol in his pocket and then hid it around camp. Only Bob knows about this.

In next weeks episode, Bob tells this to Corrine and now they also have a hidden immunity idol along with Sugar. I think Corrine is going to go but wil play the idol which will make Susie the one who has to go.

Who do you think is going to go next week?
Will the hidden immunity idol that Bob has come into play?
Who do you think has the power now?

That is all for now. I will be back later with more recaps and more insights and opinions.

If you have any comments or questions then please do post in the comments below.

This is Sahil Bhalla your Survivor updater, signing off!

3 And A Half Weeks And 7 Episodes In And The Surprises, Mix Ups And The Game Keeps Changing Towards The Unknown

Hello guys…

Survivor Gabon and the contestants are 24 days in which is 3 and a half weeks. There are now only 10 Survivors left on Gabon and we finally have our first member of the Jury.

As we stand right now, 9 people have been voted out.

They are; (In order of elimination)

1. Michelle
2. Gillian
3. Paloma
4. Jacquie
5. GC
6. Kelly
7. Ace
8. Dan
9. Marcus

Until now, we now that Sugar has the hidden immunity idol. Sugar was dumb enough to blindsight her biggest allie Ace. She made a huge mistake to vote out Ace and realises it in the 7th episode of the season which aired this past Thursday.

Lets see what else… There have been two tribal switches. Both came as a surpsise to the Survivors.
The first one came in Episode 4 where the Survivors had to rank themselves within their tribe. The two highest ranked members would be new captains. They then would pick new tribes one by one.
The second switch came in the most recent episode and it came as a huge shock. With 10 Survivors left, all of them thought a merge was imminent, but little did they know that they would be mixed up again. They had to pick numbers and then odd numbers were together as were even.

Marcus made possibly the worst move so far besides Sugar blind sighting Ace. Actually it was Randy’s idea to do so. This did hurt Marcus though. Randy got the group of 10 people to throw away another hidden immunity idol. Before throwing it, they offered it to anyone but no one took it.

I think this move was a blow to Marcus and the other thing was that he could not swing Suzie towards himself. So Marcus became the 9th person to be voted off on Survivor and became the first member of the Jury.

Finally, the tribes as they stand as of Day 24;

Kota: Bob, Susie, Crystal and Kenny
Fang: Corrine, Charlie, Randy, Sugar and Matty

As we stand now on the alliances;

Kota: Susie, Crystal and Kenny are together and Bob is on the edge.

Fang: Corrine, Charlie and Randy are together. Sugar and Matty are really strong because Sugar has the hidden immunity idol. Matty did win Fang the immunity challenge though so that might change the alliances in this tribe up a little bit.

Do you think Sugar can make the merge?
If Kota lose then is Bob going to be voted out?
Will Susie (who should have been out a long time ago) make the merge?
Can Sugar use her immunity idol effectively?
Will it now be Kota’s turn to be on a losing streak?

That is all for now. I will be back later with more recaps and more insights and opinions.

If you have any comments or questions then please do post in the comments below.

This is Sahil Bhalla your Survivor updater, signing off!

3 weeks in…what do you think so far?

>???? ??? ???? not sure yet….I mean….after the 2 hour season premier I kept thinking….Oh Great!  The Fang Tribe is going to all go home.  Then the Kota tribe will then eat themselves from inside leaving an ACE vs. SUGAR finalle and they will get married and then run the Amazing Race!

Boy, am I ever happy that Fang came back in week 2!

So tonight, is week 3.  Who are you liking?  I am impressed that Sugar found the Hidden Immunity Idol.  I would have NEVER in a million years thought she would have…but she did and well.  That impressed me!  :)

So who is your early favorite?  Will Fang fall to Kota again?  I am still dealing with Michelle being voted out first.  (she was way beautiful!)

So 2 weeks in, 3 episodes in, Michelle, Gillian and Paloma, 3 ladies from Survivor Gabon have been eliminiated.  Is this a trend?  Will the boys make sure that there is no all girl final 4 like last season?  Guess we will have to wait and see.  Either way, the RETURN of the RED X is back as you can see from the top of the site.  I love my JOB!  :)

I will recap tonights show tomorrow.  Sorry I have had a tough time keeping this blog going but I am here and will try to do better!  If you would like to write for me please let me know.  I am always open to having guest bloggers!

Peace,  Jeff Probst aka BBBlogger

Survivor Gabon “Earth’s Last Eden” starts tonight!

Tonight is the night if you are a reality tv junkie like me.  The one that started it all, the show that is the GrandFather of Reality TV, Survivor is back again for a 17th season.  (*anyone else feeling old?*)

Tonight we return to Africa to a place where there has been no developement.  I am anxious to see the setting and the look of the area.  From what I heard they needed a crew to help build roads and repair ones that were under developed.  Should make for an interesting setting for our 18 new Castaways!

Also, since I bought my first flat panel TV (Samsung 46”) earlier in January, I am excited about it being in High Definition.  It should be a sight to see.  I just keep thinking that we will see all the bug bites, the dirt on their bodies and really…..all the little details that may not have been noticed before.

With that…I say BRING IT ON.  All 2 hours of the season premier tonight.  I am popping some popcorn now as we speak!

Tomorrow I will post and let you know what I think of the new cast.  I would expect 2 people going home and we will be down to 16 people by tomorrow.

Who will outwit, outlast and outplay in “Earth’s Last Eden”?  Let us know what you think of Survivor Gabon!


Peace,  Emmy winning Jeff Probst

Survivor Gabon – 18 Castaways

Before Castaways are introduced, here are some interesting facts about Survivor 17:

Immunity Island – Castaways are given the choice of finding Immunity vs. Comfort (this is where the “apple” comes in.)

Tribal Council – As usual, based on local culture, with huts made by the locals.  Hut doors were “petitioned” from local village.  Thatch roofs (grass) were brought in by pygmies.  Torch Snuffer is in the shape of an elephant.

Immunity Challenges – Based on the natural landscapes.  In other words, a lot of running up and down slopes and hills.  Local military brought in to restore roads and bridges to help production.

Your 18 Castaways:

Jillian - 61, South Africa, Psyche Nurse, Grandmother of Four…plans on keeping age secret

Danny “GC” – 25, Portland, OR, Maintenance/Music…comes from homeless family, sent to boot camp

Jackie – 25, Santa Barbara, CA, Medical Device Salesperson…says her endless energy could be annoying

Charlie - 29, New York, NY, Corporate Attorney…he’s a marathon runner, openly gay, and hopes his personality will take him far.

Ken - 22, Westminister, CA, Professional Gamer/College Student…has climbed Mt. Fuji.

Michelle – 24, Los Angeles, CA, Divorced Boxer…moved away from home at age 16 and feels she intimidates people, but doesn’t plan on flirting.

Ace - 27, Naples, FL, Photographer…comes from a wealthy background, but is determined to make himself as non-threatening as possible.

Jessica “Sugar” – 29, Brooklyn, NY, Pinup Model/Actress…she has had roles on Gilmore Girls and Angel, and she feels like she’s here for comic relief.

Crystal – 29, Durham, NC, 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist…already misses her 8 yr. daughter, Destiny

Marcus - 28, Atlanta, GA, Doctor/Triathlete…voted Cosmo’s Georgia’s Hottest Bachelor (2006) and plans on using his flirtatious charms.

Kelly - 22, Buffalo Grove, IL, Salesperson/Student…the “hot chick” of the season, per Jeff Probst!

Matty - 29, Pacific Palisades, CA, Personal Trainer…comes from Hollywood. Grandfather-James Whitmore. Grandmother-Audra Lindley (Mrs. Roper/Three’s Co.)  He inherited his trust fund at 18, lost it all in a few years, and lives with girlfriend back home.

Corrine - 29, Los Angeles, CA, was in Pharmaceutical Sales…denied temporary leave of absence, so she quit her job to be on Survivor.  She finds it annoying to “sugarcoat” anything, never thinks about some one’s feelings before she says something, and she claims to frequently make fun of people.

Randy- 49, Eagle Creek, MO, Wedding Videographer…tens of thousands of dollars worth of therapy makes him realize it’s safer to keep his distance.  Claims to be The Bully:  “If I go down, I want to burn!”

Paloma – 24, Downey, CA, Works in Kenya with kids…her faith is very important to her, and if she wins, she wants to build a school in Kenya.

Bob - 58, Portland, ME, High School Physics Teacher…built a cabin out of recycled materials and worked as a tree climbing scientist.

Susie – 47, Charles City, IA, Hairdresser/English Teacher…comes from an immigrant family of crop workers, and says her biggest struggle will be controlling her Potty Mouth.

Dan - 32, Boston, MA, Lawyer…burned out working 70 hrs. a week, and he is looking to win for his disabled father and his mom (nurse).  He definitely plans to Flirt.

So there they are. And yeah…I formed the “usual” opinions after reading this.  BUT…that ALL CHANGED when I heard Mr. Jeff Probst’s comments, opinions, and very interesting “insights!”  (LOVED his comments about Charlie, Matty, Randy, and Kelly!!)  You have to hear it for yourself…

Go to: Survivor Gabon Preview Part 1-7…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=folDznnv830

What’s your opinion on our New Castaways?  Did it change once you hear JP’s “views?”  Let us know……


Survivor Blog is back and we are getting ready for “Earth’s Last Eden”

Hey everyone,

Jeff Probst here (aka Big Brother Blogger)

We are starting up this blog and will be following this year’s Survivor show.  I am excited to see how the show differs in High Definition.

18 new survivors located in Gabon, Africa.  Also known as “Earth’s Last Eden”.  I wonder if there will be any “Adam and Eve” themes or competitions that come up?  Who knows…

Survivor: Gabon Premieres Thursday, September 25th, 8:00pm et/pt so mark your calendar right now.

So we are just starting to get the blog setup for the new season.  Please sign up for emails if you want one per post.  Love to get to know you.

Remember, on this site you have to have an account on the blog so sign up today and be a part of our Survivor Blog.

Peace,  Jeff Probst

PS: please share your comments and any ideas you have for this season for the blog.  Very excited to have you all as a part of this blog.

Survivor videos to keep your excitement growing!

I saw that there are a couple of new Survivor Videos available getting everyone ready for the next Survivor season.  Here they are for your viewing pleasure!

The first one is very “movie trailer” in it’s presentation.

For the second video, get to know the contestants…in case you do not remember some of the Favorites!

Survivor is looking good once again….who do you want to see WIN?

Peace,  Jeff Probst